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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4350 on: May 06, 2007, 08:29:23 pm »

@Rob ... good to hear from you again - and I hope you feel better very soon!! .. Although, I have to bug you with a little question  ;D
I don't know if you went through all the posts from yesterday .. but you seem to have really good knowledge of this whole 'television world' . So Billie and I came up with the idea of contacting the local networks from Austria & Germany which broadcast GG here .. but I have absolutely no idea what we should tell them to do *lol* .. do you have any idea? Would it make any sense at all to contact them?
Sorry again for bothering you, but thanks in advance for your opinion :)

I think it would make more sense for you to contact Dawn Ostroff at The CW, your local channels are a bit removed from the action -- IMO you're actually closer to the action by sending mail to The CW yourself.  Either snail mail letters (as special-fast--delivery-ist as you can afford) or contribute to Heidi's Daisy campaign.  Or both.  The wider around the world that Ostroff knows the show reaches (and moreover, that word of the cancellation has reached), the better.  Word will certainly get out to the various parties at the network, studio and cast/crew how far and how quickly the word has spread.  Email would I think also be a good option for those of you overseas in addition to sending snail mail or contributing to whichever option of the Daisy Campaign/ODD that you chose.


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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4351 on: May 06, 2007, 08:44:41 pm »
and we dont want to do what 7th Heaven did, and have a not so great last season, instead of go out with a bang like we were supposed to. 

I disagree, I feel like to go out on a high note we need a few more episodes with ASP. 
Good Point, but thats not going to happen.  And I think season 8 would scale down a lot more than it is allready.

well maybe I'm mistaken, but since I saw that ASP had a producer credit for the latest episodes I thought that she was going to become more involved again and therefore season 8 would have picked back up...  But either way I'm forever going to be angry that she didn't write the finale and we'll never know how she wanted it to end.. that is not right because it was her creation.

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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4352 on: May 06, 2007, 08:52:13 pm »
Wow.. that's actually pretty sad, I can feel the emotion behind the words.. I think she really would have come back for another season if everyone was on board 100%..but evertything was so undecided.. I think she kinda lost hope and started feeling like she needed a break and felt tired.. I mean i couldn't imagine what it would be like working all day every day for so long, i would be exhausted too!  The actors usually don't watch the episodes so I don't really think she knows how much of an impact its had on some of us, she couldn't even remember the last episode.. so I just think shes trying to take care of her self.. everyone deserves to stop thinking about others and think about themselves in their lives sometimes.. just some "me time"... but I think Lauren will go on and do some movies.. Alexis.. I don't think she'll do much actually.. she might model for a while.. but we'll probably not see much from her after this.. IMO.. But.. at this point I really think the show has zero percent of coming back or doing a 7th heaven thing.. I just think we have to accept it, I mean by all means keep showing support for our favorite show so they know we didn't give up, but I don't think anyone should get their hopes up like we did before.  I just can't believe I'll be watching the last episode of GG in a week in a half.. its unreal, its sad.. but thats how it is..just think of how Lauren feels.. it must be hard.. but we have to understand and not be mad.. it'll take time,but we'll all be fine about it. 

Alexis will be in the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Sequel," which begins filming this summer in Greece. She won't disappear completely!

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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4353 on: May 06, 2007, 09:01:22 pm »
I've been a Gilmore Girls fan since the beginning...

Well.. At least "after" my girlfriend forced me to watch the first show..  ;D

Since then, I'm not ashamed to say Gilmore Girls is my favorite show..

After reading the interview with Lauren..
Barring a miracle.. IMO it's over. And she does sound happy that it's over.
Every bit of hope, while it was slight.. that they would return for another season .. Is gone.
I can tell.. I have that empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I appreciate all the efforts of my fellow GG fans..
There really never has been a show.. quite like it.
Take Care All.. And Thank You.

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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4354 on: May 06, 2007, 09:06:24 pm »
The person I blame LEAST is Lauren G. because she seemed the most willing to work things out and it was the CW who ended up making an ultimatum and then turning away from them. However, even with this I just can't bare to watch her interveiw with Ellen.... it's too soon and I just feel too much pain from all of this to see her happy and dancing around like a nut. It would just remind me too much of how happy and carefree Gilmore Girls is SUPPOSED to be and that would make me cry hysterically like I did today.

I did send letters to her, Alexis and Dawn and I hopefully will finish my video but I feel like no matter what we try to do, the results are going to be the same. The only smidget of a bright side is hopefully the last episode of this season will be enough for Fanfiction Haven on an 8th season. Even IF there isn't an 8th season, perhaps we can come together and create what would be one ourselves. You know have a committee made of certain Fanfiction writers who can take turns and create episodes as close to what we think they should/would do. Make a Season 8 section and post the fanficts there. Just a suggestion.

I also want to thank Heidi for all of her hard work and dedication to the cause even when things seemed at their worst, you still managed to keep our spirits up. Hopefully I will be able to watch GG without feeling the way I do now soon and I will still watch the last two episodes.

Gilmore Girls will live on forever in our hearts and as long as we have an imagination, we can picture how their lives will be like later on.
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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4355 on: May 06, 2007, 09:09:00 pm »
I have now just turned on Where You Lead[/i] and am reminded of just how appropriate this song is for the show and for life!
I have been listening to the live version of that on youtube endlessly for the past week, the one where Carole King replaces New York City with Stars Hollow. So cute. :)  Definately the best song they could have ever chosen to be the Gilmore Girls theme song. :)

THATS IT? we're done? over?
we've worked so hard. all of us. and after one last interview we give up? i get that the likely-ness of the show coming back is not high by any means, but after reading the interview i was hoping to continue reading to see posts i've come to expect. THE ENCOURAGING.

i'm slightly disappointed with how we have one interview and we've given in. we didn't lose, we surrendered.

I get i might be overreacting considering our chances of getting what we wanted was probably about 1%, but as far as i'm concerned, WE STILL HAVE TIL MAY 17TH.

i'm hoping that the posts i've just read aren't what i thought and that we're going to continue fighting, i can't imagine watching the last two episodes knowing that the fans have accepted it. THIS ISN'T SOMETHING WE CAN JUST ACCEPT. we should still be fighting, we shouldn't be letting an interview get us so down, YES, BE HAPPY WITH THE ENDING like lauren said, but FIGHT SO IT'S NOT THE END.

by the way: right before i read the interview, i was on the gilmore girls (cw) myspace and posted a new thread for people to come over and keep supporting us.

Of course, the fight is still on.. but for the past week I have really been in denial about everything.  Reading that interview has just forced me to accept whatever comes our way and be somewhat satisfied with this most likely being the end.
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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4356 on: May 06, 2007, 09:18:21 pm »
Wow.  I'm completely blown out of the water.  I knew it would be hopeless to get my hopes up that we could pull a 7th Heaven.  I'm not in the slightest bit mad at Lauren.  And ya know, I trust her.  Especially when she said that the Java Junkies would be satisfied.  She knows the characters, probably a lot better than we do.  She knows that about 90% of Gilmore Girls fans are Java Junkies, and that we want the closure to their relationship.  I think there's going to be enough left hanging that we can dream and write fanfiction about where the show could go after that.  And ya know, it's all okay with me.  I've come to terms with it.  Doesn't mean I'm happy about it, but I'm okay with the show ending.  I've had my day of wallowing (May 3) and I'm still heartbroken and devestated, but I've come to terms with it.  Tuesday nights are going to suck, I won't lie.  Maybe I'll write a letter to Lauren and Alexis thanking them for all the hard work they put into making Gilmore Girls what it is.  And I won't leave the ain't gettin' rid of me THAT easily! 

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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4357 on: May 06, 2007, 09:23:27 pm »
Here! Here! I didn't mean to sound as though I was leaving in my earlier post...I'm staying here as long as Heidi will have us! :) (Hi Daniell! Good to see you again!) ~M

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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4358 on: May 06, 2007, 09:28:25 pm »
Wow. That's all I can say. When we heard the announcement that this season was the last, I still held out hope thanks to 7th heaven last year. But after reading this's really over. The interview gave me closure (although I'm still wary about how much closure the finale will give us). Sure we were really close to getting an 8th season but if the girls weren't going to be fully invested in it then it wouldn't be worth it. We didn't know the extent of the negotiations going on but Lauren cleared it up for us. I don't blame any of the parties (at first I thought the CW was at fault) because they all tried to come up with the best solution but in the end it just didn't work out.

I just want to say how proud I am of all the mandaters out there that did anything to help bring GG back next year. We sure accomplished a lot, like winning the SOS poll  :), and this thread was always filled with optimism and great ideas!

And thanks to Heidi for all the extra work she put into the mandate and for eveything she does on a daily basis. I'm glad to hear this site will still be around because I don't plan on leaving  ;)  I have met so many wonderful people and have made friendships that won't break just because GG isn't on anymore.

So yeah, that's truly all.

I will always love Gilmore Girls and they shall live on through the DVDs. It was a show like no other. Tuesday nights will surely never be the same.

There will be lots of tears these next 2 episodes   :'(

Thank you to the actors and crew for 7 great years that won't be forgotten :hearts:


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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4359 on: May 06, 2007, 10:14:41 pm »
I will always love Gilmore Girls and they shall live on through the DVDs. It was a show like no other. Tuesday nights will surely never be the same.

Did you sing that karaoke style Laura?  LOL  Because when I read it, I started singing it.  Very time appropriate.

 :hearts: Gilmore Girls lives on in my Heart :hearts:

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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4360 on: May 06, 2007, 10:31:58 pm »
I sent MA a very interesting message to say the least I am hopeing that he can pull some of his strings and turly try to help I am not willing to give up quite yet. I will accept it if this is the final but not untill I have fought till the end

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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4361 on: May 06, 2007, 10:40:59 pm »
I'm going to post my thoughts on certain snippets of Lauren's interview with Ausiello.

Oh, god, I'm sorry this is so long!  No, I'm not sorry that Lauren's saying so long because, well, there's still almost 11 days left until the upfronts and, like, the 7th Heaven peeps had already said their farewells to the show by this time last year and we all know how that turned out.  I'm just sorry that this post is so frickin' long!  D'OH! I guess it's the :coffee: that made me do it.

It's Here: Lauren Graham's Final Gilmore Girls Interview
By Michael Ausiello
May 6th, 2007

Comments Guide:
Me, Rob

All indications were that it was coming back for 13 episodes. What happened?
Graham: Well, you know, there was a lot that went back and forth by the time the [13 episode thing] came out. I had sort of said to them a couple of months ago that I didn't see it coming back, and they had asked to just give them some time to figure something out that would make it work. Both Alexis and I have felt tired, and also creatively like the show was in a place where we were either at the end or very close to it, and so we really couldn't imagine another season. I think they were trying to tempt us with 13, which was tempting, but ultimately just wasn't going to work for them. We needed the situation to be so ideal, and I think it just wasn't meant to be. I do want to say that the studio and the network were very generous, and very respectful in this whole process. It was things like… We didn't want to work the schedule we'd been working, but if we're working a lesser schedule, what is the show? The way we'd like to have done it would not have necessarily been good for the show. And while there are many wonderful actors on the show, right now you have me working six to seven days an episode, and Alexis doing about the same. To do anything less than that just wasn't going to be the same show. They tried to make it appealing for us, and we tried to be imaginative, and then at the end of the day it just felt like we were trying to do something impossible.

Did you and Alexis band together during negotiations?
Graham: Not in a formal way, but we certainly discussed what our hopes were. We were very open with each other. Most of our conversations were, "Can we imagine coming back."

Is it true that Alexis was the harder sell?
Graham: I don't think that's true. I did formally say at one point, "I'm not coming back." Then they thought, "Well, can we do it with just Alexis?" I don't want to speak for her, but we both went back and forth. Ultimately, neither of us wanted to do it without the other one.

Well, the show could have worked as a 13-episode epilogue (or even more seasons) *without* Alexis, but there's no way in heck that it would ever have worked without Lauren.  But also, it confirms for me that that reporter Kronke's letter posted a few pages back was total horse hockey in perpetuating the rumor that Alexis was the problem.  He was just repeating the rumor mill echo machine and not doing any actual interviewing.   ::)


Was that possibility [of doing the show without Graham] ever discussed?
Graham: If she was in a place where she wanted, like, her own show or her own spin-off… They were trying to think of everything. There was a time when we thought maybe I would produce and not be on the show in the same capacity. You know, I've been at this for a long time, and I feel ready to move on, but they were trying to find a way to make it work. There were a lot of scenarios. I had very open conversations with Dawn Ostroff. We tried, but they ultimately said, "You know what? This is just too complicated." And I felt SO glad, because I don't think it would've been the same show for another 13. We were trying to find a way we could have a slightly easier schedule, and there was really no way to do that and still have it be Gilmore Girls.

I think it's very telling here that she says that it's the network that in Lauren's terms, said, "This is just too complicated."  You look at the rest of the interview where Lauren confirms that they were doing it more as a season finale than a series finale, wrapping it more as a season finale than a series finale, that no matter how positive a spin she puts on it, it's the network that backed away.

That just gives us all the more reason to send flowers and letters and stuff to Ostroff *specifically.*

Also, I think with the situation with actors starting to burn out on the 12-16 hour days that they have to go through to do one-hour shows has just gotten to the breaking point -- Vincent D'Onofrio's exhaustion on L&O: Criminal Intent -- which I now actually believe -- Mark Harmon essentially ousting Don Bellisario from NCIS due to the latter's chaotic production practices that had already pushed Sasha Alexander off the show two years ago (Wow, I bet Alexander is feeling vindicated right about now.), the many complaints that actors on one-hour shows have that generally include comments where they wish they were doing a sitcom instead due to the shorter hours.  It's practically a cliche now. (And note:  I hadn't actually read what Lauren says about maybe wanting to do a half-hour sitcom in the future later in the interview as I was writing this, I had to come back and add this parenthetical).  The system that's in place now, where, really, the cinematography/lighting takes hours and hours to set up, leaving a lot of hurry-up and wait time isn't a realistic practice in the first place, but add to that the breakneck speed at which Gg dialogue has to be spoken (which means a lot of retakes) and frankly, IMO, the gals' demands were absolutely on-target.  It's a system of making television that is breaking down in slow motion and Gg is now one of the casualties of it.

Seems to me like there's no reason why The CW couldn't work with Lauren and Alexis on a more relaxed schedule.  I mean, geez, how hard could it be to take 2 to 2 1/2 weeks of 8-10 hour days to film an episode rather than 7-8 days of 12-16-hour days that just kills the actors?  Do the show at an actual human pace, bank 'em and start airing them in late January, air them straight through, no repeats and give the show a proper send-off.  Perhaps the only reason that they wouldn't want to do something like that is that they'd want it to start airing in the fall rather than in January.

Seems to me that reading between the lines, Graham might be saying, "You still want us, you've got to give us that more relaxed schedule we need."  And that doesn't seem to be an unreasonable demand to me.


Were you happy with the show creatively this season?
Graham: I was happy with the PROCESS. I really enjoyed the writers. I felt every year, even under Amy's leadership, that the show evolved. For the last episode, we tried to match the final shot with the first scene from the pilot, . . .

Oh, I do so hate to interrupt Lauren, but I suspected that when Ausiello had said a few weeks back that the season finale was going to bring it back full circle to the pilot that it was going to be to the first scene of the pilot and not the last scene of the pilot (as many others had predicted.)  Oh, yay, it's the return of the "you look like you could be sisters" jokes.  I do want to compain about that because, well, from where I'm standing, it's predictible (I won't say whether I think it's predictable in a trite way until I see it.)

... so we went back and watched the pilot — which I haven't seen for so long. And the show is really different from that pilot, which was more dramatic at the time than your typical WB show. And I think it evolved and got more comedic over the years; every year was an evolution. This year was strange sometimes because I had a lot less to say, and that was really weird. For some people I'm sure that was great, but I would find myself in long scenes where I was not rattling on, and it was just really weird to me. And so I did sort of question, "Are we keeping this character consistent?" And they were responsive to me.


I heard that you requested some changes to the finale script…
Graham: How do you hear these things Mike!? Where will all your moles go now that the show is over! (Laughs)

Well, I know an inside joke when I see one!  This pretty much confirms for me a suspicion that I've had for the past couple of years that Lauren is/was Michael's mole.  


Do you think Luke and Lorelai fans will be satisfied with how things end?
Graham: Yeah. You know, the other thing I felt strongly about is that this is a show that is ultimately about these girls. It started with this mother-daughter relationship, and we haven't been a show where big events happen, so I always worried that there would be some pressure to… (Laughs) My extreme example was always, "Double wedding! If the show ends with a double ending I don't know what I'm going to do!" I just didn't want there to be a big event, but there's definitely a DIRECTION that I think will be satisfying.

I take it that Lauren hasn't seen Spider-Man 3 yet.   :-X  Without spoiling anything about SM3 (those who have seen it will know what I mean), a satisfying "direction" without a satisfying *ending* isn't a series ending, it's an unresolved cliffhanger.  It's an incomplete story, no matter how much, as with SM3, I liked it.  I agree that a double wedding would have been far more ridiculously predictible than even mirroring the opening scene of the pilot could ever be, but speaking as someone who is NOT an LL Shipper, 4 episodes of the start of a tentative reconciliation does NOT balance out 14 episodes of the Lor-Chris storyline (which I nevertheless liked).


Are you going to try and get her (Amy) to divulge the final four words she had planned to end the series with?
Graham: Oh, right — I forgot about that. I think she would've given it up to me had we known this was the end. That was the other weird thing about ending the show like this. When we finished, there was a 50/50 chance we'd be returning. So when we left the wrap party, we were like, "Bye! See ya next season!" I mean it was emotional, but it would've been much more emotional. But HAD she known, I think she would've given it up and we would've worked it in.

I'm reading between the lines right here and IMO Lauren is definitely being a trooper and spin-doctoring her tremendous heart out in her answer above (as welll as throughout this interview), but it's clear in those words above that it was the network's unwillingness to make the working days a lighter schedule that took her and everybody else by surprise.  I know that she said that she was going back and forth about whether or not she wanted to continue doing the show all year, but if she really *were* planning on ending it this season, to be prepared for it, she would have gotten those words out of Amy somewhere around, oh, January or so, when the first rumors of the rewrite of the season finale to a quieter ending had surfaced.  It's not as if it wasn't forseeable that this could have been the final season.


Favorite memories?
Graham: Oh, gosh. There was a real kind of HIGH — that's the only way I can describe it — when we'd get these big athletic speeches and then nail it after 35 takes. (Laughs) And that is a feeling that I really haven't had with another part. Just this… I can't explain it. The closest I can come is sort of in musical theater. To do that language all systems have to be go; you have to really have a lot of concentration. And THAT feeling was really exhilarating. I'll miss that experience as an actor. There's just a specific kind of sense of humor and music to the way [Amy] would write these speeches that I'll really miss. And these are people that I loved, whether I see them every day or not. Alexis and I fell over laughing man, many times — partially out of exhaustion. (Laughs) We really bonded in a very unique way. And I'll miss the feeling of [being around] a crew, all of whom I know and feel really at home with and really supported by. That was not an easy show to do and that crew was really great.

That's why they really needed to start limiting the days to 8-10 hour workdays.  12-16 (often expressed at Gg as 12-14, but on average for one-hour shows, it's 12-16) is just ridonkulously brutal.  And I say that as someone who did 16-hour days six days per week for four months in a summer stock program.  You cannot maintain that pace (even five days a week) without burning out.  It's flat-out slavery hours.


So, when's the Gilmore Girls reunion?
Graham: (Laughs) We're totally doing the Gilmore Girls movie. I'm never, ever going to do anything else. There's Gilmore Girls: The Musical. The line of clothing called Lorelai. And the perfume called Stars Hollow... You know, I'm promoting Evan Almighty, which comes out in June. And I have been reading a lot. And sleeping. (Laughs) But I'm auditioning for things, and I'm going to try and do another movie soon.

If I were her, I wouldn't necessarily want to joke about doing a Gilmore Girls movie.  I think they need to do at the very least a 2-hour movie "special event" thing to cap the series, either on the network as a sweeps stunt next November or to do it straight to DVD.  Yes, no double wedding, but geez, at least a wedding.  Lor and Luke.  Rory pregnant and single.  Stuff like that.  Again, all the more reason to keep on dead ahead with the campaign.  Not giving up resulted in a Farscape miniseries and a Serenity movie to wrap up those series satisfactorily even when the fan campaigns demanded another season.  See, fans can meet the network and the actors in the middle, too, y'know.


Would you do another TV series?
Graham: I would do another TV series, but not right away. I love TV. I think I'd do a half-hour single camera. ...

The laughing you're hearing is from me, Rob.  She's *got* to really mean a three-camera half-hour -- ie: a sitcom -- here.  One-camera half-hours such as The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock and even Malcolm in the Middle actually take nearly as much time to film as one-hour shows like Gg due to the lighting set-ups, the number of takes and stylistic demands of the format, such as Scrubs's surrealism and 30 Rock's Gilmore-ish, machine-gun-speed dialogue.

... But I'm going to really just enjoy this time and make sure I'm ready to do something new. If I had the best thing in front of me right now I don't know that I'd be able to be excited about it 'cause I think [you have to make room] to let the other thing pass. So, yeah, I'd love to take a year and see what else I can do.


Anything you'd like to say to the fans?
Graham: Just that I've been truly thankful for their support and for their fanaticism (laughs) and their investment in these characters through all the ups and downs of a seven year process. I can't tell you what a kick I get out of [hearing from the fans], especially the younger people over the years who have grown up with the show and have [developed] a bond with a family member from a different generation while watching it together. I hope when I'm 55 and I've been out of a job for a long time and those girls are running the studios that they remember Lorelai Gilmore.

The show will be much better remembered with 13 more episodes that end on a series resolution rather than on a season resolution.  (Was that too Emily-like of me?)  Lauren gave us several openings to keep continuing to press The CW for 13 more episodes.  Again, these are the people that uncancelled 7th Heaven just hours before the Upfronts last year, so Lauren's just given us all the more reason to campaign the CW to go back to the negotiating table and, among other things offer Lauren and Alexis a schedule that lets them have a life and maintains their health and gives the show the epilogue that the viewers deserve to have.  "Full Circle" moments actually tend to happen in literature and movies *before* the epilogue and aren't the epilogue themselves.  Except in really confusing time-travel storylines.

  -- Rob

PS:  I did cut out half of the interview, y'know.   :-X

Season 8:  Because it's still a week and a half until the Upfronts and weirder and LATER things have happened to bring a show back after actors have given their supposedly final interviews.
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Re: The Great8Mandate
« Reply #4362 on: May 07, 2007, 01:01:47 am »

Hi Guys

I agree it sounds like one of those union/boss negotiations where the boss offers as little as possible and the union wants way too much, then at the last minute they meet somewhere in the middle.

I say keep on campaigning 13 weeks to resolve everything and give the best show on tv the send off it deserves isnt too much to ask for (demand).

Hopefully this will all be resolved.  Dont act like its over act while we still have a chance.

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Re: The Great8Mandate
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Thanks Rob for your answer about the local network stations! You're right, I think it's more important to let Dawn know how international fans - which are NOT included in any ratings (I still don't know how ratings work exactly, but that thing I know *lol*). I didn't have any idea of what we should tell the networks here anyway  :-\

I was also looking forward to read your opinion on Lauren's interview - do you know how everytime I read your posts my "will to fight" is back :)
Ok I slept a few hours and I calm now, but also your post made me calm down a little. I won't get my hopes up like I did before the interview - that's for sure, cause this is just too much of a rollercoaster-ride-thing. But at least we can try to convince the CW (and I am with you on that - it seems the networks fault, esp. the line 'It is just too complicated' - I don't get why it has to be too complicated but I don't know the first thing about this business; maybe that's why  ;D)
Many of us already sent flowers on their own - they're going to arrive in the next few days. Heidi has already collected $305 dollars, which we still can spend on a big bouquet ... or some little ones - don't know.
Writing an e-mail doesn't cost anything! And I am so going to snail mail today, tomorrow,.. - the international mail (at least from Europe) takes about five days, so even for us it isn't too late to send letters.

I know, most of us already gave up - I know I did yesterday after the interview - but why not finish this thing until May 17th? It's only 10 more days and some of you are already campaigning since February!!
I totally understand if someone doesn't want to do anything in this direction anymore - you're right, chances are like 0,0001% - but I am happy with everyone, who does :)

So long .... looking forward to the next episode tomorrow  ;)

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Re: The Great8Mandate
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By all means I'm not giving up on a season 8 and i will hope that we have one... but for now I just want to enjoy the last 2 episodes of what could be the last season ever and not put so much energy into fighting. If we cant just enjoy these next 2 episodes becasue we are all stressing too much over getting a season 8, its no good for anybody.

I really really want a season 8 because I am a huge Java Junkie and I want to see more L/L action but in case this is the last season, I dont want to be unable to enjoy these episodes.

Hope you all got what I meant!  :D

And goodnight (from Australia anyway!)

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