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September 2003 News ...

New Haven Maven, 09.30.03
Leaving home to go to college might be the best thing to ever happen to Rory Gilmore. With any luck, the separation from her mother, Lorelai, might help break Rory of the obnoxious habit she has of dropping historical and cultural references into every statement she makes.

Cast Away, 09.26.03
When Gilmore Girls star Milo Ventimiglia returns to Stars Hollow later this season, his character, Jess, may have a surprise waiting for him: his mother.

Happy Returns, 09.23.03
Gilmore Girls returns, with all its whimsy intact. Sometimes it's too cute for its own good, but any show that can dis both Sofia Coppola and Mary Poppins is worth watching.

Go Get It, 09.21.03
When Rynne Ragland saw Lorelei Gilmore wearing a glittery, Swarovski crystal-studded T-shirt on WB's Gilmore Girls, she had to have one.

Official Nerd of The O.C., 09.17.03
Many viewers probably recognize Adam Brody from his season-long stint as Lane's boyfriend on "Gilmore Girls," where "they make you talk faster." Now Brody is on the Fox drama The O.C., where his character Seth is becoming more and more like Brody himself.

Best of the Web: WB's Gilmore Girls Book Club, 09.16.03
Lisa Tucker, author of "The Song Reader", is honored to be included in Rory's book club, along with David Sedaris, Alice Sebold and Ann Patchett and others.

Rebuilding Yale: Prettier and Skinnier, 09.12.03
Rory Gilmore is joining Yale's Class of 2007 after picking the Bulldogs over her dream school, Harvard. Gilmore Girls producers are going to great length and trouble to obtain accurate and detailed information on Yale life, and the producers and crew have recreated Yale the old fashioned way, on the other side of the continent.

July - August 2003 News ...

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