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Warner Bros. VIP Tour, 02.19.01 ...

The popularity of keeps growing and as the site finds new visitors, it also makes new friends. I was contacted by Dean of Warner Bros. Studios' VIP Tours who said he really enjoyed the site. Dean also kindly offered to take a friend and me on Warner Brother's VIP Tour one day when we could fit it into our schedules.

That day came on Monday, February 19th, 2001. Lesley (my friend) and I arrived at Gate # 4 on the Warner Bros. lot at 10:10am, 20 minutes before our tour was scheduled to begin. Just after we entered the VIP Tour building, Lesley and I met Dean who would actually be our tour guide for the day. Promptly at 10:30am we watched a short film about Warner Bros. movies throughout the years and then we were off to see the rest of the VIP Tour. (While the tour covers much more about Warner Bros. than just Gilmore Girls, the show is the only thing I am reporting about.)

First, we entered Studio 14 where Gilmore Girls films scenes from the Independence Inn and Rory's grandparents' mansion. Dean explained that the sets look much smaller in-person because the camera only sees in two dimensions; it doesn't have any depth vision. This causes rooms and buildings to look bigger on screen. Dean also explained that Gilmore Girls films in two studios, 14 and 18, and that they also use the back lot for some scenes. It takes the show eight days to film one episode and they work Monday through Friday.

After leaving Studio 14, we visited the back lot of Warner Bros. Studios where many of the Gilmore Girls' outside sets are held. Below are pictures of Gilmore Girls' sets from the back lot. would like to sincerely thank Dean who was so wonderful in taking us around Warner Bros. Studios and in letting us visit the Gilmore Girls sets. We appreciated all of his efforts and really enjoyed meeting him.

~Heidi, Webmaster

Gilmore Girls Back Lot Photos ...
Please note: the reason there are only photos of Gilmore Girls sets on Warner Bros. back lot is because photos are not allowed to be taken inside the studios.

More Gilmore Girls News ...