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February 2001 News ...

Clean TV Preaching to Faithful, 02.28.01
The advertisers’ campaign for wholesome TV has reached its next plateau. Not only has the Family Friendly Programming Forum managed to get The Gilmore Girls on the air, but it looks like the series will return for another season.

Monday Nights are Family Night, 02.26.01
Monday nights will be a delight for families on The WB. The critically acclaimed freshman drama Gilmore Girls will get added sampling following the networks’ #1 rated show 7th Heavan. Gilmore Girls will continue to air Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m.

Home Sweet Home, 02.25.01
Poor little Gilmore Girls. This witty, charming show about a 32-year-old single mother and her 16-year-old daughter is one of the best series on the air, and possibly the most under appreciated.

Lauren Graham, 02.25.01
Keanu Reeves may be the object of many women's affection, but when his "Sweet November" co-star Lauren Graham jumped into bed for a sex scene with the dark-haired box-office hunk, the experience was "totally frightening" for her.

Growing Pains, 02.24.01
Alexis Bledel had two strikes against for the casting call of Rory in WB's witty new drama Gilmore Girls. First, she had the flu. Second, she was indifferent about acting, having no professional experience and no burning desire to get some.

Gilmore Girls' in the 'Hood, 02.23.01
Lauren Graham is looking forward to her character, Lorelai Gilmore, encountering the father of her daughter on this week's (March 1) Gilmore Girls. "I'm really excited about the character of the father," Graham said.

Gilmore Girls Deserves Attention, 02.22.01
As rain pours down on Hollywood, the cast and crew of Gilmore Girls are spending a January afternoon on a soundstage at Warner Bros. Studios, filming an emotionally packed scene in the parlor.

Alexis Bledel Rises to Fame, 02.21.01
The thought racing through Alexis Bledel's mind when she learned that she had won a starring role in the television show Gilmore Girls was this: "What are they thinking?"

Warner Bros. VIP Tour, 02.19.01
The popularity of keeps growing and as the site finds new visitors, it also makes new friends. I (Heidi) was contacted by Dean of Warner Bros. Studios' VIP Tours who said he enjoyed the site and also offered to take a friend and me on Warner Brother's VIP Tour.

Girl Fight, 02.15.01
For Lauren Graham, it's a case of good news, bad news. The good news: She has been nominated for a SAG Award. The bad news: Gilmore Girls' competition.

GG Has a Grounded Grip on Struggles, 02.15.01
Creator and executive producer of Gilmore Girls, Amy Sherman-Palladino, said she and partner Gavin Polone were batting around ideas, ``and Gavin said, `Wouldn't it be cool to have a show where mom and teen were more like pals, more like contemporaries than mother and daughter?'

Don't Go Girls, 02.14.01
The WB's Gilmore Girls, a family-friendly show that's both sweet and smart, was more or less born in a car. The conception, of course, occurred earlier.

Bachelor Mom, 02.13.01
Lauren Graham brings personal experience to the role of a single mom Lorelai Gilmore on The WB's acclaimed "Gilmore Girls": she herself was raised solo by her dad.

Gilmore Glam, 02.10.01
Hollywood makeup artist Lisa Nash-Jones shares makeup secrets from the set of Gilmore Girls. She may be a complex teen, but Rory's (actress Alexis Bledel) makeup defines simplicity.

So You Want to be a Movie Star?, 02.07.01
Over the past several months, has asked actors about the Hollywood experience. Consider Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls. We spoke with Alexis last September before her new WB show hit the airwaves.

Grant-Lee Phillips, 02.06.01
Out of the blue, Grant-Lee Phillips got a call from the Gilmore Girls. He will appear as the local troubadour, strolling with duct taped assurance and ingenuity as he croons songs of his own.

Teen Dream: Alexis Bledel, 02.04.01
Rory Gilmore is not your typical TV teenager. This comes as a great relief to Alexis Bledel, who plays the studious, poised and responsible 16-year-old on Gilmore Girls, a WB drama with humorous overtones.

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