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December 2000 News ...

Family Ties for Modern Times, 12.21.00
If you're one of the many people who like NBC's Ed, you might want to give Gilmore Girls the once-over. Like Ed, this new dramedy from the WB network successfully rides a razor's edge, the characters are whimsical without ever falling into overt cuteness.

Gift of Gilmore Girls, 12.20.00
This can't be what The WB had in mind. When it scheduled a special episode of Gilmore Girls, it was expected to air opposite a rerun of The West Wing. But thanks to the real-life race for the White House, last week's original episode of The West Wing was delayed.

GG is an Articulate Generational War, 12.20.00
It's like Moonlighting only with mom-and-daughter bickering. It's like The West Wing and Sports Night with its witty banter and provocative issues plus its reliance on brains as well as emotions to confront crises. It's Gilmore Girls.

Unlucky Girls, 12.20.00
After Al Gore, the biggest loser last Wednesday may have been the WB's Gilmore Girls. One of the few truly bright lights in a dismal season, the family dramedy has been struggling in the ratings thanks to a killer timeslot opposite NBC's Friends.

Family Tries, 12.20.00
People constantly tell opinion surveyors they yearn for more wholesome, family-oriented dramas with pro-social messages. WB came up with a dandy this season, Gilmore Girls, which fits the bill without slipping into smarminess.

Lauren Graham, 12.18.00
Lengthy article and interview on Lauren Graham. She talks about her childhood, through her start as an actress. A must read for Gilmore Girls fans.

Tiger Beat Alexis Bledel Article, 12.17.00
Recently, Tiger Beat chatted with 18-year-old Alexis Bledel. She stars as Rory in the new WB Thursday night drama Gilmore Girls, a series about a unique mother-daughter relationship in a small town.

Two New Shows to Keep on the Air, 12.12.00
Among all the new shows, Welcome to New York and Gilmore Girls are the best. Both would shine even if the rest of the fall crop weren't so lackluster. Yet each of them, stuck with a lousy time slot, has been overlooked by much of the audience.

Time Magazine, 12.18.00
Gilmore Girls: planned as a family-friendly TV, Gilmore was meant to be good and ended up good. A charming story of a happily unwed mom and a brainy teen whose life isn't defined by boys, it shows that feminism and family values aren't mutually exclusive.

Chad Murray in Upcoming Movie, 12.11.00
Chad Michael Murray, who plays Tristan Dugray, recently wrapped shooting the independent feature "Megiddo : Omega Code II." The movie is a thriller and should be out sometime next year.

Watching "Gilmore Girls" Grow, 12.10.00
Lauren Graham has a half brother and a half sister via her father, and a half sister via her mother, and reports, "They're all teens - which is great, because it helps me relate to my daughter [Alexis Bledel] on the show."

A Toast to Mothers & Daughters, 12.07.00
Read what Cathy Frisinger of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegramone had to say about her teenage daughter and how the Gilmore Girls brought them together.

Sitcom Curse Broken, 12.05.00
Being 30-something in Hollywood ain't easy, just ask Lauren Graham. But this 5'9" brunette bomb from Gilmore Girls has finally found her small screen ticket.

Fall 2000: Gilmore Girls, 12.04.00
The WB has never had a programming line-up as good as this year's, and the best show on any network at this very moment is Gilmore Girls, a smart and sweet comedy-drama.

Secondary Star Power, 12.03.00
It hasn't been the best fall for new series in either ratings or critical acclaim, but patches of green are starting to show. Appearances are deceiving when it comes to Gilmore matriarch Emily.

Prime Time Pretty, 12.01.00
Tune into prime-time's Gilmore Girls and what will you see? Gorgeous characters whose looks you love. Teen Magazine tells readers how to get Alexis Bledel's "view-worthy style."

WB is Showing Year-to-Year Gains, 12.01.00
The WB's Thursday line-up of Gilmore Girls and Charmed, which was up against first-run programming on four other networks, achieved year-to-year growth in its first night of repeats.

All In the Family, 12.01.00
You're creating a show about the relationship between a mother and daughter but you need a theme song. Who better to supply it than the mother/daughter team of Carole King and Louise Goffin?

November 2000 News ...

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