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Click Here! Says Thanks, 02.27.02 ... (aka ORG) has been on the Net for a year and three months now, since November of 2000. That is quite an accomplishment in today's times where sites come and go faster than Sookie can cook risotto. As I was sitting at my computer this evening, I realized I have never taken time to thank all the people who help make the great site it has become.

First of all, I would like to mention my "boys" who took over the task of hosting after the site grew so big the old hosting company cancelled ORG's service. Angelo, Simon, Chris, Mikey, Brent, and Larry I owe you more than anyone could ever understand. Thanks for always being there when technical issues arose and for answering my countless random questions. Your hard work is truly appreciated.

Richie: If it wasn't for you, there would be no ORG. Period. You were the one who pushed me to start the site almost a year and a half ago and I'm so glad you did. Everyone who has ever visited is forever in your debt.

Lindsey: Depending on how you look at it, you are lucky or unlucky enough to be the person I talk about ORG with the most. Back in the day, you had no idea what hosting was, what "hits" were, or what FTP stood for. But because you're nice enough to listen to my shop talk about ORG, you're now a pro on all things that have to do with running a site even though you're not a webmaster in any way. That's quite an accomplishment.

Suha: What can I say, you're the Screencap Mastah! I can always depend on you to take the best screencaps. (Even if I ask you at the last minute.) Plus, we always have the most "interesting" conversations.

Lee Beth: I feel badly for putting you fifth on my list, but it's only because I've known everyone else longer. No hard feelings please. All joking aside, you're not only the best "music person" a webmaster could ask for, you're also the best "anything" a webmaster could ask for. You always go above and beyond in everything you do and you do it in such a way that always keeps me laughing.

Lesley & Valerie: Lets admit it, when I talk about ORG we all know you both probably don't understand what I'm saying. Especially you Valerie. (Just kidding!! That was just a joke!) Anyhow, I'd like to thank you two for always supporting me in whatever I do and for always going along on my crazy adventures. "Monas for life."

Katie: You were the first person to have a e-mail address besides myself and I was ecstatic when you wanted to take over the Fan Fiction section. Not only were you willing to learn the HTML required for the Fan Fiction job, but you also became the unofficial ORG advertiser by mentioning the site to anyone who would listen. Now that is the mark of a true friend.

Derek, Greg, John, & Mike: You four are known as "The Testers" because I'm forever asking you to, "Click this." Whether you're looking for a broken link, checking for the latest update, or making sure all graphics load correctly, I know I can depend on you guys to help out in anyway. Gracias.

Amy & Valny: No two people make better Gilmore Girls quizzes. I really admire the fact that you both watch the show so closely for the sole purpose of being able to come up with amazing questions for each episode quiz. So many people enjoy your efforts and I thank you greatly for your work.

Mandy: The Weekly Ratings section would be nothing without you. Thanks for keeping’s visitors and me up to date on how Gilmore Girls is doing in the ratings.

Leif: Thank you for allowing to be a part of the Fan Forum Network. It has exposed ORG to many Gilmore Girls fans that I wouldn't have been able to reach without you. Again, thanks.

mrsvw & spiced: Your dedication to bringing Gilmore Girls fans news and information on the show is unparalleled. Thank you.

Dave & Sheryl: Thanks for everything. Everything. (By the way, Dave, don't worry. I have forgiven you for ruining my Gilmore Girls poster.)

Kelly, A. Buen, Barbie, & Nathan: You all deserve shout-outs.

Also: To anyone I may have accidently forgotten and to everyone who has sent me news, information, or pictures related to show ... I thank you also.

Cast & Crew of Gilmore Girls: There isn't much to say other than thanks for producing such a quality show. You have countless fans all over the world and we are all grateful for the long hours you put into making Gilmore Girls the excellent show it is. Here's to many more years on the air.

Visitors of People who visit ORG are by far my most favorite people in the world and that is why I have saved the best for last. When I started I never imagined it would grow into the site it has become today and that is thanks to all the visitors who keep coming back. I appreciate everyone who sends me e-mail commenting on how much they love the site and thank me for running it. Although, it should really be me thanking everyone who visits. So, thank you.

(In some of the cases for the people I thanked, I used a little humor and inside jokes. Everything written was meant to be in good fun.)


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