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March 2002 News ...

Gilmore Girls Power, 03.31.02
Let's face it: We all wish we were best friends with our moms the way Rory is with Lorelai. But what's the real story behind TV's coolest mother-daughter combo? Seventeen spent the day on the Gilmore Girl's set with Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel to find out what really makes them click.

Golden Girls, 03.19.02
Anita Bryant she ain't. But what Sherman-Palladino has unwittingly pulled off is positively revolutionary. In one fell swoop, her dramedy about an unmarried mother and her teenage daughter has managed to get conservatives and liberals agreeing on fine family entertainment.

Gilmore Girls Switches to Emmy's Comedy List, 03.18.02
Before "Gilmore Girls" even hit the airwaves of The WB, it posed a dilemma for the netlet: whether to pitch the show as a comedy or a drama.

The Next Mrs. David Letterman?, 03.18.02
"You are so engaged." That's all that Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino could think to say upon hearing what happened behind the scenes between series lead Lauren Graham and David Letterman at the actress's first Late Show taping in December.

Fun Facts About Teal Redmann, 03.07.02
Teal Redmann (Louise Grant on Gilmore Girls) has a new puppy named Midget and for those who were wondering, Teal is not named after the color.

Lauren Graham Transcript From Rosie, 03.01.02
The following transcript came from Lauren Graham's appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell Show from March 1st, 2002. Screencaps and a video of the interview are also available.

February 2002 News ...

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