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The Watercooler, 11.19.03 ...

No! I did not just see what I just saw! Talk about an end-of-episode shocker: Rory caught Paris passionately making out with her professorial icon, played by Michael York! What an age difference. This goes beyond a May/December romance. Who knew this uptight, by-the-book pain in the behind had it in her?

I'm not even touching Lorelai's first date with Digger. I ranted about this truly icky coupling last week, and I just had dinner, so let's not dwell upon nauseating subjects, shall we? Instead, let me tell you how much I loved that Gilmore Girls did an episode centered around a Harvard/Yale football game. I used to live in Connecticut, and one of my happiest days there was spent bundled up in the bleachers, watching the Bulldogs take on the Crimson in the snow. Okay, so GG never actually showed any football taking place this is a girlie show but it did a great job covering Yale's football-related traditions, Whiffenpoofs and all.

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