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June 2002 News ...

Gilmore Girl Isn't Headed For Harvard, 06.25.02
Tonight's repeat episode of Gilmore Girls finds the title characters taking a road trip to Harvard. Which makes perfect sense, given that since the show began almost two years ago viewers have known that it's 17-year-old Rory's dream to go to college there.

Lauren Graham in Bad Santa, 06.20.02
Variety reports that Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham is making her move to the bigscreen, signing to play the female lead of Bad Santa, the Terry Zwigoff-directed black comedy for Dimension Films.

The Best Show You're Not Watching, 06.17.02
To know the Gilmore girls is to adore them. Impossibly clever and terribly funny, they make you wish you could talk like them, that you could just hang out with them in their balmy burg of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, an idyll of eccentricity where they fit right in.

Upcoming Lauren Graham Appearances, 06.15.02
Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) will be making an upcoming talk show appearance. On Wednesday, June 26th, Lauren will appear on The Rosie O'Donnell Show. Also expected for the show are Drew Carey and Dule Hill. Check local listings for time and station information.

Insightful Notes, Now for the Votes, 06.10.02
The Gilmore Girls has every chance of making a real splash at the Emmys. As a drama, itís not weighty enough to participate alongside the West Wings. It should do better in the comedy categories, thatís where Lauren Graham can emerge big time.

Television Critics Association Awards, 06.03.02
In the category of Outstanding Achievement in Drama, the nominees come from five different outlets, with The WB's Gilmore Girls joining the list. The show's leading actress, Lauren Graham, has also been honored with an Individual Achievement in Drama nominee.

Alexis Bledel: One to Watch Out For, 06.03.02
For Alexis Bledel, the call from Hollywood in 1999 couldn't have come at a better time. A New York University film major in 1999, Bledel modelled on the side but was often low on cash after paying her school fees. Sometimes, her booker had to give her lunch money.

Some Success With Family TV, 06.03.02
A consortium of advertisers that funnels seed money to help develop family-oriented television programming has seen a record number of those shows make the broadcast networks' coming prime-time schedules.

Java Junkie Fan Fiction Contest, 06.01.02
Calling all fan fiction writers. Do you have ideas about how Luke and Lorelai make-up from their big season two fight? Do you also want a chance to win some great Gilmore Girls prizes? If so, visit the Java Junkie Fan Fiction Contest for more info!

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