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May 2002 News ...

Happy Memorial Day, 05.27.02 would like to wish everyone in the United States a happy and safe Memorial Day. On this day, we pause to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can remain free.

Curt Clendenin Interview with, 05.22.02
Curt Clendenin, an up-and-coming actor in the Hollywood community, grew up attending auditions in Chicago for various print and commercial work. His hard work paid off as he recently landed the role of Reese McGinly, one of Paris Gellar's Student Body President opponents, on Gilmore Girls. goes Hollywood with Keiko, 05.21.02
Keiko Agena plays Lane Kim on Gilmore Girls. Read about this multi talented actress, former model and mime performer, as she unfolds her story about growing up in Hawaii, becoming an actress and working with Hollywood stars like Tamilyn Tomita and Dustin Nguyen.

WB Doing Over Most of its Lineup, 05.14.02
In a schedule being unveiled to advertisers today, the network will add two dramas, four comedies and a weekly repeat of early Gilmore Girls episodes on Sundays, echoing a repeat strategy that has been successfully employed for 7th Heaven.

Lauren Graham Set for Once in a Lifetime, 05.08.02
Gilmore Girlsís Lauren Graham will headline the Williamstown Theatre Festival production of George Kaufman and Moss Hartís Once in a Lifetime, according to a production spokesperson.

25 Hottest Stars Under 25, 05.03.02
As Rory, the younger Gilmore girl, she's the single best reason to stay home on a Tuesday night. And just think: It's Alexis Bledel's very first role. Ever.

Gilmore Girl Goes Boy Crazy!, 05.01.02
As Rory on Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel plays a smart schoolgirl who's more about Atlas Shrugged than Teen Beat. Even so, she's just as susceptible to a bad boy's charms as wayward mom Lorelai (Lauren Graham)!

Heartbreak Horror Stories, 05.01.02
We all know hooking up is never as foolproof or dignified as it looks on TV. In fact, sometimes the reality of romance is downright humiliating. Here, some WB faces reveal some of the most embarrassing things they've done in the name of love.

Alexis Bledel Face Reading, 05.01.02
Naomi Tickle is one of the world's most sought-after face-reading experts and author of It's All in the Face: The Key to Finding Your Life Purpose. Naomi evaluates Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel to find out that she is very independent, cherishes her friends and family, and more.

Carole King Guest Stars on Gilmore Girls, 05.01.02
Legendary singer/songwriter and Grammy-award winner Carole King will guest-star on The WB's Gilmore Girls, Tuesday, May 7 (8/7c). King will portray a New Yorker who moves to Stars Hollow and opens the town's first music store in the "Help Wanted" episode.

Gilmore Girl Power, 05.01.02
Let's face it: We all wish we were best friends with our moms the way Rory is with Lorelai. But what's the real story behind TV's coolest mother-daughter combo? Seventeen spent a day on the Gilmore Girls set with Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel to find out what really makes them click.

Making a Friendly Impression, 05.01.02
A good best friend can be hard to find. That's why Rory, the main character on Gilmore Girls, is so lucky to have Lane Kim, one of the greatest best friends anyone could ask for. And actress Keiko Agena is lucky enough to play the sweet and quirky Lane on the hit WB show.

April 2002 News ...

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