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January & February 2003 News ...

Dushku, Padalecki to Star in Pilots, 02.25.03
Jared Padalecki might have a regular role on TV come fall. It just might not be on the show where viewers are accustomed to seeing him. Padalecki is starring in "MacGyver," an update of the 1980s series. He will play the nephew of the original MacGyver -- played by Richard Dean Anderson on the ABC show -- who's brought into his uncle's Phoenix Foundation, a think tank/crime-fighting organization.

Chicago and Gangs of New York Take Top Film Editing Awards, 02.24.03
Chicago and Gangs of New York won the 2002 American Cinema Editors awards for best feature film editing. Actress Lauren Graham, of Gilmore Girls, was master of ceremonies for the 53rd annual Eddie Awards on Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Viewpoint: The Shows Will Go On, 02.12.03
Reality shows are ruling the universe. That's all the American public wants. Dramas are out. Sitcoms are passť. Who needs a script when you can watch ten crazy women trying to bag a husband? Well, gee kids, everybody does, says Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

TV's Hottest Couples, 02.05.03
Entertainment Weekly has named Rory and Jess one of television's hottest couples. Their involvement adds tension to the show and another dimension to the almost-too-perfect Rory.

ABC Family Gets 'Gilmore' Reruns, 01.23.03
ABC Family will be home to reruns of "Gilmore Girls" starting in 2004. The cable channel will have exclusive rights to the series' first four years, with an option extend the deal should the show run longer than that on The WB.

Gilmore Boy Hangs Five, 01.21.03
As you may have heard recently, "Gilmore Girls" is giving Jess his own show! In this exclusive report, Amy of gives you the inside story on where Jess is heading and why there probably will not be very many visits from Lorelei and Rory.

TV star Visits As-Am Class, 01.16.03
On Wednesday night, Eddie Shin (Henry Cho on "Gilmore Girls") spoke to a multiethnic group of 14 students during an Asian-American cinema class. He talked about his experiences as a minority actor in the majority-ruled entertainment industry.

Gilmore's Jess Gets His Own Show, 01.15.03
Sherman-Palladino, who's seldom seen without an eccentric hat and chatters faster than her speed-talking characters, says more changes are afoot in Stars Hollow. She chats about the spin-off, Rory's college plans, and other pressing Gilmore Girls topics.

'Gilmore Girls' Jess Gets Spin-off, 01.11.03
Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jess, will be getting his own spin-off in the form of a new one-hour series on The WB. Like "Gilmore Girls," the currently untitled project will be created and helmed by Amy Sherman-Palladino and will revolve around Jess and his estranged father's relationship.

Opposites Attract, 01.07.03
Rory and Jess have put a fresh, modern spin on the classic "good girl/rebel" romance, hooking us in the process and making us look forward to the next chapter in their appealing relationship.

TV's Best, Worst for 2002, 01.07.03
Apparently, what Americans wanted to watch in 2002 was a glorified talent contest (American Idol) and that perversion of romance, The Bachelor. Shows like this breed like cockroaches, so expect to see plenty more like them coming to a TV screen near you. But that doesn't mean there wasn't TV worth watching. Here's a list of my top picks, in no particular order.

'Sopranos,' '24' Top TV Critics' Poll, 01.06.03
Electronic Media magazine asked 41 TV critics from across the country to rate the 20 best and 10 worst shows on television. The best-shows list is a mix of big hits and lesser-watched series like "Gilmore Girls," "Alias" and the cancelled "Robbery Homicide Division."

Did You Catch That?, 01.05.03
Surely the fast-forward speech of "Gilmore Girls" helps the characters sound like hip teenagers, just as their jeans and midriff-baring blouses clinging skin-tightly to their teen-thin bodies help both "girls" look like teens. But network shows aimed at fully adult audiences, like the wildly popular "West Wing," follow the same trend. Hollywood producers, according to the Wall Street Journal article, think people seem smarter if they talk faster.

There'll Be No Quirky, Classy New Me In '03, 01.01.03
Well thank heavens that's over. All that shopping, eating, drinking and general sloth isn't good for a person. It addles and softens the brain. A person is unduly open to strange suggestions and influences. A critic resolves to watch "this Gilmore Girls thing" that everyone insists on enjoying. How bad can it be?

December 2002 News ...

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