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January 2001 News ...

For Thursdays, Heavy Artillery, 01.31.01
On Thursday and again on Feb. 8, regular viewers of WB's family-friendly Gilmore Girls, will have to make do with the more sultry actresses of Charmed whose show will be broadcast in place of the girls.

Screen Actors Guild Award, 01.30.01
Congratulations to Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) for being nominated to win a Screen Actors Guild Award. Graham is up for an Outstanding Female Actor in a Drama Series for her work on Gilmore Girls. Fellow nominees include: Gillian Anderson, Edie Falco, Sela Ward, Sally Field and Allison Janney.

Tube Talk: Gilmore Girls, 01.26.01
Move over, Carol Brady and Annie Camden. In the WB series "Gilmore Girls," mother-daughter relationships are given a wide-open, realistic treatment.

Gilmore Girls a WB Family Worth Knowing, 01.25.01
The best show on television you're not watching would be "Gilmore Girls," the WB's comedy-drama about conflict and conciliation among three generations of women.

Gilmore Girls Emerges as Excellent Drama, 01.24.01 ...
Seated in the beautiful rustic lobby of a quaint New England inn, the old Roseanne was the farthest thing from our minds. But Roseanne's earthy blue-collar sitcom provided the birth of WB's Gilmore Girls, TV's terrific family drama about a sweet innocent 16-year-old girl and her cool single mom.

Style Profile: Keiko Agena, 01.24.01
Quick-change Artist: Got parents or bosses who are fashion fascists and never let you wear what you really want? Take a tip from Gilmore Girls' Lane Kim.

Pudgy Pals: Melissa McCarthy Plays Sookie, 01.23.01
Are big girls the next big thing on TV? Fat chance. On the Gilmore Girls, leading lady Lorelai (Lauren Graham) has a big best friend, Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) the chef.

The WB's Golden Girls, 01.22.01
In all the media hubbub over the Thursday-night face-off between Friends and Survivor, letís not forget WBís charming little sleeper that quietly airs in the same contentious time period and has become our favorite underdog.

Heavyweights Rumble, GGs May Get TKO'd, 01.18.01
In this corner: Survivor. In that corner: Friends. And the loser is: Gilmore Girls, the best new series on television. The WB's heartfelt dramedy Gilmore Girls, which most likely will be the only real victim of the Thursday-night war currently raging between CBS and NBC.

Gilmore Girls Gets Shelved in February, 01.18.01
Gilmore Girls is basically being put on the shelf in February so it doesn't get nuked by Friends and Survivor but I believe it will be renewed for next season.

A Love Letter to Gilmore Girls, 01.14.01
Stars Hollow, home of the Gilmore Girls, is a magical town, creator and producer Amy Sherman-Palladino has created for a cast of characters that actually behave like real people. Gilmore Girls has quickly lived up to the promise of its pilot and evolved into the best new show of the season.

Gilmore Girls Achieves Series Record, 01.12.01
Gilmore Girls continues to pick up steam as viewers are finding the critically acclaimed series. The family-friendly drama is increasing viewers in Thursday night's tough 8:00pm timeslot.

Gilmore Girls Letter Writing Campaign, 01.12.01
Are you a fan of Gilmore Girls? Do you want to let Warner Bros. know how much you enjoy the show? Well now is the time to tell them. Networks are beginning to look at their schedules for next Fall and are going to be considering what shows they want to renew and what shows they are going to cancel.

Girl Power, 01.11.01
It's not easy for a show to have "buzz" when its Nielsen ratings are not only absent from the top 10, but not even in the top 100. It's also not easy when it's up against Friends. But Gilmore Girls is creating quite a stir.

Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham, 01.10.01
Gilmore Girls thrust Lauren Graham into the spotlight, thanks to stellar reviews and impressive ratings, but Graham is no newcomer to the small screen. She starred in many short-lived shows and was a regular guest on many of the top 10 prime-time comedies.

You Sexy Thing, 01.10.01
TV Guide Online has put Lauren Graham and Megan Mullally up against each other in their "You Sexy Thing" voting booth. "Of course they're sexy! These ladies have been around the block in Hollywood. Lauren Graham and Megan Mullally are two familiar faces we can't get enough of. Only one can be sexier, though, and your vote could decide!"

When Survivor Attacks, 01.09.01
Pretend that you are the producer of a new TV series. What could possibly suck more than having to air opposite Friends? How about having to air opposite Friends and ....Survivor?

The WB Network's 2001 All-Star Party, 01.06.01
On Saturday, January 6th the Warner Bros. Network held its 2001 All-Star Party and I was in attendance. Most of the actors from the cast of Gilmore Girls also attended. Each cast member was accommodating for both photos and autographs. Read about some of the questions that I asked the show members.

TV Guide Awards 2001, 01.03.01
Gilmore Girls has been nominated for two TV Guide Awards. The show is up in the "New Series of the Year" category and both Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are nominated for "Actress of the Year in a New Series." To show your support for the show, vote online and watch Fox on March 7th to see who win.

Jared Padalecki on ER, 01.03.01
Jared Padalecki, who plays Dean on Gilmore Girls, will be guest starring on ER on Thursday, January 4th. The episode is called "Piece of Mind" and is about an auto accident that sends a father and son (James Belushi, Jared Padalecki) to the hospital.

Best Television 2000, 01.03.01
Gilmore Girls has been ranked as the fourth best television show by for the year 2000. Gilmore Girls: Planned as family-friendly TV, "Gilmore" was meant to be Good and ended up good. A charming story of a happily unwed mom and a brainy teen whose life isn't defined by boys, it shows that feminism and family values aren't mutually exclusive.

Top New Shows, 01.02.01
Itís not only the best new show this season, itís the third-best show in production. The charm of the ďThe Gilmore GirlsĒ is not limited to the big yucks it routinely elicits. Buy another VCR and learn to tape one show while watching another. Shows as good as Gilmore Girls donít come along every year.

Gilmore Girls Ranks as a Best Show, 01.02.01
In Electronic Media's biannual critics poll, Gilmore Girls ranked number four in the "Best Shows" category. Gilmore Girls beat out other such shows as Law & Order, The Simpsons, Will & Grace, and even the WB's own Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

December 2000 News ...

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