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The WB Network's 2001 All-Star Party, 01.06.01 ...

On Saturday, January 6th at Il Fornaio Restaurant in Pasadena, California, the Warner Bros. Network held its 2001 All-Star Party and I was in attendance. Most of the actors from the cast of Gilmore Girls also attended. Each cast member was accommodating for both photos and autographs, although some signed more than others.

As each person from the show arrived, I tried to ask a few questions about Gilmore Girls. The first person I talked to was Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) and I asked her what she thought of Gilmore Girls having to go up against both Survivor II and Friends in Thursday's 8:00pm time slot. With a big smile on her face, she told me that she hopes "the WB's powers that be change the day that Gilmore Girls airs." She also told me to "keep watching."

I also asked that same question to Yanic Truesdale (Michel Gerard) and Scott Patterson (Luke Danes). Yanic said that people should "call the WB to show their support" and Scott said he "felt sorry for Survivor II because it had to air against Gilmore Girls. After all, Survivor II does only air 13 weeks."

When Chad Murray (Tristan) arrived, I changed my questioning. I asked if there was any romance in the future for Rory and Tristan. With a laugh he told me, "You'll just have to wait and see. But thanks for watching and keep tuning in."

When it was time to talk to Jared Padalecki (Dean), the WB reporter was in such a hurry to interview him on camera that I only managed a photo of Jared. (Although, I was actually in the photo with him.)

Even though I was able to get autographs and photos of both Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) and Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore), I didn't get a chance to talk to them. I also didn't get a chance to talk to Melissa McCarthy (Sookie St. James).

Each actor on Gilmore Girls was great to talk to. I at least got to say hi to all of them. In the end, I had a great time and really enjoyed the Il Fornaio Restaurant.

~Heidi, Webmaster

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