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April 2002 News ...

Patrika Darbo Interview with, 04.30.02
With Patrika set to guest star in the Gilmore Girls episode Help Wanted, caught up with the actress to chat about her experience on the set of Gilmore Girls, how it differs from soap life, and memorable experiences in her career.

Milo Ventimiglia Live Chat, 04.30.02
Chat with hottie Milo Ventimiglia, who plays bad boy Jess on The WB hit show Gilmore Girls. Get the dirt on what's really going on between Jess and Rory and find out what else Milo is working on. The chat is scheduled for Tuesday, April 30th at 7:00 PM ET. Update: This chat has been rescheduled for May 14th, 2002 at 7:30 PM ET.

Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit and Greenhill, 04.29.02
The following letter from David Bullock, a musician and Gilmore Girls fan, is a exclusive. David contacted after watching the show and noticing that the album "Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit and Greenhill" was mentioned by Rory Gilmore's best friend, Lane Kim. This is of special significance to David because he worked on that album.

Gilmore Girl Bledel Makes Smart Girls Cool, 04.29.02
The role of Rory, the teenage daughter of single mom Lorelai Gilmore, was Alexis Bledel's first major part, and she says it took time to get used to delivering the dense, rapid-fire dialogue penned by creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and the show's writing staff.

The Best of Friends, 04.29.02
The Gilmore Girls' lineage is impeccable. Mother and daughter, the two characters sprang fully formed from the forehead of Amy Sherman-Palladino, and her roots stretch from the Valley to the Catskills.

Dear Marilyn Talks Scott Patterson, 04.26.02
E! Online's "Dear Marilyn" answers a fan's question about Gilmore Girls' Scott Patterson. Read about Scott's old movie projects, his time in the big leagues, and more.

Chad Michael Murray Live Chat Transcript, 04.17.02
The following is a transcript from Chad Michael Murray's chat with AOL Live on Wednesday, April 17th at 7:30 PM ET. Chat talks about everything from Dawson's Creek, to Gilmore Girls, to girlfriends, and even his upcoming series.

Chad Michael Murray Live Chat, 04.17.02
Who's the new cutie on Dawson's Creek? His name is Chad Michael Murray and he's stopping by AOL Live to answer your questions. You may have also seen Chad on the WB's Gilmore Girls as Tristan. Ask him about the show, his upcoming projects, and more. The chat is scheduled for Wednesday, April 17th at 7:30 PM ET.

Lauren Graham Satisfied with Role on WB Series, 04.16.02
Lauren Graham doesn't deny being fast-talking, sarcastic and funny -- just like her character, Lorelai, on the WB's hit dramedy, "Gilmore Girls." But she doesn't agree that she's as good looking. "I never consider myself pretty. I always think: I'm funny, and they can do something to make me look OK," says the actress.

Q & A with Patrika Darbo, 04.11.02
Patrika Darbo knows that big is beautiful, and she's letting the rest of the world in on her secret. The sexy, curvaceous Days of Our Lives diva has recently shot an episode of the Gilmore Girls.

Films Lauded for U.S. Shoots, 04.09.02
The Film & Television Action Committee has awarded Filmed in America Gold Star awards to producers who turned down financial incentives offered by foreign governments and chose to shoot in the United States.

Q & A with Sally Struthers, 04.09.02
Sally Struthers has joined a new family, the world of General Hospital. The veteran actress assumed the role of Jennifer Smith, the daughter of late mob boss Frank Smith and jilted fiancée of Luke Spencer. Struthers also stars as Babette Dell on Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls Winamp Skin, 04.07.02
Would you like to spice up your desktop with a Gilmore Girls Winamp skin? Now you can! Thanks to an unknown artist, a Gilmore Girls Winamp skin is now available for download.

Perry and Graham Allegedly Dating, 04.05.02
Matthew Perry, fresh off a breakup with a longtime galpal, has a gorgeous new Gilmore-Girl friend. The Friends star has been hitting the Hollywood scene with primetime rival Lauren Graham, who play Lorelai, the sexy single mom of a teenage daughter on the WB sitcom Gilmore Girls.

Alexis Bledel Won't Bare All, 04.05.02
A squeaky-clean image is a-OK with "Gilmore Girls" star Alexis Bledel. Unlike fellow WB gals Jessica Biel and Alyssa Milano, Bledel has no plans to shed her clothing or vamp up her look for a spot as a cover girl.

Q & A with Lauren Graham, 04.01.02
Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham has managed to squeeze several lives into her 35 years. She grew up in northern Virginia, an avid equestrian and the only child of a single father, after her parents split when she was four and her mother moved to England.

March 2002 News ...

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