Author Topic: Send Ausiello questions for AS-P at the Fox TCA press tour TODAY July 23  (Read 7352 times)

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From Ausiello's blog yesterday:

5:34 pm: Gaggle stampede! That's all for today. See you back here tomorrow morning for Fox, Day Two, featuring panels on Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Return of Jezebel James
(send me your AS-P questions!) and House!


(Sorry if this doesn't qualify as a new topic - I thought it would likely go unnoticed in the GG reunion movie thread - but feel free to delete.)

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Ok, since the topic is already open ... here's what he wrote on his blog about his talk with AS-P:

2:30 pm: AS-P's in the house, and she's wearing a ginormous hat -- even for her.

2:38 pm: Interesting. They're not showing the Jezebel trailer. Not a huge surprise considering AS-P hated it.

2:44 pm: Lena Headey apparently started a trend. Parker Posey is sitting on her feet, too. Maybe it's something about that particular chair.

2:45 pm: AS-P isn't finding any challenges to shooting the show in New York, except "we can't get our dog to crap on cement."

2:47 pm: Parker Posey never saw Gilmore Girls and, as a result, "never knew the genius that was Amy Sherman-Palladino."

2:50 pm: On casting ex-Gilmore guy Scott Cohen on Jezebel, AS-P says, "I've been dying to work with him. He's that rare breed: An attractive man who you don't want to punch in the face because he can't talk."

2:52 pm: I think Parker has RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). That thing's gonna hurt someone.

2:53 pm: Not a single Gilmore question so far.

2:55 pm: One of many reasons I adore Parker Posey: In the span of three seconds, she lost her train of thought, caught her mic on her foot, uttered the words "Oh, shizzle," and asked a reporter to repeat his question.

2:58 pm: First Gilmore Girls question! AS-P didn't watch the finale. "I couldn't watch it because it wasn't going to be my ending. I love all those people. Lauren's my pal." She then confirms what I first told you guys back in May: She's up for a reunion pic down the line. "We've talked about maybe doing a little song and dance together again."

3:02 pm: AS-P reveals the final GG words! "You're adopted!" She kids, she kids. She better be kidding.

3:03 pm: Yes, she's kidding.

3:05 pm: Gaggle stampede -- and I'm right in the middle of it!

3:29 pm: OK, just back from the stampede. AS-P had some veddy interesting things to say about her embattled Gilmore successor. "I think David Rosenthal is a great guy and a terrific writer. And I think he took a lot of heat because he was put in the worst possible situation – to take over a show that was so personal to us. And they didn't give him the support that he needed. The studio didn't put him in a good position. I think the world of him. We didn't watch [the show last season] not because of him, [but because] it was just too hard." Regarding the GG reunion pic: "I think if the stars align we can do it. I'd love to work with that cast one more time. Dan and I would write something great. It would mean a lot to us." Added her hubby, Dan Palladino: "I think you wait a couple years. Wait a couple years. Make sure there's some interest."