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Recent News ...

Show and Cast Member News
For all the latest news and information about Gilmore Girls and its cast members, be sure to stop by the Show and Cast Member News section of the Forum.

Gilmore Girls Season 6 Released on DVD, 09.19.06
Before season seven premieres on September 26th, Warner Home Video has cleverly planned to release season six of the show as a DVD box set on September 19th. With season six hitting store shelves one week prior to the new season, Gilmore fans everywhere have approximately 168 hours to watch all 22 episodes in season six. (That's about three episodes a day for the average viewer or two eleven-hour marathons for someone who considers themself to be a true Stars Hollow-ite.)

Devon Michaels' Interview, 05.09.06
In a case of art imitating life, Gilmore Girls actor Devon Michaels is a real-life Yale graduate who plays a Bill, a Yale Daily News writer, on the show. A full-fledged actor since his early teens, Michaels performed both on and Off-Broadway before making the move to southern California to further his career. As Bill on Gilmore Girls, Michaels portrays a sweater vest wearing newspaper man, but in real life he's much more of a fun and relaxed guy (with a better sense of style, no doubt).

Adam Hendershott's Interview, 04.28.06
An actor since the age of six, Adam Hendershott has appeared in numerous television shows and can currently be seen on both of the critically acclaimed hits Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. As A.K., a Yale Daily News senior staffer on Gilmore Girls, he helped oust Paris as newspaper editor and as the principal's son, Vincent 'Butters' Clemmons, on Veronica Mars he runs a popular Internet radio show.

Team Palladino Says "Goodbye, Girls", 04.20.06
My fellow Gilmore Girls fans, the news we've all been dreading has now been made absolutely, 100 percent, painfully official: Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has opted not to renew her contract and will be leaving at the end of the season — and she's taking husband Dan with her.

'Gilmore' Guy Gets Waxed, 03.19.04
Jared Padalecki is yet another unlucky visitor to "House of Wax." The Warner Bros. Pictures/Village Roadshow Pictures project is a remake of the 1953 classic Vincent Price film. The update will pit a group of teens against twisted murderers who encase their victims in wax.

Bishop Helps 'Girls' Return to its Roots, 03.05.04
Emmy voters have several months before they need to submit names for this year's slate of nominees. But one name should already be filled in under the category for best supporting actress in a comedy series: Kelly Bishop.

Gilmore, Melrose Alums Sign on to Pilots, 02.26.04
Milo Ventimiglia has joined ABC's "Gramercy Park", which revolves around three nannies and the families they work for in a tony New York building. He will play the in-and-out-of-rehab son of a well-known heart surgeon who returns home with his girlfriend and their child.

TV Gal Learns a Thing or Two from Sweeps, 02.26.04
My Girls are back. As we all know, this series really suffered once the characters outgrew the original premise. However, this week's episode was stellar and the show has blossomed as it continues to explore the many characters that populate Stars Hollow.

Gilmore Girls DVD PR, 02.21.04
The quaint town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut houses one of The WB's top-ranked shows, Gilmore Girls, where Lorelai and Rory Gilmore have a mother and daughter bond that others only dream about. On May 4, 2004 Warner Home Video (WHV) proudly presents the DVD debut of the acclaimed series that TV Guide calls "The WB's finest hour" with Gilmore Girls: The Complete First Season.

(Gil)more Love for the Girls, 02.17.04
Although Lorelai has been dating Jason and Luke is working on his Britney-style marriage to Nicole, romance could be on the horizon for Gilmore Girls' star-crossed Luke and Lorelai.

Walking Away: [Gilmore] Girls Bad Boy Looks For New Career Direction, 2.10.04
Milo Ventimiglia's gut is telling him a lot these days. It told him last year to walk away from the popular role of troubled teen Jess Mariano on the comedy-drama The Gilmore Girls. Now, that same instinct is telling him to refocus.

Girls Going Gray, 02.07.04
Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann are engaged in lunchtime banter on the Warner Bros. lot, and it's no less entertaining then their marital sparring on "Gilmore Girls." At this moment the actors, Tony Award winners both, are sharing tips on the theater.

The Ex Files, 02.03.04
It has been a challenging season for this charming and crisply written series about a mother and daughter who treat each other like best friends instead of generational representatives of their family tree.

Gilmore Travails, 02.03.04
Gilmore Girls actually has a new episode at 8 tonight on The WB, and among other things it marks the return of Jess (Milo Ventimiglia). Whether it will return Gilmore Girls to its old heights remains to be seen.

Gilmore Girls All Talked Out, 02.02.04
The American networks' mid-winter "sweeps" period gets off to an early start this week on the youth-skewed netlet, The WB, with Very Special Episodes of two successful signature series, Gilmore Girls and Angel. Gilmore Girls kicks off what is ostensibly a two-part story, linked only in reality by the dubious return of Milo Ventimiglia's broody Jess, who left an entire season ago to be spun off into his own series, which somehow never quite got around to actually getting made.

Bad Boy of Gilmore Girls Makes Visit, 02.02.04
Sometimes an unwelcome return is the most welcoming of all. Just when Star Hollow is getting too comfortable for its own good, "Gilmore Girls" throws a delightful curve ball with the return of Milo Ventimiglia as Jess. Jess is only back in town to claim his car, but his two-episode stint (beginning Feb. 3) sets the town on its ear.

Gilmore Girls Producer Needs to Heed Her Critics, 01.20.04
The folks at the WB are, much to their credit, aware that there have been a few problems with "Gilmore Girls." On the other hand, the show's executive producer is in denial. Basically, the show is going through a transition of sorts this season.

MUHS Guild Honors Best of '03, 01.20.04
Some 900 guests were in attendance to watch as the makeup and hair styling teams behind Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and TV's Sex and the City and Gilmore Girls each walked away with two awards from the Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild. The awards were presented at a black-tie gala on Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Where Future Stars are Headed, 01.20.04
Movie theaters will be overrun this year with young talent, ranging from actors who have just entered their teen years to those who only recently became old enough to drink legally. The potential future stars appearing in films coming soon include Jared Padalecki, 21. Known for: two WB-TV series "Gilmore Girls" and "Young MacGyver." Next: the movie "New York Minute" and Universal Pictures release, "Living the Lie," starring Jon Bon Jovi, opening later this year.

Gilmore Girls Growing Up, 01.20.04
In Stars Hollow, the quaint Victorian and Georgian facades twinkle with white lights lingering from the holiday season. The hills behind the houses are green as if dressed to be a Connecticut forest. The Weston Bakery is nestled next to the Stars Hollow video store. And the headline in the Stars Hollow Tribune is: "Second Bank Robbery in Hartford by Masked Duo." It's the kind of place, says star Lauren Graham, where "the biggest problem here is related to ... a single traffic light. My problems are little bit more than that."

Women Wanted, 01.18.04
The WB's programming chief, Jordan Levin, admits being concerned about the direction "Gilmore Girls" took in the first half of the season, when daughter Rory went off to Yale but kept popping up at home. The transition was difficult, but "I think we're settling into episodes that feel more connected in a real rather than a manufactured way," Levin says.

Tuned In: Creator Defends Gilmore Girls, 01.16.04
Magical as the setting is, the "Girls" have been in a funk this season. Characters have behaved out of character -- Lorelai would never be interested in the cheeseball guy she's getting involved with -- and the transition to life as a college freshman for Rory -- is there ever a weekend she's not back home? -- was strained. "Gilmore Girls" creator Amy Sherman Palladino defends the show's recent storytelling, even the recent scene where Lorelai -- a single mother on a meager budget -- looked down her nose at people who clip coupons.

The WB Less Fond of Gilmore, 01.16.04
The bosses of The WB - the network that carries the much talked-about show - went public this week with their displeasure at how the show is going. Jordan Levin, the network's co-CEO, said the critically acclaimed comedy has been slow to adjust to its major plot turn this season - Rory Gilmore going off to college.

MC Hammer, Demons and Gilmore Girls all in a Day's Work, 01.15.04
Critics were given free rein of Stars Hollow, the set where "The Gilmore Girls" is shot. In the small New England fantasy town -- think Disneyland's Main Street -- the twinkle lights were out. Inside the sets, Luke was in his cafe while critics filed through to pick up doughnuts and coffee. Next door at Taylor's old-fashioned ice cream and candy store, girls in candy-striped aprons dished up ice cream (Cherry Winterland was a favorite) while inviting critics to help themselves to the candy.

Thank Heaven for Gilmore Girls, 01.13.04
Warner Brothers Home Video announces that one of the most-requested modern television shows is finally coming to DVD this spring, just in time for Mother's Day. Gilmore Girls - The Complete 1st Season breezes onto DVD this May, shortly before the fourth season finale airs on The WB Network.

Defying Category, 12.26.03
The clever, snappy dialogue, sincere emotional resonance, and wealth of obscure pop culture references easily make Gilmore Girls one of the smartest shows on television. Funny, smart, and touching, the show resists convention. It was once considered a drama for the awards categories, but the show's producers recently moved it to comedy--a move that Lauren Graham says will, hopefully, garner them better recognition.

Fast-Talking Gilmore Girls Creator Bides Her Time, 12.20.03
If you think the title characters on "Gilmore Girls" speak faster than normal, you should listen to their creator. Words tumble out of Amy Sherman-Palladino like an overturned bucket of Super Balls facing downhill, quick and bouncy and sometimes hard to control. She's an interviewer's dream and a copyeditor's nightmare.

Neat lives in a helium bubble, 12.20.03
There's something about life in Stars Hollow that reminds you of how it was for Jim Carrey's character in The Truman Show. Everything is just too eerily perfect, including the neatly resolved moments of pain and suffering, let alone those lovely streets and kindly locals. Could it be these deluded souls are living inside a television show?

Gilmore Girls to Return for its Fifth Season on The WB, 12.17.03
The WB Network and Warner Bros. Television announced today that critically acclaimed comedy Gilmore Girls has been picked up for a fifth season, taking it through the 2004-2005 television season.

In the News: Here Comes Mommy, 12.08.03
Kathleen Wilhoite has been cast as Liz, Jess's mom and Luke's sister. She'll first appear in the Jan. 27 episode, which also marks the return of Milo Ventimiglia's Jess.

Esquire Gift Guide, 12.01.03
Know what you're getting for your girl this year? How about for that crazy uncle? We know: Shopping is hell. That's why we asked experts what they're giving this year. Chef Bobby Flay recommends food gifts. Tom Arnold offers solutions for sports nuts, and actress Lauren Graham tells us what women want. And that's just the beginning. So take their advice and make things easy on yourself. Don't worry, you'll still get all the credit.

Graham Moves Easily from TV to Movies, 11.27.03
Expect neither machine-gun dialogue delivery nor a big-screen version of Lorelai in Lauren Graham's latest film, "Bad Santa," which is in multiplexes across the country. For starters, Sue, her character in the movie, has been downsized from Lorelai's inn manager to bartender.

One-Time Arlingtonian Graham Finds Hollywood Success, 11.24.03
For one-time Langley High School student Lauren Graham, who has found Hollywood success as a teenage mother-turned-hip matriarch Lorelai on The WB’s popular drama “Gilmore Girls,” her role as a bartender in the holiday black comedy “Bad Santa” is a far cry from her TV character.

Television Shows Worth Making Time For, 11.21.03
If you're looking to be entertained after a hard day's work - and for most viewers, that's the function prime-time TV serves - there are still shows that suit the purpose. They may be less plentiful and harder to find than they were last season, but they're out there if you know where to look. "Gilmore Girls" is one of them.

Eight Best Family Dramas, 11.20.03
Gilmore Girls has, in the past, been far and away the smartest, most assured, funny and moving family drama on television. These attributes landed it on a list of the best dramas that focus on actual families.

The Watercooler, 11.19.03
The TVGuide folks discuss "Ted Koppel's Big Night Out", a May/December romance, and the Harvard/Yale football game.

Five Dramas that have Fallen the Furthest from Greatness, 11.17.03
To be on this list, a series had to be really wonderful, an offering that once kept people buzzing in chat rooms and recalling key scenes the next day around the water cooler. And now? Generally unhappy viewers. Really unhappy critics. Lauren Graham is still worth the price of admission, but growing up and moving on has hurt "Gilmore Girls" creatively.

Watch With Kristin, 11.14.03
Buffy fans who know Danny Strong as Jonathan, the shy nerd from the evil Geek Trio, are seeing a whole new side of him on the WB's Gilmore Girls. Tuesday marked his first episode as Rory's new boss, Doyle, editor of the Yale newspsaper, who, get this, is not a dweeb.

The Watercooler, 11.12.03
The folks at TVGuide discuss "Die, Jerk", Lorelai's brewing romance, and Rory's backbone.

The Girls are Coming to DVD, 11.11.03
Warner Bros Home Video has plans to release the first season of Gilmore Girls on DVD in the first half of 2004.

Yale Must Find its Own Place in the Spotlight, 11.11.03
Suddenly, if tentatively, it seems Yale is beginning to tiptoe into the spotlight. Last spring preteen girls across the nation watched as Rory Gilmore, the WB's wholesome heroine, chose Yale over her expected pick of Harvard. Tonight Rory continues her Yale career, and the real Whiffenpoofs have singing cameos on the show.

TV Gal Goes Searching for Lost Plots, 11.10.03
Sometimes when a plotline mysteriously disappears, it's a good thing. But Lorelai's dating life and Rory's half-sister are missing in action this season, and TV Gal wants them to report to work.

The Watercooler, 11.05.03
The TVGuide folks discuss "The Festival of Living Art", Rory's hair, and how it's time for Sookie to give birth to the bun in her oven.

Shows You Can Watch Together, 11.01.03
It's the rare dramatic series that takes on a life of its own, growing in depth, breadth and strength as the seasons pass. But this description is undeniably true of Gilmore Girls, the charming, cheeky, chatter-licious WB gem that makes for quality mother-daughter viewing. Few series have treated the parent-child relationship with such wit, intelligence and pathos. Editorials ...
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