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The Charmed Ones

Teal Redmann as Louise Grant ...

Teal Redmann lived in Minnesota with her parents and brother until she moved to Los Angeles at age seventeen. Teal's first modeling job was at the age of two and since then her professional credits include live theatre, films, commercial, video, radio, and voice talent. Her first movie break was in Disney's "The Mighty Ducks" at the age of nine, however, true to Hollywood form, her part was cut.

Teal is very sports minded and loves both the city lights and the country. To get away from the rat race of the city, she heads for the mountains to ride horses or back home to Minnesota to play in the country with her pets. Being a true Libra she is always in search of balance.

Teal loves both acting and traveling, her career has taken her all over the globe from Australia to New York and back again.

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