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February 2002 News ... Says Thanks, 02.27.02 (aka ORG) has been on the Net for a year and three months now, since November of 2000. As I was sitting at my computer this evening, I realized I have never taken time to thank all the people who help make the great site it has become.

Lauren Graham to Present at SAG Awards, 02.26.02
Screen Actors Guild Awards nominees Stockard Channing (The West Wing), Kristin Davis (Sex and the City) and Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) will be presenters at the 8th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Executive Producer Jeff Margolis announced today.

Lauren Does Double Duty, 02.22.02
If you're a Gilmore Girls or Lauren Graham fan, then the day of March 1st, 2002 is dedicated to you! Why? Well, because Lauren Graham will be appearing on both The Rosie O'Donnell Show and Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Friday, March 1st. Check your local listings for channel and air time information.

Little Town Blues, 02.18.02 rates TV's most livable small towns. Take a tour of some of TV's prime real estate, from Stuckeyville to Sunnydale, to Springfield to Smallville, to our favorite Stars Hollow.

A Valentine For My Boys, 02.14.02
The sad and sorry truth about life as a TV columnist's life is that I spend more time sparking with fake guys than I do getting a charge out of the real deal.

Sally Struthers on General Hospital, 02.13.02
Sally Struthers (Babette on Gilmore Girls) will be making several guest star appearences on "General Hospital" for ten episodes starting Febuary 13th. She will be playing Jennifer Smith, Luke Spencer's ex-fiance, a roll originated in the 1970's and once also played by Rosanne.

The Art of Being Scott Patterson, 02.12.02
Scott Patterson plays Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls, everyone's favorite diner and coffee shop owner. Find out what Scott likes to watch on television, does on his time off, and calls his passion in life.

Girls Power, 02.12.02
There's nothing bland or phony about the dialogue on this second-year show. There's a smart, spontaneous-like banter sprinkled with quirky asides and hip references to pop culture, but the Gilmore girls are mainly so darn likeable because they seem, well, so like us.

Gilmore Guy Brews Fan Ado, 02.01.02
The imaginary Connecticut town where Scott Patterson's serving coffee these days doesn't at first glance look all that different from the one in which he grew up: small and seemingly picture-perfect, its beautiful old homes sheltered by towering trees.

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