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Untitled New Year's Contest 2002 ...

Want the chance to win an official Gilmore Girls poster for season two? If so, then listen up! is giving away two posters as grand prizes in the Untitled New Year's Contest 2002.

Unlike past contests, this contest utilizes writing skills. In 200 words or less, those who wish to participate must explain why they are deserving of a Gilmore Girls poster. The two best entries will be chosen by staff and will be based on, but not limited to, creativity, uniqueness, and use of humor. In short, why should give you a poster? All contest submissions must be e-mailed to [email protected].

Two grand prize winners will receive an official Gilmore Girls poster for season two, measuring 24" x 36" (standard size). The poster stars Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) and Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore).

The Untitled New Year's Contest 2002 officially starts on December 31, 2001 at 6:00am EST and ends on January 6, 2002 at 12:00pm EST. All e-mails must be postmarked between these times to be official.

The contest is open to participants all over the world, but only agrees to pay shipping for winners who live in the United States and Canada. Winners will be contacted by e-mail and must reply within seven days to claim a prize. By entering the contest, you agree to have your name and contest entry published on in the event you become a winner. The Untitled New Year's Contest winners must also be willing to give their real postal address in order to have their prize shipped. is not responsible for lost entries. Only one entry per person will be accepted during the contest. may prohibit you from participating in the contest, if in the sole discretion of, you repeatedly show a disregard for these rules, or act (1) in an unsportsmanlike manner; (2) with an intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any other participant; or (3) in any other disruptive manner.

Remember, is an unofficial fan site and all prizes have been acquired on our own. We cannot guarantee the Gilmore Girls posters to be in mint condition, but will award the winners with the best possible posters available. is not affiliated with Warner Bros. or anyone on the Gilmore Girls cast or crew.

Congratulations to Navina Kumar and Michelle Diaz for being the two grand prize winners of the Untitled New Year's Contest 2002. Navina and Michelle both won an official Gilmore Girls poster for season two, measuring 24" x 36" (standard size). The poster stars Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) and Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore). would like to thank all who participated in the Untitled New Year's Contest 2002 and we hope you will continue to participate in upcoming contests.


Navina Kumar's entry:

It is very hard to explain how much I love Gilmore Girls and how it has changed my life. I know you will read hundreds of letter just like mine, but I hope you see my letter in a different light because I really want that poster!

Before I discovered Gilmore Girls, I was just like most teenagers. I was beginning to get swept up with lip-gloss, flared jeans, American Pie crowd. I thought that I was some kind of freak because I listen to music that nobody has else ever heard of, and I don't obsess about homecoming. When I first watched Gilmore Girls I was in major shock that there was a show that promoted everything I believe in and I wanted to be. It is so amazing that there is a show that elevates individuality and being different. It is so refreshing to escape into a world every week that isn't filled with phony, freakishly skinny and ditzy girls who act like they are on a soap opera. Gilmore Girls has definitely changed my life and has helped my realize that being different, drinking crazy amounts of coffee, and wanting to get into a good university isn't crazy!!


Michelle Diaz's entry:

Rory: Mom, this advertisement looks interesting. It says there is a photographer in Hartford who is taking free family portraits in honor of the holiday season.
Lorelai: It's a lie. Why would anyone do anything for free?
Rory: To be nice, some people are just like that.
Lorelai: It's propaganda. I don't know any people who are nice.
Rory: Gee, thanks.
Lorelai: Present company excluded, of course.
Rory: Of course. But I think we should do it. You, grandma and me, the Gilmore girls.
Lorelai: The only people who need family portraits are business people who show off photos on their desk or rich people who run charity organizations. What are we? An organization? Soon will there will be a Ya, that'll happen.
Rory: At least we would have something to hang on our walls. I know, we could blow it up to poster size.
Lorelai: The day my face is on a poster, is the day the world has ended and Mariah Carey has made a Oscar Award winning movie.
Rory: Alright already, you could have just said no.

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