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November 2002 News ...

TV Gal Gives Glowing Recomendations, 11.25.02
They're simply the best. Better than all the rest. Sometimes great writing fuses with a brilliant performance to form a perfect television character. The character pops off the screen and commands our attention.

It Won't Be Easy, 11.25.02
Now that Rory has chosen Jess on "Gilmore Girls," you'd expect things might start getting easier for the two. But Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jess, seriously doubts it. For one thing, Dean (Jared Padalecki) is still hanging around.

Thanksversary Contest 2002, 11.25.02
In honor of's two year anniversary and the Thanksgiving holiday, has decided to hold its second annual Thanksversary Contest. Just like last year's Thanksversary Contest 2001, the "Thanksversary" Contest 2002 is a "hide and seek" game of sorts.

TV Shows Capitalize on Your Hit Parade, 11.20.02
Claudine Longet sings God Only Knows with romantic approach, and Joey Ramone performs What A Wonderful World with a guitar-driven zeal. Both songs are on Our Little Corner of the World, the soundtrack album for The WB's Gilmore Girls.

TV's Mood Music, 11.20.02
Music can even contradict a scene for the sake of humor. On The WB's Gilmore Girls this fall, Joey Ramone sang a fast version of Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World," as Luke and his uncle Jeff pounded down walls with a sledgehammer.

TV Can Make You Smarter, 11.19.02
So what is my hobby? Well, the only thing I can think of is television watching. I mean, I've taken television watching to a whole new level. When you can watch three shows at once, you know you're good.

Roush Room: Ask Matt, 11.18.02
Matt Roush of TV Guide answers Gilmore Girls questions including "Will Jared Padalecki leave the show now that Rory and Jess are dating?" and "Why was Lauren Graham's recently schedule appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien bumped?"

Camden Yarn, 11.18.02
The WB is having a very good season, what with the success of its rookie series Everwood, the increase in ratings for Smallville in its sophomore season, and the status of Gilmore Girls as a growing crossover hit with each week.

Speed Thrills, Say American TV Producers, 11.15.02
Actors in US sitcoms and drama series are speaking more words a minute than ever before in a bid to make their characters appear more intelligent and appeal to younger viewers.

TV on DVD is OK, 11.14.02
Why be at the whims of a primetime schedule when you can watch four hours of "The X-Files" after savoring three hours of "The Sopranos"? Tivo, you say? No, DVD. Gilmore Girls could find a suitable home in the release-by-season format.

American Dreams Emerging as Best Family Drama, 11.14.02
In recent decades, prime-time family dramas have a poor track record. For every "Gilmore Girls" success, there are three "Against the Grain" failures.

Gilmore Hottie Gets the Girl, 11.13.02
Sweet guy Dean or dark knight Jess? The question of which boy Rory should choose on Gilmore Girls has plagued the show's young fans for more than a year. Well, on last night's episode, Dean finally gave Rory the go-ahead to pursue her attraction for Jess.

Chad Michael Murray Set to Get Freaky, 11.12.02
If you're currently dealing with a WB season full of Chad Michael Murray withdrawal, we can guarantee you'll be seeing a lot more of him next year --both on the boob tube AND the big screen.

A Laugh a Minute? In TV Today, That's Not Fast Enough, 11.12.02
From 'ER' to 'Gilmore Girls,' Writers Pack in Dialogue; Humor-Insurance Policy. Amy Sherman-Palladino, the executive producer and creator of "Gilmore Girls," avoids close-ups because they slow down by lingering on just one actor.

Tune In, 11.12.02
OK, I know we're supposed to love Gilmore Girls for its family-friendly setting, quirky characters and witty dialog. But I'd like it better if Lorelai came down with laryngitis on a regular basis.

Gotta Love the Gilmore Girls, 11.12.02
I hate it when people ask me what my favorite TV show is. It's a natural question. I am, after all, a television critic. (No, I don't get paid to watch TV, I get paid to write about it. It just requires watching it before writing about it.)

Gilmore Girls, w/o the Suds, Please, 11.12.02
“Gilmore Girls,” was easy to overlook when it began in 2000, and most viewers did. A quietly intelligent, witty drama built around the bond between a thirtysomething single mother and her teenage daughter living in the small town of Stars Hollow, Conn., it won over critics but few others.

It's Love and War on Gilmore Girls, 11.12.02
Rory's twisted love life -- she's been dating boy scout Dean but yearning for bad boy Jess -- reaches the boiling point this week on Gilmore Girls. "This is where the Jess/Rory/Dean triangle comes to a head and finally explodes," previews creator/executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Critics Corner, 11.12.02
Who knew? The folks of Stars Hollow host a dance marathon, and Lorelai is determined to be this year's winner on Gilmore Girls. Unfortunately, she didn't count on her partner, Rory, upsetting the evening and her boyfriend by getting moony-eyed over Jess.

TV Gal Gives Gilmore Girls a Promotion, 11.11.02
Gilmore Girls has succeeded in ways other shows have not. It has created a charming town filled with delightful characters. And even though we know that a town like Stars Hollow couldn't possibly exist, we still believe these characters and their surroundings.

Tristan: False Alarm, 11.10.02
Recently, an interview with Chad Michael Murray from the December issue of Australian Magazine: TV Hits has surfaced on the Net. In the interview, Chad states that he would return to Gilmore Girls as Tristan later on in the season.

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