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The Charmed Ones

Scott Cohen as Max Medina ...

About the character: Max is a teacher at the highly prestigious Chilton, a private school for only the "best of the best." Not only is Rory in one of his classes, but he also has an eye for her mom, Lorelai.

About the actor: Born December 19, 1964 in The Bronx, New York, to Jack and Leatrice Cohen, Scott's early influences from his jazz musician father led him to aspirations of becoming a musician. Although Scott continues to play piano to this day, a course taken in clowning while studying at SUNY New Paltz steered Scott's career path into a new direction. Encouraged by his instructor, Scott auditioned for a theatrical company and was cast. After time spent honing his skills upstate, as well as working as a substitute teacher, photographer's assistant, bike messenger, toy demonstrator and waiter, Scott returned to New York City, joined the Actors' Studio, and continued to study as he pursued a career as an actor.

In 1989, Scott was married to the beautiful and talented screenwriter, Anastasia Traina. Shortly after, in 1990, Scott earned a role in Adrian Lyne's feature film, Jacob's Ladder. Scott has since earned many key roles in television, film, and live theatre. The media has sometimes chosen to refer to Scott as "an overnight success" due to his roles in the made-for-TV-movie Gotti, and NBC's mini-series The Tenth Kingdom, however, no truly worthy actor ever became successful overnight. Most recently, Scott was cast as Max Medina in Gilmore Girls, acting opposite Lauren Graham. Scott Cohen's hard work in the trenches of the acting world are simply beginning to earn him critical acclaim and the world-wide recognition he so greatly deserves.
Credit: SCFC

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