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December 2002 News ...

Best of the Year in Music 2002, 12.31.02
It was a fabulous year for soundtracks. “Vanilla Sky” did a lot more than introduce America to Sigur Ros, and “Me Without You” was assembled with marvelous intuition. Way out of left field, though, came the best soundtrack album in years: Our Little Corner of the World (Rhino) based on the TV show “The Gilmore Girls.”

Nothing but the Best, 12.30.02
I don't do the whole "10 Best of 2002" thing. That's just soooo TV Guide. So, instead of a top 10, I'll give you a breakdown of the best TV had to offer with my own special, little awards -- no sitting through a four-hour broadcast required.

Change is the Only Constant, 12.30.02
From the decapitated head of a mobster on The Sopranos to the angelic voice of a waitress-turned-pop princess on American Idol, television spiralled through another weird and wonderful year in 2002.

TV Wish List From a Critic, 12.26.02
Not everyone got what they wanted for Christmas this year, but here’s what we think some of our favorite TV shows and stars deserve as the year comes to a close: For the cast of The WB’s Gilmore Girls: portable oxygen tanks – in cool colors, of course.

Specter of War Hovers Over Family Gatherings, 12.25.02
Captain Stewart Orr is a lucky National Guardsmen who's home for Christmas this year, and can even put up with "Gilmore Girls" after not being with his own girls in so long.

Top 10 Shows of 2002, 12.25.02
In the land of TV, the best shows aren't always the most popular. But if you can get past the weirdness, there are still some great programs out there. "Gilmore Girls" and others remain some of the best hours on television.

TV Gal Lets TV Speak for Itself, 12.23.02
TV Gal shares her picks for the best television quotes of 2002. Of the Gilmore Girls crew, Jackson, Lorelai, Paris, and Dave all get nods. Find out what for.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2002 TV, 12.22.02
Some years, the best get better and the bad get worse, but Gilmore Girl's open-hearted embrace of the exaggerated eccentricities of small-town life can still warm a winter's night, and the glow provided by stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel has not faded.

Mag Has ‘JAG' Star, Graham Talking, 12.19.02
"Gilmore Girls" star Lauren Graham, featured in the January issue of In Style magazine, talks about her self-image and her freckles.

AFI Honors Top 10 TV Programs, 12.19.02
The American Film Institute honored 10 shows as the year’s best for its annual AFI Awards. Gilmore Girls is included in the list of the TV series an AFI jury honored.

Gilmore Girls Nominated for Golden Satellite Awards, 12.18.02
Gilmore Girls and three of its stars have been nominated for Golden Satellite Awards, the winners of which will be announced February 12.

TV Gal Hammers Home Her Favorite Shows, 12.16.02
What I love most about "Gilmore Girls" is that it intelligently plays to all audiences. Want some juicy teen romance? Want a look at how messy relationships can become as you get older? Want to laugh? Want to feel like you have to be intelligent to keep up? Bottom line: The characters are never perfect, but the show always is.

Roush Room: Ask Matt, 12.16.02
Matt Roush praises Sean Gunn (Kirk) as the best comic neurotic on TV and calls Jess a character out of the traditional WB playbook. Will the teen shift affect Lauren Graham or the show's chances of being nominated for awards like the Golden Globes and Emmys?

Pop Go the Show Tunes, 12.13.02
From The Sopranos to the Gilmore Girls, from Dawson's Creek to Providence, more and more weekly TV shows are downplaying traditional orchestral underscoring and salting their soundtracks with rock, pop and hip-hop tunes by groups ranging from the rich and famous to the unknown and hopeful.

Promos Ruin '24', 12.12.02
Fox's previews and promotions for newly minted hit "24" are giving away too much. Last week's previews robbed this week's episode of a surprise ending. Yet, Fox isn't alone. Earlier this fall The WB showed previews for a "Gilmore Girls" episode, including scenes of Rory crying on a dance floor, a scene that came in the show's last 10 minutes.

Family-Show Foraging, 12.12.02
Viewers bemoan the seeming lack of nice shows that families can watch together. Does Gilmore Girls qualify? Some say no, citing its language and Lorelai's sleeping arrangements.

Gilmore Girls Catfight!, 12.10.02
TV Guide Online has learned that the WB's Gilmore Girls plans a female fencing episode. The situation: Prep-school girls Rory and Paris, as played by Alexis Bledel and Liza Weil, draw swords over a political intrigue in their student government.

North Penn's Weil is Just One of the Girls, 12.09.02
On the WB's Gilmore Girls, Liza Weil plays brainy, driven Paris Geller, an academic rival of Rory Gilmore's (Alexis Bledel) whose motto might as well be "Harvard or bust."

TV Gal Has Seen the Rest, Now She Lists the Best, 12.09.02
I've made my list, I've checked it twice. And in the spirit of the holidays, I'm only talking about what's nice. Here's my list of the best of everything television.

Toying With Fame, 12.07.02
At the fourth annual Toys for Tots bash, Jeff Patterson of Gilmore Girls handed in a baseball mitt and glove, and divulges his favorite Christmas toy: Robot Commando.

November 2002 News ...

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