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October 2000 News ...

Family and Advertiser Friendly, 10.19.00
Here's the truth: Gilmore Girls is more than the sum of its parts. It's a fresh and disarming show that is wholesome but not sanitized to the point of blandness, a combination of youthful energy and mature smarts, and funny without sitcom hokum.

Gilmore Girls Are a Sweet Combination, 10.05.00
Linda Stasi of the NY Post gives and excellent review of Gilmore Girls. "Sweet. That's as good a word as any to sum up the feeling you get when you watch Gilmore Girls."

The Charming Gilmore Girls, 10.05.00
A review of Gilmore Girls from the SF Gate states, "The WB may have a survivor, perchance a cozy little hit."

Gilmore Girls is a Bright Spot, 10.05.00
Finally, a show to cheer. The WB of all places offers one of the best new series of the season, Gilmore Girls, at 8 tonight.

Interviewing Alexis Bledel, 10.04.00
Features a lengthy interview with Alexis Bledel about working on Gilmore Girls and what it is like to be an up and coming celebrity.

Big Move for Quebec Actor, 10.02.00
Yanic Truesdale has the grin of one cool cat that's just swallowed a canary. With good reason. Four years ago he lost his job and decided to move to the United States. The gamble paid off.

Teen People, 10.2000
Has a one page story about Alexis discussing her relationship with her on-screen mother in Gilmore Girls, Alexis had this to say:
"There are so many complexities to their relationship. It's the closest bond you can have."

Entertainment Weekly, 09.09.00
This issue has a three page article on the Gilmore girls including a couple of pictures.

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