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March 2001 News ...

A Day on the Set of Gilmore Girls, 03.29.01
Critics love the show, I mean absolutely love it. It makes every Top 10 list in the country and ranks fourth in a poll of America's critics by Electronic Media magazine, ahead of shows like "ER" and "Friends" and just about everything else. What show is it? Gilmore Girls.

Who Needs Friends?, 03.28.01
Though it marks the first production by the Family Friendly Programming Forum, a consortium of heavy-hitting advertisers responding to protests over "objectionable programming," Gilmore Girls is anything but puritanical.

Gilmore Girls Excels for the WB, 03.27.01
The WB's Gilmore Girls continues to pick up ratings steam in its first season and is excelling for The WB Network on both Mondays and Thursdays.

Go Gilmore!, 03.26.01
Without CBS's Survivor in the competitive mix this past Thursday, critical favorite The Gilmore Girls on The WB posted record high ratings among persons 12-34 (2.7) and teens 12-17 (3.3). In addition, the drama hit its second best ratings ever in adults 18-34 (2.4), women 18-34 (3.0), women 12-34 (3.4) with series high numbers as well in men 12-34, men 18-34 and men 18-49.

Gilmore Girls, 03.25.01
What's the buzz? A show with a mother and daughter who actually speak to each other and yet don't make you throw up. What's the chance of that happening? The WB's "Gilmore Girls" manages to do just that -- and make you laugh.

The WB Roars With Gilmore Girls, 03.23.01
One network took real advantage of another week of Survivor-CSI preemptions -- The WB charged to its highest Thursday overnights since Oct. 5. Gilmore Girls (4.8/8 in metered market households) and Charmed (5.4/8 in metered market households) both dominated their Fox competition and finished right behind UPN's WWF Smackdown.

This is Gilmore Girls, 03.22.01
Gilmore Girls has the odd distinction of making me feel bad that I'm a city slicker, that I don't see my parents enough and that I'm not as clever as I think I am. Nevertheless after watching Gilmore Girls I get that rarest of all feelings television can give you, being excited about life.

Lauren & Alexis Live Chat, 03.22.01
Transcript from when the Gilmore Girls themselves, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, joined America Online for a live chat on Thursday, March 22 at 7 pm/ET.

WB Sets Reality Series in Case of Strike, 03.21.01
Speaking to advertisers at the netlet's pre-upfront development presentation, WB Entertainment co-prexies Susanne Daniels and Jordan Levin said the WB has picked up enough "strike proof" programming, including a slew of reality skeins, to last through next winter.

ABC Back on Top, Gilmore Back for Seconds, 03.21.01
In a bit of non-ratings news, the WB has decided to hold onto two of its rookies. The Frog Network announced Tuesday that its critically hailed (but poorly rated) mother-daughter series The Gilmore Girls will be back for a second season.

Close to Home, 03.20.01
Katherine Towne ("Town & Country") and Jared Padalecki ("The Gilmore Girls") have nabbed lead roles in the one-hour Fox TV pilot "Close to Home." The show concerns a 19-year-old newlywed couple forced to face the difficulties of mixing marriage and college.

Girls Power: WB Drama to Return, 03.20.01
Score one for fans of quality television: The WB is on the verge of renewing its acclaimed freshman drama Gilmore Girls for a second season. "I think you'll see that Gilmore Girls is a long-term piece of the WB's schedule," WB co-president Jordan, adding that the series is a shoo-in to return next year.

Gilmore Girls Troubadour, 03.19.01
Who is that, guitar in hand and harmonicaddy strapped to his neck, wandering the streets of Stars Hollow, the fictional town where the WB's Gilmore Girls takes place? Why, it's Grant Lee Phillips.

Gilmore Girls Galore, 03.16.01
The WB has a clever and engaging family show, Gilmore Girls, that is toiling in relative obscurity. Single mom Lorelai and her daughter Rory, only sixteen years apart and the best of friends, exchange witty, heartfelt banter while dealing with the complexities of family life.

2001 Movieguide Awards, 03.16.01
Chad Michael Murray, the actor who plays Tristan DuGrey on Gilmore Girls, will be a presenter at this year's 9th Annual Movieguide Awards. The awards will be telecast on PAX-TV April 15th, so be sure to check your local listings.

Meet Eddie Shin, 03.15.01
He's the new face on Gilmore Girls with an eye on stealing Lane's heart. The WB catches up with Eddie Shin and gets the scoop on this Chicago native.

Featured Pick, Gilmore Girls, 03.15.01
How much do I love Gilmore Girls (WB, 7pm)? A lot. It's arguably my favorite show these days and is easily my favorite new show this season.

Who's That Babe, Chad Murray, 03.14.01
How you know him: He plays Tristan DuGray on the WB's "Gilmore Girls." Chad has also done some modeling for companies like Skechers, Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci.

Gilmore Girls Creator Puts Rumor To Rest, 03.13.01
Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino put to rest the rumor that she doesn't actually exist, but is really just a pen name for Aaron Sorkin, at the Museum of Television and Radio’s 18th Annual William S. Paley Festival.

Gilmore Girl Jumps To Movies, 03.13.01
Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel, who plays Rory on The WB drama, has been cast in a lead role in the feature "Tuck Everlasting," according to Variety. The film, directed by Jay Russell, also stars William Hurt and Ben Kingsley.

William S. Paley Television Festival, 03.12.01
On the night of March 12th, the Gilmore Girls cast along with the show's creators attended the Directors Guild of America Theatre Complex in Los Angeles, California for the Paley Festival. The festival included a screening of the episode "Rory's Birthday Parties" and also a question and answer session with the cast.

A Family-Friendly Starring Role, 03.11.01
Lauren Graham learned to act in the Washington area. While growing up in Northern Virginia, Graham said her earliest role was "Cook No. 2" at the Arlington Children's Theater. From there, it's been a pretty straight line to a starring role in the WB's critically acclaimed Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls Upgrades Mondays, 03.06.01
In an attempt to give a promising young series added exposure and test its potential in a new time period, The WB is trying reruns of Gilmore Girls on Mondays in the time period following 7th Heaven.

Who's That Babe, Jared Padalecki, 03.06.01
How you know him: He's dreamy Dean, Rory’s boyfriend on the WB's Gilmore Girls. He also had a recent guest starring role on ER where he played a son brought into the ER with his father after a car accident (Jim Belushi played his father).

Behind the Scenes of Gilmore Girls, 03.05.01
The WB went behind the scenes with the Gilmore Girls, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. They talked about their new show, their characters, and their personal lives. Read on and view the clips to see what they said.

Alexis Bledel in Tuck, 03.04.01
Alexis Bledel is in negotiations to make her feature film debut in the lead role of the Walt Disney Co.'s "Tuck Everlasting," a Beacon Communications production to be directed by Jay Russell.

Marion Ross to be a Great-Grandma, 03.03.01
Marion Ross, Emmy-nominated for her maternal performances in series Happy Days and Brooklyn Bridge, will play the great-grandmother of the Gilmore family in WB's The Gilmores.

WB Leaps in February Sweeps, 03.02.01
Thursday's newcomer Gilmore Girls, has been a pleasant surprise, boosting the WB by nearly 20% in adults 18-34 vs. a year ago despite facing both Survivor and Friends.

Life With Father, 03.01.01
As television shows about families go, the WB's Gilmore Girls stands out from the pack because it's just so darn smart. The dramedy focuses on the trials and tribulations of Lorelai Gilmore, a 32-year-old single mom raising her 16-year-old daughter, Rory.

Gilmore Girls Gear Up, 03.01.01
There's a Disneyesque sort of perfection to the small-town Gilmore Girls set wedged in the heart of the sprawling Warner Bros. lot. And with its cluster of cozy cafes and quaint shops encircling a grassy park and gleaming white gazebo, it could be an idyllic cousin to George Bailey's Bedford Falls or Andy Taylor's Mayberry.

Gilmore Girls Redefine Family Ties, 03.01.01
While most of the attention has been focused on the battle between NBC's Friends and CBS' Survivor, WB's endearing family drama Gilmore Girls has been holding its own, albeit by WB's lower viewership standards.

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