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The Charmed Ones

Melissa McCarthy as Sookie St. James ...

Birthday: August 26
Birthplace: Plainfield, Illinois

About the actress: A natural born comedian with credits that include film, television, stand-up and theater experience, Melissa McCarthy makes her television series regular debut in Gilmore Girls.

Born and raised in Plainfield, Ill. just outside of Chicago, McCarthy first made her mark on the comedy stage, performing stand up in New York at The Improv and Stand Up New York. At the same time, she received dramatic training from The Actors Studio in New York and starred in a variety of stage productions throughout the city.

Since moving to Los Angeles, McCarthy's quick wit gets a workout as a member of The Groundlings Sunday Co. comedy and improv cast.

In addition to sketch comedy, her feature film work includes the romantic comedy The Third Wheel, in which McCarthy portrays Ben Affleck's office buddy with a heart of gold and a hyper-giggling enthusiasm for Affleck's matchmaking adventures. She has also recently appeared in The Kid with Bruce Willis, Charlie Angels, Drowning Mona and Go. McCarthy also starred in John August's independent short film, God, as a young woman having gossipy phone conversations and a short-lived spat with the Almighty.

About the character: Sookie is Lorelai's best friend and future business partner. Sookie is a whiz in the kitchen and someday she and Lorelai will open their own inn, that is if she can keep her clumsiness in check. Some days, good kitchen help is all that stands between Sookie and catastrophe.

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