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Author Topic: 7.17 - Gilmore Girls Only  (Read 156585 times)
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« Reply #225 on: April 25, 2009, 03:37:46 pm »

Kathy Baker did a good job playing Mia, always liked her.

Rory looked cute, but i hated Lorelai's dress, another of several FUGLY ones this season.

Really wished they showed Lane in labor at the hospital, with Zack freaking out.
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« Reply #226 on: June 10, 2009, 02:44:18 am »

I loved this episode. I liked how it started with Rory and Lorelai looking for a suit. I am a huge Logan fan, but I was glad Rory made him wait outside for her.

I had watched this episode on internet tv for free. I really enjoyed it. 


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« Reply #227 on: July 01, 2009, 06:23:46 pm »

I thought this was a really good episode.

It was nice of Lane and Zach asking Luke to be the godfather of their twin boys and I think it showed how much Luke meant to everyone.  Zach didn't have a dad around and I think he looks up to Luke as a dad.  After all, he is the father I think that everyone wishes they could be.  Luke what he's done for Jess.  He straightened him out and is now a writer and works for a publishing company.  He's done a lot for his sister and she's now got a stable life.  He's got his own daughter where things seem to go well.  And he's been more of a real father figure to Rory than Christopher had ever been.

What Logan did after the business blow-out was immature of him and I think what Rory said and agreeing with Mitchum about his behavior was dead-on.  His move to leave the Huntzberger group to go out on his own I think shows some serious growth in Logan.  For years, he's been set up to take things over for his dad and become the great Huntzberger.  I think he got scared and wanted to escape through partying and such.  I think the move he did to just leave his dad's business shows guts from Logan.  It's him making a name for himself.  It's a great thing he's doing.

I liked Kathy Baker in the role though I would've preferred Elizabeth Franz who originally played Mia in episode 2.08-The In and Outs of the Inn.  Yet, I was glad what Mia did for Lorelai in concern for Emily.  We all know that Lorelai and Emily had a complicated relationship and Lorelai is struggling with the idea of not having Rory around.  What Mia did I think was just sew the ideas of a Lorelai-Emily reconciliation of sorts.  The last scene showed Lorelai making some effort to have her mother around and Emily being gracious by it.  Emily has a thing for Will Smith.  Oh, she's into Will Smith. 

My only complaint about the episode is the lack of mention of Luke from Mia.  After all, Mia knew Luke as a boy and I'm sure she would've probably said something to Lorelai about what happened with Luke and maybe bring some perspective about giving Luke another chance when Lorelai is ready. 
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