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December 2001 News ...

Best Of List, 12.31.01
With repeats running rampant and the start of the new year just hours away, instead of your daily dose of ratings, programming news, trends, TV related updates and trivia what follows are my picks for the best and worst regularly scheduled shows.

Untitled New Year's Contest 2002, 12.31.01
In 200 words or less, those who wish to participate must explain why they are deserving of a Gilmore Girls poster. The two best entries will be chosen by staff and will be based on, but not limited to, creativity, uniqueness, and use of humor.

Goodies the Tube Delivered in 2001, 12.30.01
Here is one critic's list of the top twenty-five best things about television this year. Gilmore Girls hits the list as number five and is called "a totally charming family comedy-drama."

Primetime's Top 10, 12.30.01
In a year when Jason Alexander flopped as self-help guru Bob Patterson and The X-Files crumbled without David Duchovny, it was reassuring that Carol Burnett could bowl over America with her zany shtick. See where Gilmore Girls fits in on this list.

Scott Cohen: There's Whatshisname, 12.30.01
On a hipness scale of 1 to 10, the actor Scott Cohen ranks himself a zero. "I didn't hang out with the hip," he said. "I never went to clubs. I'd rather talk than dance."

Lauren Graham on Letterman Transcript, 12.28.01
The following is a transcript from Lauren Graham's December 28, 2001 appearance on the David Letterman Show. Screencaps from the show are also availabe in the Images & Photos section of

Impromptu Christmas Eve Contest 2001, 12.24.01
Because the staff of enjoys the holiday season so much, we have decided to hold an Impromptu Christmas Eve Contest. Like our past Holiday Contest and Thanksversary Contest, the Impromptu Christmas Eve Contest 2001 is a "hide and seek" game.

TV Gal Narrows Down Her Top 10 Shows, 12.17.01
TV Gal picks her top shows for this year and Gilmore Girls makes the cut. TV Gal says, "No show gets to the heart of the always complicated mother/daughter relationship like Gilmore Girls."

Screen Queens, 12.11.01
They come from many different walks of life: a medical examiner, a single mom, a nurse, a graduate student by day/double agent by night. They're smart. They're strong. And yes, they're not too hard on the eyes, either. They're TV's Women of the Year.

Star Wars Creator Visits Gilmores, 12.10.01
The Force was with the cast and crew of The WB's Gilmore Girls when George Lucas arrived on Nov. 19. His 13-year-old daughter Katie is a huge fan of the show, so the Star Wars director arranged a visit to the set in Burbank.

Milo Ventimiglia Fills In The Blanks, 12.04.01
Talk about well-rounded. Not only does Milo Ventimiglia do a killer job as Jesse on Gilmore Girls, he's a superb athlete, a bookstore junkie and get this, the guy cooks, a lot!

The Art of Being Milo Ventimiglia, 12.04.01
"I really enjoy playing a reckless youth because I was never like that. I was the halo and wings type of nice kid. I was so all around good American that parents never had to worry about," says Milo.

YM Stars Magazine, Feature Presentation, 12.01.01
YM Magazine wanted to see what Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel would look like if they emphasized one feature at a time. So the magazine featured Alexis' lips, cheeks, and eyes. Don't miss the YM article which also includes photos.

Chad is Rad!, 12.01.01
Dawson’s Creek hottie Chad Michael Murray took some time out from a basketball game to call TV Hits for an exclusive chat. He covers everything from Gilmore Girls, to Dawson's Creek, to who he thinks is a good kisser.

November 2001 News ...

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