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(Gil)more Love for the Girls, 2.17.04 ...

Although Lorelai has been dating Jason and Luke is working on his Britney-style marriage to Nicole, romance could be on the horizon for Gilmore Girls' star-crossed Luke and Lorelai.

"Oddly enough, now that he's married, he's moving very close to Lorelai," says creator/executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino, who promises "lots of moments of closeness" for Luke and Lorelai, if not a full-blown relationship. "We're doing the dance this year. You've got to take them right up to the brink and then let something fall in between them. As far as them getting together this year, there might be some toying with the idea, but that's something we're probably going to save. I think it'll happen, but I'm not sure when."

Meanwhile, Rory may be too busy dealing with old boyfriends to find new love this spring. "Dean has an arc," offers Sherman-Palladino. "He's back for six episodes. Jess is back for three or four episodes, depending on if I can pull Milo [Ventimiglia, Jess] away from all the other things he's doing. That's making us pretty boy-heavy right now. I have been searching for that next guy, and just haven't found him yet. But I'm still looking."
Credit: Soap Opera Weekly

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