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The Charmed Ones

Sean Gunn as Kirk ...

Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri

About the actor: The youngest of six children, Gunn's four older brothers all work in the entertainment industry, while his sister took a different path and is an attorney. Born and raised in St. Louis, Mo., Gunn always knew he wanted to be an actor. His love of performing in high school plays led him to enroll in DePaul University's prestigious acting conservatory, the Goodman School of Drama.

After graduating, Gunn spent two years in Chicago where he began a theater company with college friends. He directed many productions and thought his career would be as a stage director until he landed several acting roles in commercials and films shooting in Chicago. Deciding to take the plunge into acting, he relocated to Los Angeles where his first role was a guest starring spot in a pilot. His early credits include roles in The WB series Angel and Brutally Normal, as well as Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Yes, Dear, Going to California and 3rd Rock from the Sun.

When he is not working, Gunn follows a variety of sports and is a season ticket holder for the Los Angeles Clippers. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

About the character: Kirk, one of Stars Hollow's most colorful and eccentric citizens, has held jobs as a delivery man, a DSL installer, a wedding photographer, and an entrepreneur. He has worked in the grocery store, the video store and as the town mailman.

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