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Gilmore Girls Season 6 Released on DVD, 09.19.06 ...

In October 2000, Gilmore Girls debuted its pilot episode on The WB to much critical acclaim. Six years and countless cups of coffee later, the Girls are entering their seventh season and helping to launch the new CW network.

Before season seven premieres on September 26th, Warner Home Video has cleverly planned to release season six of the show as a DVD box set on September 19th. With season six hitting store shelves one week prior to the new season, Gilmore fans everywhere have approximately 168 hours to watch all 22 episodes in season six. (That's about three episodes a day for the average viewer or two eleven-hour marathons for someone who considers themself to be a true Stars Hollow-ite.)

Season six ... where to begin? [Spoiler alert.] Luke and Lorelai get engaged, Rory and Lorelai stop speaking (gasp!), Rory drops out of Yale and moves in with Emily and Richard, Jess makes a surprise appearance, Christopher returns to the fold, Rory returns to Yale, Luke finds out he has a teenage daughter, Rory and Logan breakup and makeup, and Lane and Zach tie the knot. If that's not enough Gilmore for you, Lorelai gives Luke a 'let's get married now or never' ultimatum that leads to shocking consequences.

The 'complete sixth season' box DVD set includes all 22 episodes and features Spanish and French (but no English) subtitles. Also included is a booklet that details the writer and director of each episode and scene selections to help navigate through each disc. A bonus Warner Bros. Fall 2006 TV Preview disc contains clips from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Smith, and The Class, among others.

Available now, the sixth season can currently be purchased at for $38.87. is also giving a few lucky fans the opportunity to win a season six DVD set.

A few Forum members had the following to say for their favorite season six moments:

"My favorite moment was when Rory and Lorelai started speaking again. We fans had been waiting for so long to have our girls back together and it was great to watch them come back to each other. I was teary when I saw it and I still am today. At that moment all the Gilmore Girl memories came back and I really missed it when they were in a fight." — gilmore-girl

"My favorite season six moment would have to be the Rory/Logan goodbye in the finale. It was sad for me to watch but you could really tell how much they care about and love each other. Logan telling Rory to make him stay was so touching and sweet. They have a special bond and that scene really made it stronger." — the girls4ever

"My favorite season six moment was in “Friday Night is Alright for Fighting” when Richard offers Rory a martini. That offer made Rory an official adult in the Gilmores' eyes. I think that one of the main topics of this past season was Rory's growth and this moment confirmed it." — Marian...


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