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October 2001 News ...

Romeo Returns to Gilmore Girls, 10.31.01
Gilmore Girls fans should get their VCRs ready. Tristan is returning to Stars Hollow, and the episode called "Run Away Little Boy," is going to be a doozy, including star-crossed lovers, angry parents and a fist fight.

CBS Announces Emmy Presenters, 10.30.01
The third time's a charm. While many of TV's biggest stars have decided not to shy away from the twice-rescheduled Emmy ceremony, now slated to take place on November 4, Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls is still scheduled to attend.

Townies Gets New Life on Web, 10.30.01
Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham will soon be on Web browsers everywhere. This is because the now defunct television show Townies, has signed a licensing agreement with Yahoo! to put episodes of the show on the Internet.

Tuesday is WB's Night to Crow, 10.29.01
Think back a moment to the days of last spring. You'll recall that there then existed a quiet coexistence between fledgling networks the WB and UPN. But then one day UPN upended things, and rather abruptly, in two moves that launched the two into a fierce battle for young viewers on Tuesday nights.

Chad Michael Murray Back Again, 10.24.01 has learned from Chad Michael Murray's publicist that he has signed on to do a full 22 episodes of Dawson's Creek for this season. But Chad's publicist also let us know that he will be guest starring in one episode of Gilmore Girls in the future.

Gaga Over Gilmore, 10.21.01
Recently, the Chicago Tribune wrote a little blurb about Gilmore Girls and even included "To learn even more about the critically acclaimed WB program, which is in its second year and starting to clean up in the ratings, surf over to:"

Buffy vs. Gilmore Girls, 10.19.01
Who's Winning: It's a tight race, but Buffy's got the edge, at least when it comes to viewers who don't need fake IDs. As expected, the Gilmore chiquitas are doing far better than they did in last year's nightmare slot.

Sharing's Charmed for TNT and WB, 10.19.01
The WB network and its sister channel TNT are in discussions to share the run of a second WB series in January, either Smallville' or Gilmore Girls,' following the auspicious early TNT numbers for Charmed.

Gilmore Girls Warms Up to New Timeslot, 10.10.01
Tuesday night's second season premiere of "Gilmore Girls" drew the show's highest audience ever in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" old timeslot, pulling 6.6 million viewers to the mother-daughter drama. "Girls" even managed to beat "Buffy's" second episode in viewers, although the win was not across the board.

Meet The Gilmore Girls, 10.09.01
Sherman-Palladino was hyping Gilmore Girls, the WB's new family series about a free-spirited, 32-year-old single mom (Lauren Graham) and her puppy-dog-cute 16-year-old daughter (Alexis Bledel), who act more like sisters than mother and child.

Music: Loralei, Rory and Grant-Lee, 10.09.01
Grant Lee Buffalo enjoyed a few minor radio hits in the '90s, however singer-songwriter Grant-Lee Phillips still hovers beneath the pop culture radar. Even fans of the popular "Gilmore Girls," on which Phillips regularly performs, probably don't realize that the angel-voiced singer was once dubbed "Best Male Vocalist" by Rolling Stone magazine.

Season Premiere Filled With Romance, 10.09.01
Gilmore Girls is the adorable family comedy-drama that came out of the Family Friendly Forum. It stars Laurie Graham as fast-talking Lorelai and Alexis Beidel as her smart and feisty daughter and best friend, Rory.

The Girls Next Door, 10.09.01
Gilmore Girls is a witty whirlwind that can suck you in before you know what hit you. And that's precisely what creator-writer Amy Sherman-Palladino has happen to heroine Lorelai Gilmore in tonight's season premiere.

It's Not Like You Think -- It's Better, 10.09.01
Nothing is ever easy for "Gilmore Girls," the razor-sharp, absolutely engaging hour that was, hands down, last season's best new show -- but also the unfortunate owner of last season's worst time slot.

Gilmore Uplifts With Loving Relationships, 10.09.01
"Gilmore Girls" reassures with its depiction of a loving mother-daughter relationship, disarms with its realistic portrayal of conflict between a grown child and her parents and endears itself with its setting, fictional Stars Hollow, Conn., the friendliest, most fairy tale-like town you could imagine.

Bowled Over by Small-town Charm, 10.09.01
Stars Hollow, shot on a studio backlot in California but set in wintry Connecticut, is even more of a fairy tale town. Tonight's two-hour "Gilmore Girls" season premiere climaxes with a lavish engagement party in the town square.

Witty and Whimiscal, 10.09.01
Screwball comedies helped America through the grim days of the Great Depression and World War II. Anyone needing blissful entertainment these days should rent The Awful Truth, Bringing Up Baby and The Lady Eve. Or a viewer could try WB's Gilmore Girls, whose characters speak with the smart, rapid-fire bravura of screwball predecessors.

TV Gal Gets Giddy for Gilmore Girls, 10.08.01
The two-hour season premiere of "Gilmore Girls" finds everyone in Stars Hollow ecstatic about Lorelai's possible engagement and very concerned with how Luke will take the news. What makes this show work is that there's so much more going on than the Max/Lorelai/Luke love triangle.

Gilmore Girls Screen Saver, 10.06.01
Would you like to spice up your desktop with a Gilmore Girls screen saver? Now you can! Thanks to Warner Bros., a Gilmore Girls screen saver is now available for both PC and Mac computers.

Gilmore Girls Opening Credits, 10.06.01
Want to watch the Gilmore Girls opening credits over and over again? Now you can! Thanks to Warner Bros., the opening credits and theme song are now available in Real Player and Windows Media Player formats.

Scott Patterson's WB Questionnaire, 10.02.01
Gilmore Girls' Scott Patterson takes a swing at The WB Questionnaire. Sample questions include: What word best describes you? What is your all-time favorite line of your character? What aspect of your character would you like to have?

Confessions of an Eat Out-aholic, 10.01.01
Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) learns to love beets, cook salmon and give her restaurant habit a rest. The editors of Self Magazine set her up with Scott Uehlein, executive chef at the renowned Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tuscon, Arizona. Together, the two worked their culinary magic.

Lauren Graham at the Emmys, 10.01.01
The Emmy Awards will have a different look and tone than that of previous years when it is broadcast live on October 7. The Television Academy has spent much time discussing the appropriate manner to present the awards show. Confirmed talent to present and introduce segments includes Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham.

September 2001 News ...

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