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TV Gal Learns a Thing or Two from Sweeps, 2.26.04 ...

This morning I woke up, grabbed my remote control and tried to turn my coffee pot on with it.

Okay, things aren't actually that bad, but February sweeps are exhausting. I think my televisions are considering forming a union and demanding overtime pay. Everything starts to blur together during a sweeps month. I find myself wondering why C.J. Cregg can't help President Palmer. Or whether Jonathan Kent wouldn't be better off in the "ER."

Let's see how some of our favorite shows fared during February sweeps.

"Gilmore Girls": My Girls are back. As we all know, this series really suffered once the characters outgrew the original premise. However, this week's episode was stellar and the show has blossomed as it continues to explore the many characters that populate Stars Hollow. But the best thing the series has done this season is give Emily and Richard real marital problems. How many shows do you know that focus on the problems of people over 50. Okay, besides "Judging Amy." The troubles of the elder Gilmores (which have been building all season long) are strengthening the relationship between Emily and Lorelai. Lorelai continues to see her mom as a real person with her own problems, concerns and pain. That's something Lorelai has not really done before and it's about darn time. I love what they've done with Lane this season. Mrs. Kim may be an overbearing, strict mom but the show has always been clear on the fact that she fiercely loves her daughter. And I'm quite curious to see what happens with Dean now that we know that while he may be content in his marriage, he's not exactly happy and he's clearly still pining for Rory. Oh -- and I want to take this opportunity to go on record with the fact that when "Gilmore Girls" ends, I think I might have to insist that Lorelai and Luke get together. Also now I know to go to Luke if I ever need a loan. That diner must be doing better than any of us thought.
Credit: Zap2it

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