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The Watercooler, 11.05.03 ...

I've decided to quit my ranting about Rory's hair. Why? I was shopping at a local L.A. mall on Monday, and saw Alexis Bledel there. She looked so cute, bouncing along in her shorter, new 'do. And after my own recent haircut, I realized how liberating it is to switch to a fresh look especially one that doesn't require as much effort as long hair does. But about the episode: It's sweet to see Lorelai and gal pal Sookie reminisce over Rory's baby photos. But Lord, it's time for Chef Sookie to give birth to that bun in her oven! The poor woman looks ready to pop! Then, once she's free of her pregnancy plotline and all that requisite padding Melissa McCarthy needn't work so hard to conceal the fact that she shed nearly half her body weight this past summer. This GG fan wants to see Sookie strut her slimmer self with pride!

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