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Gilmore Girls at UCLA, 09.05.01 ...

University California Los Angeles was home to the cast and crew of Gilmore Girls for the days of September 4th and 5th, 2001. The show was filming scenes for an upcoming episode where Lorelai and Rory take a road trip to Harvard. Due to the fact that Harvard is on the east coast and Gilmore Girls is based out of Burbank, California part of the UCLA campus was transformed into a Harvard look-alike.

I heard on September 4th that show would be filming at UCLA the next day, so I decided I would visit the school since I live only a short distance away. After arriving I quickly found where Gilmore Girls was filming because of the show's large production trucks and trailers. It was also easy to spot all of the extras who were wearing Harvard shirts and sweatshirts. The other extras that weren't sporting Harvard attire were in long pants and long sleeves, even though it was about 85 degrees that day in sunny Southern California.

About 20 minutes after finding the Gilmore Girls set, the cast and crew broke for lunch. As I was walking by the show's trailers on my way to grab my own snack, I noticed that Lauren Graham (Lorelai) was heading in my direction. As she came closer I said, "Hi" and asked if she would mind taking a photo. She was more than willing to comply with my request and even made sure that I was happy with the snapshot. She said, "Everything good with that?" (referring to the photo) and "No one blinked, right?" For about one more minute we talked about watching the show and the upcoming season, and then she was off to eat what look liked a sub sandwich.

Only a few minutes later, as I was again on my way to grab a snack, I saw Alexis Bledel (Rory) heading to her trailer. Since no one else was around I figured it would be all right to ask for a photo. Just as Lauren, Alexis was happy to take a photo. She asked how I was and thanked me for watching the show.

Overall I spent a few hours watching the show film, and during that time I met some of the Gilmore Girls crew. I just want to take a moment and thank them for being so kind and making my time at UCLA very enjoyable.


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