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TV Gal Goes Searching for Lost Plots, 11.10.03 ...

Would the following storylines please report to work?

Sometimes when a plot line mysteriously disappears, it's a good thing (there really was no need to have Frasier and Roz in love, was there?). But we have quite a few plots missing in action this season. I figured I had to either write a column about this topic or call up the gang from "Without a Trace." Here they are:

Lorelai's dating life/Rory's half-sister on "Gilmore Girls": When we left the hippest mom in primetime last May, wasn't she dating Billy Burke? It's not like it was the greatest romance ever, but if they broke up, shouldn't she have told us about it? And you and I know that Christopher is now on "I'm With Her," but I do think Rory should mention her dad every once in awhile. Wouldn't she want to see her half-sister?
Credit: Zap2it

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