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Author Topic: GG Fanfiction - Where dreams come true!  (Read 97694 times)
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« Reply #45 on: May 02, 2006, 02:03:44 am »

Does anyone know about this fanfiction? I read it about a year ago and forgot what it was called. Jess owned a hotel or something and Rory was staying there ,quite possibly something to do with journalism. Oh and Jess was getting married to someone else.
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« Reply #46 on: May 08, 2006, 08:36:08 pm »

Not a clue but I loved Before It All Began hyper_squirrel, it was great, I'm ginnyweasley418 by the way. There's some great stuff on the Black White and Read if you haven't been. I have a few stories out at  , Picking up the Pieces is about Rory and Jess, I'm almost done and then More than an Eggroll which isn't really very great but it's also about Rory and Jess. If anyone knows of some really great stories to read let me know because I'm running out of things to read!

Jess: It’s an abstract painting.
Luke: But what is it supposed to be?
Jess: Check the title.
Luke: I did; it’s called Untitled.
Jess: There you go.
« Reply #47 on: May 09, 2006, 07:24:37 pm »

Not a clue but I loved Before It All Began hyper_squirrel, it was great, I'm ginnyweasley418 by the way. There's some great stuff on the Black White and Read if you haven't been. I have a few stories out at  , Picking up the Pieces is about Rory and Jess, I'm almost done and then More than an Eggroll which isn't really very great but it's also about Rory and Jess. If anyone knows of some really great stories to read let me know because I'm running out of things to read!

Hey ginnyeasley418! Long time, I guess. Before It All Began is on a temporary hiatus, unfortunatly. I'm spending all my energy on my latest fic. *cue advertising for hyper_spuirrel's fic*
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« Reply #48 on: May 10, 2006, 03:00:03 pm »

Oh, well I hope you start it up soon, I really like it, it's funny. Some other great fics I've read if anyones looking.

Defending Bjork

Stupid Reasons

Ever After

Blue Magnets

These are all really good Rory/Jess fics, in my opinion
« Last Edit: May 10, 2006, 03:03:07 pm by lel418 » Logged

Jess: It’s an abstract painting.
Luke: But what is it supposed to be?
Jess: Check the title.
Luke: I did; it’s called Untitled.
Jess: There you go.
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« Reply #49 on: May 22, 2006, 06:32:15 pm »

I also posted this in the OT:Websites thread, but the best GG fan fic I've ever seen is at

It's all about if Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson were a couple in real life.  I'm not that into fan fic, but this one is goooood!  A must for Java Junkies.  Cat is a great writer.

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« Reply #50 on: June 21, 2006, 01:05:22 pm »

Starting Over

A/N This is my first fan fic I have ever written so please go easy on me. This fic is about the seventh season; don’t worry I am a major LL fan! So on with the story!

Before I go on: The first episode in the seventh season and so on through out the story . I will not state the episodes. On with the story!

Remember to Read and Review!!!!


Lorelai just left Chris’s (A/N They did not do anything). Lorelai was sad, depressed, and mad. She wanted to go to Luke and say something to him but her feelings were so mixed up she did not know what to do so she called Rory.

“Hello?” Rory said

“Hey babe it’s me mom.” Lorelai has some shakiness in her voice.

“Hi; Mom what is wrong? It sounds as if something is wrong.”

Lorelai told Rory what happened.
“Oh my gosh! I am going to kill him! (Chris that is)

“No hun don’t we did not do anything I swear.” 

“Are you sure?” 

“ Yes I am sure I was there!”

“Okay don’t have to yell.”

“ Sorry babe I am just sad and mad.”

“Uh Mom…”

“Yeah babe?” 

“I have something to tell you…Logan and I are broken up. I met another guy his name is Matt Mitchell.”

“When did this happen?”

“The night Logan left. I went to a bar and got drunk because I was sad.”

“Then what?”

“If you would be quite for a minute I will continue.”


 “Then Matt walked up and we talked then we got ready to go and he asked me out!”

“Oh honey I am so happy for you! I never did like Logan anyway.

“That’s not nice to say. Anyway I have to get back to class; but you have to talk to Luke. Promise me you will.”

“I Promise. Love you babe bye.”

Meanwhile Luke was thinking. He was thinking about how he treated Lorelai he night before, and he decided to call her and say sorry. So he did.



“Yes this is she.”

“It’s me Luke.”

“Yeah I know it is you.” She said in a sarcastic tone

“ Well I called because…”

“Because why?”

“I-I Wanted to apologize and have lunch with you today, so we can talk about stuff.”

“Well I am at home now, so you can come over now; that is if you want.”

“Yeah I want to”

“Okay see you when you come over”

   About five minutes later Luke arrives at Lorelai’s house. He rings Lorelai’s doorbell. She answers and lets him in. When they go in Luke hugs Lorelai and says he is sorry for postponing the wedding because of April. Lorelai starts to cry and Luke kisses her. Passionately. She deepens the kiss. Then Luke carries her upstairs to her room and pushes her over to her bed. They started taking off their clothes. You all know what happens after that.

   Lorelai wakes up the next morning along with Luke.

“Morning Lore”

“Morning Luke”

“I am really glad we did what we did last night.”

“I am to”

“So does this mean we are back together?”

“ Yeah but I don’t want anyone to know what.”

“Ok. No one will know.”

“I love you Luke Danes. You know the engagement is back on right?”

“Yeah I know.”

“When do you want the wedding to be?”

“We should enjoy this moment together, we will talk about it later.”


Ok that is the end of that chapter. Phew that took a long time. I hope you go easy on me that took me quite a while to write this is my first story. As always please read and review.



Sorry! I am so sorry I am on vacation and already have a story ready to be posted but I am on a really slow Internet and cannot post it I will post it if I am able to. So it will be a good chapter I promise.


A Surprise

A/N I am sorry I have not updated. I am on vacation and have a very slow Internet.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gilmore Girls. But I will own future people.    


About 3 days later Lorelai wakes up feeling a craving for apples. (You all know what that means.) She knew what it meant to. So she went to Hartford Pharmacy instead of Stars Hollow because of the gossipers. (Miss. Patty and Babbett).
   She got two pregnancy tests. Then she drove back home; then she took the two tests and waited 5 minutes apiece. It was the longest 5-10 minutes of her life. She left the bathroom cause she could not stand being in there. It felt like when she took the test for Rory. Lorelai was hoping a little bit that she was pregnant, but the other half of her was scared to death over it.

   She went back into the bathroom to look she saw two pink strips on each tests. She was getting dizzy. But she stopped her self and steadied her self. She was scared and did not know what to do. So she just went a lied down on the couch to calm her self and in less then 5 minutes she was asleep. She woke up and decided she needs to tell Luke about it. She got into her car and drove to Luke’s.


Meanwhile Luke was happy that he and Lorelai were back together. Then the bell rang on the door rang; Luke looked up to see who it was. It was Lorelai and she was looking pale. Luke had a smile on his face.
   When he saw Lorelai’s look his smile faded.

   Lorelai’s thoughts.

Lorelai you can do this. You need to tell him. This is his baby. He deserves the right to know.

   Luke’s Thoughts.

I wonder what is wrong with Lorelai. I have to find out what is…

   Lorelai interrupted his thoughts.

“…Can I talk to you upstairs?”


Luke told Caesar and Lane that he is going on break.

They got up stairs.

Luke went to ask Lorelai what was wrong but Lorelai started to talk first.

“I-I Have something to tell you…”

“What is it Lorelai? You know you can tell me anything; you know that right?”

“I know that I can tell you anything. The thing I wanted to tell you is…”(I have to do this). Lorelai took a deep breath. “ I-I am pregnant.”

Luke thought he heard something about her being pregnant. He was not sure what he heard.

“Did you just say you were pregnant?”

“Yes I did just say I was pregnant.”

“How? Well I know how but when?”

“ Well it was that night that you apologized to me.”

“Oh man was that a good night. It was really good.”

“Well back on the subject…”

But Luke interrupted her.

“How far along are you? Well never mind I know probably about 2 weeks. So don’t answer that.” “When did you find out?”

“I just took the test today. Why are you not smiling?”

“I am happy. I am just surprised and scared we are older now and it is more dangerous. But I am really happy! We are going to be parents.”

“You know when I got to Friday night dinner my parents will ask what is wrong because they can tell if anything is wrong. So for them not to ask how about you go with me to dinner and if they ask anything we can just say we are back together. Also lets not say anything at all about the wedding or the baby.” Lorelai said with putting a hand on her stomach.

“Well ok I guess I can go.”

“Oh. Thank you so much for doing this for me.”

They also decided not to tell anybody in town. Even Rory.

It was this Friday about two days later. Lorelai was getting ready to go to her parents’ house. Luke was coming over in about 10 minutes and Lorelai had that long to finish her makeup.

   Luke arrived 10 minutes later and he knocked on the door and Lorelai said come on in. So he came in and saw that she was all ready. He was like all surprised that she was ready. Lorelai said she was ready and they took Lorelai’s jeep. They were there in forty-five minutes. Lorelai was getting out of the car when she thought of something.

“What am I going to do when my mom or dad ask if I want some wine?”

“Uh…just say you just got over the flu.”

“Ok. But what if Rory ask why she did not know her own mother was sick?”

“You can just say you will talk to her later.”

“Ok. Good idea.”

Lorelai rang the doorbell. Emily’s maid answered. Mrs. Gilmore is in the living room. Lorelai walked to the living room. She saw Rory.

“What do you want to drink Lorelai?”

“I will have club soda. I just got over the flu and I don’t want to get sick here again. Do you?”

“No Lorelai I do not want you to get sick.” Emily went to the fridge to get her club soda and Luke’s beer.

“Why did I not know they you had the flu?”

“Well I don’t and I did not have the flu. I will explain later.”

Emily came back in and then the maid told Emily that dinner was ready.

They all went into the dining room. Richard joined them at that time. They did not talk about anything they never do. Emily and Richard talked to Rory about school. Then Rory talked about her new guy. After dinner they all left.

As soon as Lorelai got in her car she heard her call phone ring. It was Rory.

“Ok Mom spill.”

“Hang on let me get a chance to talk. I am putting you on speaker phone ok?”


“Ok Luke and I have something to tell you. We are back together it has been 5 days now.” (Lets say they got back together on June 15, 2006). “We also have some other news to tell you to.” Lorelai hesitated for a moment. “You are going to have a baby brother or sister. Me and Luke are expecting.”

“Did I hear you right? I am going to get a baby brother or sister?”

“Yes you heard me right.”

“I am so happy. So how far along are you?”

“Well I just found out about 2 days ago.”

This conversation went on for about 1 hour all the way until Lorelai got home. Lorelai finally hung up when she got home. Luke went to get in his truck but Lorelai pulled him away and kissed him passionately. Lorelai unlocked her door and Luke grabbed her and kissed her hard. Then she pushed him over to the kitchen counter. And they made love then they ended up on the couch and when Luke woke up it was time for him to go to work.

So he wrote Lorelai a note.

I have gone to work. Cell me or meet me
At the diner and I will be there, so come
And I will fix you breakfast and we can
Talk about OUR baby.

Love so so very much


Luke also wrote a not about coffee on the coffee maker.

DO NOT DRINK COFFEE we will talk about this later.

Love Luke.

Lorelai got up around 9:00 and saw the note on her coffee pot when she walked by. And she was mad. She got ready. And she headed down to the diner. When she got there she saw Luke and yelled.

“I need coffee.”

“Come here.” Luke whispered “You can not have coffee when you are pregnant.”

“Aw come on I had coffee with Rory and she turned out fine.”

“Well I don’t want our kid or kids to turn out with 2 heads.”

“Ok but I will have decaf.”

“When you have the baby I will get you the largest cup of coffee I can find.”

“Ok.” That satisfied her.

About 1 and 1/2 weeks later.

Luke was over at Lorelai’s house on a Friday. Rory got her out of dinner. Luke and Lorelai were spending a night together.

“I think we should go ahead and make a appointment with your doc.”

“Well I will make one later.” And with that Lorelai was fast asleep.

Luke woke up the next morning and found Lorelai already up. She was just sitting in bed.

“You are going to make a appt. no matter what you say.”

“Okay I will do it right now.”

Lorelai got her phone and called the doctor. She had scheduled an appt. for July 7th 2006.
That was when she was about 4 –5 weeks along.

“Ok it is scheduled.”

“For when?”

“July 7th 2006.”

“Okay that’s good.”


Lorelai got up and demanded that Luke get up and fix them breakfast by them she meant her and the baby. Luke was done within 10 minutes.

It was about 2 weeks later and they had a few more days to go until the doctors’ appt. they were excited and Lorelai was getting a bump. Those days passed and it was finally the day of the appt. they made the appt in Hartford because they did not want anyone in Stars Hollow to know about the baby.

They went to the doctor.

“Miss. Gilmore.” The nurse called

They went to an exam room and the nurse gave Lorelai one of those itchy robes.

“Dr. Luckhart will be with you shortly.”

“Okay thank you.”

About 15 minutes later.

Knock Knock

“Hi I am Dr. Luckhart.”


Wow that was long. 6 pages on micro word. I really hope you like it. As always read and review.


Next chapter spoiler. They listen to the heartbeat of the baby.


please review


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« Reply #51 on: June 21, 2006, 01:08:09 pm »

We have a Fanfic-Thread... Please use the Forum Search to look for existing threads before opening a new one.

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« Reply #52 on: June 24, 2006, 10:28:25 am »

Yeah ff makes dreams coem true, but what happens when a real dream about GG comes true. Like I knew LL got engaged the day after the season 5 finale because I had a dream that night about it.

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« Reply #53 on: June 24, 2006, 03:40:33 pm »

Hey!! I've written one fic and am in the middle of number two. They're both unusual couples (Rory-Finn - Logan's friend) if you're into that stuff. I really like writing and if you like reading, I'd love to get a review from you!  Wink The link to my stories is on my sig!
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« Reply #54 on: June 25, 2006, 06:00:47 pm »

fan fic is awesome!!!!!
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« Reply #55 on: September 22, 2006, 01:43:46 pm »

Hey There. Older Guy here. it's been a while, too.

I noticed that the previous fanfic thread was still ' not available '. Hmm.

Soooo, I've developed a short vignette, & wasn't sure where to post it. I hope that you find it poignant. It has an if-what-when mystery about it - along with a fill-in-the-blank quality (literally !).
It definitely opens it up for discussion. You may OR may not be able to come up with an answer.

And it involves Stars Hollow - and Lorelei Gilmore . . .

As always, the characters & situations belong to the creators & owners of The CW's Gilmore Girls.

                                  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                                    Clouds, Life and Ms Gilmore

First there was sunshine . . . and now there are clouds.

Lorelei Gilmore looked up absent-mindedly, suddenly realizing it was overcast.

" Thanks." she said to no one, as she frowned back at the dark clouds.

" It certainly adds to the Edgar Allen Poe rhythm of the day ",

she negatively thought, as she walked passed a familiar antique shop. She stared at it, momentarily pondering what Mrs Kim was doing right now. And that it was unreal Mrs Kim wasn't there anymore.

Lorelei felt a chill as the wind picked up slightly, raising her scarf & coat top
higher on her neck. She picked up her pace as she walked across the street
- and caught her right heel in a small pothole.

As she gently pulled out her shoe, she made a face at the couldn't-care-less pothole.

" Crap. Where's Taylor when you really . . . oh never mind ", she mumbled to herself.  She was slightly annoyed that the streets weren't kept up they way they used to be.

There were very few people in town today. In fact, she was surprised, especially due to the closeness of that new subdivision nearby, with all those McMansions on shoe-sized lots. Maybe people weren't into historic anymore. Maybe instead they went right into Hartford on that new freeway.

She was brought suddenly out of her synapse-twirling haze, as she came up on another familiar building. At the same instance, she heard someone, some where, yell something. It was from a male-persuasion someone. He repeated it again. This time as a full sentence.

" Rory !! How are you ! ".

She stopped absolutely dead in her tracks, looked around & silently mouthed that name. Her memory was turning over. " Wow. I haven't been called that in a long time . . . Is there anyone I know who still lives here ? ". Lorelei couldn't tell where the voice was coming from, and walked further.

" Rory !!! ". She heard him again.

 Her mind gently reeled as she realized how, through her adult years, she'd moved away from her
' Rory ' nickname, using her given name in the real world. She interrupted her train of thought, shaking her head slightly, adding " How long has it been ?  . . . "

She looked across the street and down to her left, and noticed a familiar face walk-sprinting double-time up to her, smiling, waving at her with both arms.

" Rory ! Hello there !  . . ."

She stared, did a double-take at the sight, & thought " See that . . think about public works, and . . . ". Taylor stopped and gave her a big hug. She smiled back at him.

" Well, Ms Gilmore . . I'm sorry it's not the best kind of day, but it's still wonderful to see you. " he effervesced. Taylor looked pretty good, chattering exactly the same. He was heavier & balder (" Is that possible ? ", she turned over in her head).

" It's good to see you, Taylor ", she said as she hugged back, grinning with him. " I thought most of our crowd had left on a one-way barge, never to return ". 

" Oh heavens no, young lady. There are plenty of solid, die-hard citizens left in this old hamlet ! ", he said, enunciating sharply with his right index finger. Then, quickly as that, he started moving, " Rory, I have some extremely important things to do before I see you again later this afternoon ". Lorelei opened her mouth slightly to make a sound, but Taylor was already halfway down the street. " I'll see you then !  . . . . " he trailed off, waving back at her.

Eyebrows raised - and her right hand waving all by itself - Lorelei heard an exhale sound from her mouth. Mumbling came after that. " He's still like a walking Catagory-4 .".

 . . . " I've never met him, but he seems exactly as you described . . ", a slightly raised, disembodied voice said.

Her head involuntarily shook slightly in disbelief as she turned to her right to look across the street to where the voice was coming. " Hey . . . " the recognizable male voice said, in a very quiet, seductive way. She realized that her mouth was a little agape - and she couldn't close it. She also realized that nothing was coming from her throat, even though she made an attempt. And, her eyes suddenly needed windshield wipers, but it wasn't raining.

Lorelei didn't remember stepping off the curb to walk across the street.

She stopped directly in front of this handsome, smiling face, and tried to say something again, but only succeded in opening her mouth a little wider.

" Paul Anka got your tongue ? . . that was his name, right ? ", he said.

Lorelei's eyes completely opened up, as she finally found her voice.

" Uh, You a . . ? Where did you come from ?? How did you know I'd be here ?? "

__________ attempted to open his mouth, but found there were warm, soft lips on top of his, shutting him up, along with Lorelei's arms completely around him. She touched his soft hair - and couldn't believe this was happening. She felt as if she had been saved - and was falling - at the same time. During this, he managed to get out " Rory, I really, really missed you".

Again she heard her nickname out of the past. Lorelei closed her eyes as she felt ___________ gently but firmly return her kiss - and squeeze her left hand. " Ah, jeez . . I'm really losing it, here . .Why is this happening ? . . .", she thought - and then suddenly felt warm sunlight - and the dark clouds were gone.

She slowly opened both eyes - and noticed that his were still closed, as he then gently kissed her right cheek.

He opened his eyes & said, " My timing's strange, I know that, but I wanted to be here for you - with you . .  ".

Lorelei began to blink at his words, " ___________, please believe me when I say that I missed you too. For a long time. Like . . .". 

Then, leaping into her mind - " Get a grip, here, Gilmore ! . .  Work with me, mouth ! ". . . .

_________ looked directly at her, holding both of her hands.

" Rory . . . Is it alright that I'm here ? There was no real plan to my being here, y'know . .".

 Lorelei realized she probably looked a mess and mumbled " Oh great . ." as she went diving into her purse for a tissue. She found one had been folded 78 times, stuck in a paperback as a page marker. She unfolded it & started dabbing under her eyes. __________ had a strange look on his face. She stopped.

" Oh no, you're fine. It's great that you're here. Now . . . Really . . . It's just . . . You know . . .".

As she got out the last two words, ___________ said them at the same time. They both looked at each other & started to laugh. He continued " . . . why don't we find a place where we can sit down & just be comfortable ? "

He looked over at the end of the next block on the right. " Didn't that used to be ' Luke's ' ?",  he added, nodding his head in that direction. Lorelei stared, & with a huge melancholy feeling, nodded back. There was a corporate-franchise sign over the doorway. " Well ", she thought, " it looks almost the same ".

" Sure. We have time ", she suddenly smiled. 

As they started to walk, ___________, in one continuous motion, moved behind Lorelei to be on her left side, next to the curb, & gently took her left hand in his right.

" Saving me from unruly horses and carriage splashes, huh ? " she remarked. __________ grinned. " Absolutely ", he returned.  Lorelei was surprised at herself for forgetting how chivalrous he was. And is. When he wasn't looking, she took in a deep sigh & thought " Y'know, this is really nice ".

As _________ opened the shop's front door, Lorelei noted that it certainly
wasn't Luke's decor anymore. But it had a rustic-something about it.

" Probably what they cooked up from a magazine at corporate ". She looked at _________
and then realized she had said that outloud. _________ laughed & said
" I think you got it". Lorelei started for a table & chair near the largest window.

She noted _________'s hand reach out in front of her to pull the chair back. For her.

" Hey. I'm not used to this Princess of Genovia treatment, y'know . . " she said as he sat down in front of her. He looked up at her, was about to say something, but just smiled back. Almost immediately, a young server came over. But before he opened his mouth, ____________ held up two fingers & looked at Lorelei.

She nodded, and ____________ said " two coffees, please ", with Lorelei quickly adding " and please bring the desert menu ". The server seemed impressed by their quick order, & wordlessly turned on his heals.

"How about a few extra napkins ? ", ______________ said,
                                                    " Just in case one of us gets really loopy with the dessert ? ".

Lorelei looked into his face & smiled, thinking " I must be looking moronic with all this smiling . . .
This is sooo unreal . . .". She self-consciously grabbed a strand of her dark brown hair & put in behind her ear as he got up & walked over to the service bar.

Lorelei found herself staring.

She immediately noticed his shoulders, & how broad they were, and how his slacks fit & how broad they weren't. As he came back with 20 napkins and sat down, Lorelei realized that her skirt was raised quite a bit up on her left leg & that she caught him giving a momentary glance. She felt suddenly flushed as he sat down, and found herself biting her lower lip as she rearranged her skirt out of his view.

As she was looking at __________, the server came back with the coffees and menu, putting them down between them. Realizing he was totally invisible to them, he shrugged & went back behind the service bar.

___________ moved the napkins off to the center side, & then leaned his upper body closer to hers. For the first time since they ran into each other, Lorelei took in ___________'s presence.     " Oh jeez " she thought, and then came out-of-the-blue, " he smells good ", and prayed she wasn't turning shades in front of him.

She started giggling, which completely threw him off. He looked at her.

" Ah . . . What did I just miss ? ".

Lorelei quickly pulled her self back & said " Oh, nothing. I was just thinking how weird it was to run into Taylor, and how he hasn't changed at all. Although alien shoe-swallowers are attacking from the streets now " . . .

" So . . . ", she said, looking down at the tablecloth. Lorelei decided she'd have to finally open up the you-me portion of this soap-opera.

" You found out I was here . . . How about that ?"

___________ leaned back slightly, and to his left.

" Actually, I saw the service listed in the Hartford paper, and . . . "

Lorelei leaned forward, " Wow. Are you in the habit of looking . . . "

___________ shifted his whole body toward her.
" No . . . . As I was about to say . . ."

Lorelei's eyes rolled counter-clockwise. " Oops, sorry there . . .".

He continued, " I got a call from Lane ".

Lorelei triple blinked " Lane ?? How did she get your number ? "

" She said you had mentioned that I taught at the University, and got my number off the website." He paused, adding " Sooooo . . . ". Lorelei looked up, " You finagled it out of her ! ".

He cracked a smile, " . . . I took a chance that you might be in town early, maybe walking around . . . "

  Shifting gears for a moment, he paused, then added,
" Rory . . ."

Still smiling, she lowered her face slightly, pouting her lower lip, and in a deep voice, answered " Yeeeees . . . "

" Rory, It's bothering me a little that this might not really be OK with you "

" What ? Why is that ?? "

" Because we live in the same city now, and . . . I've tried locating you everywhere . . . You don't leave tracks in your profession, do you ? "

Lorelei suddenly was aware that too much time had gone by.

" Y'know, with me being so absorbed in work for such a long time, I hadn't thought of that . . . Or maybe it's my sneaky nature " she kidded.

Then she sincerely smiled at him.

His face didn't change expression  . . . .

Her eyes grew larger as she inhaled. " I'm kidding ! . . . If I had known you were looking for me . . . Why didn't you send mail to my last address ? "

" Mail !? " _____________  was surprised and embarrassed at the remark.
" The only mail I think of is e-mail. It never crossed my mind. . . how doltish
is that ?? "

Lorelei reached over and held his hand.
" Hey . . At least you're not losing all your synapses . . . right ? "

They both laughed.

Without realizing, they both leaned foward. And looking back & forth at each others' eyes, without a word, they stopped time & slowly kissed. Lorelei's brain kicked in with " Hmmm. He tastes even better  . . . " She slightly opened her left eye to check his face for a reaction. If she had thought out loud again.

 " Nope . . " she thought, " Thank god for that ".

______________ stopped in mid-kiss, his lips still attached to hers.

" Thank god for what ? "

This time, Lorelei opened the other eye, raised it's eyebrow at the same time,
and stopped breathing. His blue eyes locked directly on hers . .

" You mumbled that through the kiss . . . ".

Lorelei's heart picked a few RPM. " Oh ".

She breathed out, & then glanced down at the untouched cups for emphasis. " Thank god for the coffee !! We need a caffein jolt, y'know, and they're just sitting there, unlike us, behaving themselves !! . . . . waiting to get into our systems !! "

______________ grabbed the closest cup. " You're right " . . .

After a first sip, he said " Are you handling this day OK ? "

Brought back to the real world, Lorelei ventured " It's better now, I think . . .
It's just been a long and sad time. But, y'know, I realized that it's worked out for the best . . ."

                                              *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Lorelei suddenly straightened up. " I have to make a call. Would you mind ? ".
 " Of course not, " __________ said, adding  " I'll make sure the caffein keeps coming . .".

Lorelei smiled as she excused herself. Alighting on the bench just outside, she pulled out of her purse the miniature widescreen phone and flipped it open. She then tapped her left ear piece, and hit a certain button on the phone. The screen instantly lit up. On it was a round, sweet face, looking a little bit pale, with huge blue eyes.

" Hi Sweety ", Lorelei said to the screen. . .

" Hi Mom ', she heard crisply through the earpiece,

" I just had some soup & I'm feeling a little better . . . Umm . . . Are you OK ? . .  being back in Stars Hollow, I mean ? ",  the transported voice asked.

Lorelei thought for a second & smiled  " Yeah . . . it's been an up & down day, so far. . . . But some things about being here are turning out better than I thought ".

Lorelei Leigh Gilmore paused, smiling at the screen. Then, with a sigh,
 ". . . OK babe, get some shut-eye, don't chase the rabbit & I'll be home soon ".

" Mom ? "

" Yes, Sweetheart ? "

" I love You ".

 For the second time that day, a happy, indescribable wave enveloped Lorelei . . .

" I love You too, Rory . . . ".

                         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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It's over....... :( :( :( :( :( :(

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« Reply #56 on: September 23, 2006, 08:12:15 pm »

I love fanfics!

I will always love Rory and Logan......

I can't believe it's over.

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« Reply #57 on: November 14, 2006, 06:08:14 pm »

hey all!  We were discussing this on the episode guide thread, and I decided to take action and here we go.

This is a thread, first I think we should probably discuss a little, but our ultimit goal is to re-write season 7 starting from Luke and Lorelai "breaking up"--ok, we'll let that still happen but my no means is Lorelai going over to Chris's.

Lets try to make this organized people, so lets frist talk and get some ideas in the open, then start re-writing our way! Grin

YEAH!!!!! I am totally in to rewite!!!   

You do have to establish rules so this doesnt turn into a "Chirs and Dave Rosental sucks" thread.  When re-writing, please keep old school Gilmore Girls in mind.  Remember the strong independent unique characters who were quorky, witty, intelligent, and role models.  We need the old Gilmore charm back!
Remember season 1-3 people?  Lets get that mantality back!  But we cannot make it too unralistic.
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« Reply #58 on: November 14, 2006, 06:11:34 pm »

Ahh yess.... Well, I HATE CHRISTOPHER! He should NOT have married Lorelai!

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Don't worry, I'm not forgetting. Smiley Bye bye, ORG.
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« Reply #59 on: November 14, 2006, 06:13:47 pm »

Completly agreed yet in order to make this work we cannot get into discussing things like that--better on other threads (which there are threads for *evil laugh* lol).  Because I have to work at this too, but if we start getting into hating chris and stuff like that we won't get anything done and this will turn into a random discussion thread.

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