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466  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Java Junkies (Lorelai and Luke) - We all love the chick beer! on: October 16, 2005, 07:02:15 am
The Java Junkie thread is a beautiful thing, my friends.  It is a place to talk, laugh, discuss, rejoice, cry, overanalyze, yell (though preferably not at each other), and above all, find others who are just like you- obsessed with Luke and Lorelai!


She takes off her coat and picks up an empty mug from a table, then walks up to the counter

Please, Luke. Please, please, please.

How many cups have you had this morning?



Five, but yours is better.

You have a problem.

Yes, I do.

Luke fills her cup


Angel. You've got wings, baby.

The First Time Our Java Junkies Met:

It was at Luke's, it was at lunch, it was a very busy day, the place was packed, and this person comes tearing into the place in a caffeine frenzy. Luke was with a customer. She interrupts him, wild-eyed, begging for coffee, so Luke tells her to wait her turn. Then she starts following him around, talking a mile a minute, saying God knows what. So finally Luke turns to her, and tells her she's being annoying -- sit down, shut up, he'll get to her when he gets to her. She asked Luke what his birthday was. He wouldn't tell her. She wouldn't stop talking. He gave in. He told her his birthday. Then she opened up the newspaper to the horoscope page, wrote something down, tore it out, handed it to him. So he was looking at this piece of paper in his hand, and under "Scorpio," she had written, "you will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she'll go away." He gave her coffee. She told Luke to hold on to that horoscope, put it in his wallet, and carry it around with him, one day it would bring him luck.

He kept it in his wallet for 8 years.

Why We Love Luke and Lorelai:
Why We Love Luke and Lorelai
1. 'Cause he *always* looks good.
2. 'Cause he brought the ice.
3. 'Cause "maybe she does" have feelings for him.
4. 'Cause he made her a Santa burger.
5. 'Cause he helped her find Stella.
6. 'Cause they almost kissed behind the counter.
7. 'Cause he built her a chuppah.
8. 'Cause she named his toolbox.
9. 'Cause the Romanov's had it comin'.
10. 'Cause he bid on her basket.
11. 'Cause she pretended to be his wife.
12. 'Cause she ran the diner.
13. 'Cause she helped him any way she could when his uncle died.
14. 'Cause she had a dream that they were married and having twins.
15. 'Cause he told her she'd have the "whole package" someday.
16. 'Cause she still has the chuppah over three years later.
17. 'Cause he fixed her shoe.
18. 'Cause kids would be a "conversation."
19. 'Cause she forgot a gift and got him fake jam instead.
20. 'Cause he never moved and she didn't want him to.
21. 'Cause she cried on his shoulder.
22. 'Cause he lent her money for the inn.
23. 'Cause she bailed him out of jail.
24. 'Cause he bought self-help books.
25. 'Cause he "saw her face."
26. 'Cause he asked her to dance. 
27. 'Cause he gave her flowers.
28. 'Cause they both "stood still."
29. 'Cause that kiss had "seriously impressive consequences."
30. 'Cause he got a cell phone to keep in touch with her in Maine.
31. 'Cause he gave her the earrings.
32. 'Cause he kept the horoscope for Eight years!
33. 'Cause he's not "insignificant."
34. 'Cause he played golf with Richard.
35. 'Cause she bought his boat.
36. 'Cause he built her a skating rink.
37. 'Cause they're both "all in."
38. 'Cause she didn't let his boat get a ticket, broken hearted and all.
39. 'Cause she craved an apple.
40. 'Cause he knows she thinks she has it covered, but he can help.
41. 'Cause he thinks she can convince anyone to do anything.
42. 'Cause she asked him to marry her!
44. 'Cause "kids would be nice".
45. 'Cause he likes doing stuff with her.
46. 'Cause he knows how much she loves her house.
47. 'Cause he doesn't want to screw up this relationship by killing her dog.
48. 'Cause she knows he's in the middle.
49. 'Cause she's not going to run away this time.
50. 'Cause she knew he'd come.
51. 'Cause he's her 'best friend'
52. 'Cause he was going to kill his brother in law for her.
53. 'Cause she can pulled link sausages out of him
54. 'Cause he finally said "I love you"!!
55. 'Because he baught her a TV'' 

Happy Birthday, Java Junkies!!

5th~ TheHumanCoffeePot (Lacey)
8th~ RevengeofMetallicaVamp
29~ Lorein_ARG (Laura)

19~ Born2waddle


12~ Brazilgirl (Adriana, DRI)

24~ skftex (Sharon)

1~ Beckilina (Becky)
23~ Kukalaka (Fanny)
27~ Teria (Turid)

15~ the4thlorelai (Michelle)
16~ Valentina
20~ Krisleigh (Krisleigh)

8~ kstarprincess (Debbie)
24~ Amanda

6~ ravenb (Laura)
14~ lilrabbitangel14 (Sammi)
14~ LG, u rock! (Emily)
19~ Natasha
25~ Alliansa (Clare)

6~ Janich O. (Janich)
13~ MRS.PADALECKI (Kristina, Kiki)
31~ Curry (Daniela)

5~ BodhiG (Bodhi)
14~ meg-pie (Meghan)
22~ GG Lover (Nicole)

8~ Nene
14~ mecca (Molly)
21~ Luke Danes Fan(Jay)
31~ Tay-Tay 17 (Taylor)

*NOTE* Anyone who wants to be added to the birthday list, post your birthday and real name or PM me.  Or if you have something to contribute to the L/L Love List, tell me that too.
467  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: Welcome to the New Forum! on: October 16, 2005, 06:50:44 am
I'm going to be happy for at least a week now.  My forum is BACK!!!
468  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: Introduction Thread: Getting to Know Eachother All Over Again on: October 16, 2005, 06:49:29 am
Oh my goodness.  How long have I been waiting for this?  I don't even know!  But Lacey happy!

So yeah.  My name is Lacey.  I'm not sure if anyone remembers me or not, but I was a super-obsessed poster for about a month and a half before the old forum "mysteriously vanished".  My old username was moviekid2000, simply because that's my email (simply because I've had it since I was 9).  I'm 14 and from South Carolina.
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