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Question: Who would you like to just throw out of the show?
Lorelai Gilmore - 0 (0%)
Rory Gilmore - 1 (1.2%)
Max Madina - 6 (7.3%)
Luke Danes - 0 (0%)
Chris (Christopher) Hayden - 8 (9.8%)
Paris Geller - 3 (3.7%)
Madeline - 0 (0%)
Miss Patty - 1 (1.2%)
Taylor Doosey - 4 (4.9%)
Rachel - 4 (4.9%)
Dean Forester - 2 (2.4%)
Jess Mariano - 4 (4.9%)
Michel Gerard - 0 (0%)
Sookie St. James - 0 (0%)
Richard Gilmore - 0 (0%)
Emily Gilmore - 0 (0%)
Lane Kim - 0 (0%)
Kirk - 1 (1.2%)
Sherry Tinsdale - 9 (11%)
Dave - 0 (0%)
Jackson Melville - 0 (0%)
Babette Dell - 0 (0%)
Morey Dell - 0 (0%)
Tristan DuGrey - 4 (4.9%)
Headmaster Charleston - 1 (1.2%)
Louise Grant - 1 (1.2%)
Logan - 6 (7.3%)
Lindsay - 8 (9.8%)
Gigi - 4 (4.9%)
Luke's daughter April - 12 (14.6%)
None! I love it how it is! - 3 (3.7%)
EVERYONE! - 0 (0%)
Total Voters: 28

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Author Topic: Who would you like to just throw out of the show?  (Read 17637 times)
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« Reply #15 on: November 09, 2008, 11:44:20 pm »

april, is all (:


lorelai: i have someone to complain to when life sucks or work sucks or just everything sucks. i have someone i can talk to.
rory: yeah, who?
lorelai: oh shecky, you kill me.

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« Reply #16 on: November 16, 2008, 10:22:08 am »

The five people I would not cry over if they weren't ever in existence.

Max- Max Medina was a very nice guy, but I wish that his and Lorelai's relationship hadn't gotten that far.

Dean- I did not mind Dean in the earlier years, but it was a bad move when he and Rory had sex. They should have never gotten back together.

Logan- I dont completely hate Logan, but  I would have much rather had Rory be with either Jess or Marty. Nobody has love for poor Marty anymore Sad

Gigi- She is just there. Her character doesnt really hurt or make the show. I do like the fact that it was because of Sherry being pregnant that Lorelai and Chris potentially getting back together was prolonged.

April- April was not needed at all. That pissed me off so bad when she came on to the show. Gilmore Girls was fine enough without all that drama. 

Stars Hollow Tourist

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« Reply #17 on: November 16, 2008, 02:37:47 pm »

These are my pics because ever since I started watching the show they been on my nerves.

1. Christopher, the clown just annoys the heck out of me always there trying to be good to Lorelai and Rory then when Sherry calls...Ohhh better go Sherry needs me bleh. Most of all when he whines to Lorelai to watch his daughter when Sherry leaves, and doing the poor boohoo single parent crying thing. Hello how do you think your daughter was raised?? Elves??

2. Sherry, I just never liked her at all, and for bringing another Christopher baby in the world. Nothing wrong with Rory just Christopher genes just needed to stop at Rory.

3. Taylor, this dude is wayyyy to hung up on the bylaws and God knows what else in Stars Hollow. When he wanted Jackson to move his shed what 3 feet ohhh I was going to punch him myself.

4. Jess, If anyone needed a reason. Plus being all macho guy whenever Dean is around, and for hurting Rory in the car accident.

5. Paris, okay I know she wasn't that bad but she always rubbed me the wrong way. Plus when she had the affair with that old professor GROSS!
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"Lorelai, this thing we're doing here me, you I just want you to know I'm in. I am all in."
        - Luke to Lorelai
Stars Hollow Tourist

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« Reply #18 on: December 12, 2008, 02:00:11 am »

these are the ones i would like to get rid off!

Max Madina

Taylor is the worst! he just does my head in!! Angry

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« Reply #19 on: December 12, 2008, 02:32:47 am »

1. Logan  Huntzberger number 1 without question... Been saying what I think of him elsewhere on this forum so I will keep it brief..  Grin arrogant, annoying, spoilt, manipulative, irresponsible, immature and shallow. That about sums it up..  :Smiley Actually I would have put Mitchum Huntzberger, his wife and Logan all at nr 1... and then extend it to Collin and Finn as well..

2. Sherry Tinsdale - selfabsorbed egocentric and cold - we only saw her in a few episodes but in those she was manipulating Christopher, Rory and everyone else, having no friends to come to her in a time of need says something about the friend she is herself, not to mention leaving her daughter behind.

3. Max Medina - Didn't like him and Lorelai together. Not so much a lot against the character except he was bland and uninspiring and a bit of a doormat Undecided    Eg we never saw him giving Lorelai a rant about her simply bailing on him or their upcoming marriage- come on man where is your spine..?

4. Lindsay Forester - bland character, felt kind of sad for her for being cheated on but she added little or no value to the show apart from being the young blonde bland (house)wife Dean cheated on.

5. April - Well would have chosen Nicole Leahey but didn't see her on the list. April's not bad in itself but I didn't like the dynamic this character brought to the show, too much of a Rory-clone imho so added little except for being an obstacle between Lorelai and Luke to work through their issues.

Rory: I am dancing, I can not control where my glance goes, and when I can control it, my glance goes to Dean.
Jess: So you can't control it when you look at me, but you have to force yourself to look at him. [to Dean] Sorry man, that's cold
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