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June & July 2001 News ...

Fox's Failed Pilots Uncovered, 07.30.01
Savvy web users of FOX's official web site have uncovered photos and descriptions of the pilots that didn't make the cut for its 2001-2002 season schedule. They stumbled upon "hidden" (or rather, unlinked to) pages while checking out FOX's official fall schedule. This includes Jared Padalecki's now defunct, Close to Home.

Jared Padalecki Chat Canceled, 07.30.01
Jared Padalecki's E! Online chat has been canceled. This is the message that was posted on the E! web site: "Sorry, chatters. Jared Padalecki had to postpone due to Gilmore obligations--but stay tuned, 'cause he'll be dropping in soon."

Jared Padalecki E! Online Chat, 07.29.01
Don't miss out: This Monday E! Online will be hosting a live online chat with Jared Padaleckli (Dean) of Gilmore Girls. The chat begins at 6:00pm EST. For those that can't attend, will have the transcript up as soon as possible.

Gilmore Girls Grocer Man, 07.27.01
Jared Padalecki only plays a bag boy on TV. Better yet, he has been upped to a regular on the WB's Gilmore Girls this season, so we Dean fanatics can catch him week after week without having to quit our beloved day jobs.

From One WB Show to Another, 07.27.01
Chad Michael Murray's publicist has just informed that Chad will be jumping ship from Gilmore Girls in order to be a regular cast member on Dawson's Creek. Chad, who plays Tristan DuGrey on Gilmore Girls, will still be in two to three episodes for the upcoming season, but after that he is off to join Dawson and the rest of the gang from Capeside.

Who Really Writes Gilmore Girls, 07.25.01
Among the things that get circulated on the Internet -- and sometimes make it into the mainstream press -- the rumor about who was actually writing the WB series "The Gilmore Girls" was decidedly strange.

Gilmore Girls Insider Info, 07.24.01 has recently acquired this insider information about the show: cast members are now back at work because later this week the show will start filming season two, Lane's bedroom has been built on a "swing set" (meaning it can be moved) so expect to see it more often, and the old house Lorelai and Sookie want to buy and fix up is actually the house from the television show The Walton's. (It is from the Walton reunions and movies, the original burned down.)

Gilmore Girls Star Enjoying Success, 07.23.01
R.D. Heldenfels is a middle-aged journalist and a faithful watcher of Gilmore Girls, a show with two female leads, airing on The WB, a network that aims its shows mainly at young women. But rampant defiance of demographic strategy is not unusual. Indeed, Gilmore star Lauren Graham said recently that "demographics have to be wrong."

Gilmore Girls Top Rookie, 07.22.01
Though snubbed by this year's Emmys, ``Gilmore Girls'' nevertheless made an impression on TV scribes, who named the WB series outstanding new program at the 17th annual Television Critics Assn. Awards on Saturday.

TCA Awards: Best New Program, 07.22.01
Hosted by "Titus" star Christopher Titus, the Television Critics Association (TCA) handed out its 2001 Awards Saturday (July 21) night in Pasadena, California. In its first year on screen, the television show Gilmore Girls took home the coveted Best New Program award.

April & May 2001 News ...

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