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1  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: What other TV shows do GG fans watch? on: May 21, 2008, 08:31:07 pm
I'm so upset about the Bones season finale! It reminded me so much of the feelings I had when I first saw the season 6 season finale of Gilmore Girls! The feeling like some of the characters were written a little off, some things not adding up, the hatred of watching things unfolding, bad plot twists, and the hope that it was some kind of bad dream a character had even if that concept is cheezy. Boy are Bones fans pissed. The creator of the show claims negative responses is good because at least fans are talking about the show... but it won't be so good next season when unsure Bones fans don't watch and ratings go down. I feel so upset with the lack of tact he had with the show and the fans.
2  Gilmore Girls / Show and Cast Member News / Re: Scott Patterson stars in Aliens in America on: May 16, 2008, 02:44:53 am
I have seen Scott in several other movies, Little Big League, Intent to Kill, Rhapsody in Bloom, Alien Nation: Dark Horizon, Three Wishes and Saw lV. Also saw him on TV in Fired Up, Will & Grace, Seinfeld and Arli$$.  He was good in all of them.  Some parts were small and some he wasn't very nice in, but he was still good in them.
Wow, now that is Scott P. devotion  Shocked ... I haven't seen any of those.  Embarrassed

I'm sure AiA getting cancelled is actually good for Scott because now he can apply for different roles and since it's been a year since GG the CW might not have a fishing-line on his contract anymore.
3  Gilmore Girls / Appreciation Threads / Re: Finn / Tanc Sade Appreciation on: May 09, 2008, 04:22:39 pm
I LOVED Finn in his John Travolta get up... God he looked Hot and fit it perfectly. I loved his "Pulp Fiction" dance too... he's got the groove.

My absolute favorite Finn moment is from "Let Your Balinkas Ring Out..."
FINN: "Good morning, New Haven! My, my, you look fresh and appealing tonight!"
MAN: "Shut up!"
FINN: "God has spoken to me... rather rudely!"
MAN: "Shut up!"
RORY: "Finn, keep it down!"
COLIN: (climbs on car and hold on to a street light pole) "Finn, watch. Tostingo!" (throws a glass he was holding in the air, Finn pretends to be shooting at it and it shatters)
MAN: "Hey...Shut up!"

JULIET: "Have I gained weight?"
JULIET: "Finn didn't make a pass at me."
FINN: "No, love, my brain is cloudy. Here I am making a pass at you. Pass, pass!"
COLIN: "That is so expositional."

4  Gilmore Girls / Appreciation Threads / Re: Lauren is really like Lorelai on: April 11, 2008, 08:12:13 pm
You know I've heard GG fans on other websites slam Lauren for being an airhead during live interviews and not being straightforward with answers to questions but I don't think so. I know that when I see a live interview with her that it will be entertaining, interesting and hysterically funny. I don't think it's because she's trying too hard to be like Lorelai it's because she's naturally like that. She seems like a genuinely nice, considerate and happy person. She couldn't have pulled off Lorelai so well if she wasn't a little like that herself. A HUGE difference between Lauren playing Lorelai and Parker Posey playing the lead role in Jezzy! GG wouldn't have been the same without Lauren Graham!
5  Episode Discussion / Season 5 / Re: 5.15 - Jews and Chinese Food on: April 04, 2008, 11:52:14 pm
You know most of the time I skip right over "Say Something" straight to this episode because I feel like I don't even need to watch "Say Something" to watch this episode. Other than Lorelai's breakdown and Luke running to her house when she called him I pretty much think that episode was boring and worth missing. Sometimes I would even skip over this episode mostly out of anger of the L/L breakup to the "Good Talk" episode. But once I started going back and actually watching those episode I realized what I had missed when I skipped over this episode all those times.

 This was a really well written episode. The beginning with the "Coffee, coffee, coffee" thing was so funny. It shows how much Luke gets Lorelai's quarks where everyone else just doesn't get it. Then the destruction of Rory and Marty's friendship while Rory and Logan connected closer together was interesting to see. Luke wanting to talk to Lorelai through most of the episode and waiting to see her... but of course he ends up blowing what could've been good moments because of his anger. The boys in Lulu's class...especially the one who kept on mentioning his Mom was a Lesbian (when I first heard that come out of his mouth my reaction was the same as Luke's) and when Luke asked for a Phillips screwdriver but the boys brought things that were definately not a screwdriver. Kirk really showing his Peter Pan "Never Gonna Grow Up" tendecies was so Kirk. Sitting with the others kids, saying his mother was away when he needed a permission slip signed, going to the bathroom when all the kids were, telling Luke the cart he made was TOO good and stuff like that is what really made this episode enjoyable to watch... otherwise I think it would've been too serious.

The best stuff was of course the "Do You You Love Me" scene. First that girl who sang was amazing... what a talented girl the actress is I bet she's professionally trained or something. Second the look on Lorelai and Luke's faces as the song went on... wanting to say what they were feeling but their own stubborness getting in the way. I felt bad for Luke in Wedding Bell Blues but I felt bad for Lorelai in this episode because Luke just made things between them worse (stealing the boat away and displaying it outside the diner and then blowing up at Lorelai in the garage).
6  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Java Junkies (Lorelai and Luke) - We all love the chick beer! on: March 25, 2008, 07:41:39 pm
I finally finished my episode 7 for my Season 8 fanfiction and it's Lorelai and Luke's wedding episode. Here's a summary...
Episode 7: “Hitches and Getting Hitched”- No summary needed. Okay, so I’m obligated to tell. Lorelai and Luke finally walk down the aisle… sort of. This is Lorelai we’re talking about here so of course the wedding isn’t a normal one. There are some minor glitches but thankfully it all comes together to make a day nobody will ever forget.
7  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: GG Fanfiction - Where dreams come true! on: March 25, 2008, 07:33:21 pm
OK I finally finished and uploaded episode 7 in my Season 8 fanfiction which happens to be the Lorelai/Luke wedding. So here's a little taste.. Lorelai and Luke are discussing some of the problems in their plans..

Luke sat down at the table while Lorelai poured liquids into cup, brought them over to the table and sat down.
   Lorelai: “There are so many final details that need to be done, my head is spinning like Beatlejuice’s. First I have to get the Dragonfly Inn wedding-ready… complete with the Chouppa as an alter and canopy-like tarps over the seating just in case it rains or something. Not to mention get Jackson’s heaters situated not too close to the tarps so they don’t catch on fire. We don’t need a Backdraft wedding. I have to get the vow written and I am NOT a good writer… Jane Austin would turn over in her grave,”
   Luke: “Not true. What about the testimony letter you wrote on my behalf last year?”
   Lorelai: “Oh you weren’t here for the process of craziness that leaked out of me in trying to come up with something substantial. I only got what I did because I happened to run into you and April at the mall with Rory next to me. If I didn’t have that mental connection you would’ve had a WHOLE different letter. One that even Carl Jung wouldn’t of been able to interrupt,”
   Luke: “Yeah but I’m not exactly a writer myself. I don’t even know any writers to reference other than George Lucas. So I’m in the same boat as you,”
   Lorelai: “And it’s leaking. Great. Should we just nix the whole writing our own vows thing?”
   Luke: “And stick with the old; “Till death do us part”? Tell me that isn’t creepy,”
   Lorelai: “Tim Burton wouldn’t think so. Yeah I do hate thinking of something morbid like death at a wedding and with the rate of divorce I wouldn’t want that to become literal,”
   Luke: “What other things should I do.,. I know I have a lot of work to take care of with the Diner and all but I want to do something to help lift the load off your shoulders,”
   Lorelai: “Get your Best Man and Ushers ready,”
   Luke: “Best Man?”
   Lorelai caught the slight hesitation in Luke’s voice.
   Lorelai: “Yes Best Man… why is that a problem?”
   Luke: “Yeah, it might be… I had someone in mind but he probably won’t come so I need to find a replacement,”
   Lorelai: “Sounds like me with the Ring Bearer problem,”
   Luke: “Isn’t Davy doing it?”
   Lorelai: “He has strepp throat and has been coughing all over the place. Germ smorgishboard anyone?”
   Luke: “No thank-you,”
   Lorelai: ‘I think I came up with the perfect alternative to take his place, though”
   Luke: “Who?”
   That’s when Paul Anka ran into the kitchen and sat down in the chair next to Lorelai. Lorelai pointed at him and said:
   Lorelai: “Paul Anka,”
   Luke with widened eyes: “You’re going to have a DOG be the Ring Bearer? You’re kidding right… God, I hope you’re kidding,”
   Lorelai: “Why not? Paul Anka can take direction like a GPA and he doesn’t tear up any pillows,”
   Luke: “But he’s a DOG!”
   Lorelai: “Really? This whole time I thought he was an Ewok,”
   Luke getting fed up: “Lorelai!”
   Lorelai: “Calm down Luke, everything is going to be fine. Paul Anka wants to do it… right Paul Anka?”
   Paul Anka ran off the chair and zoomed out of the kitchen.
   Lorelai turned to Luke a little sheepishly: “He’s just acting like Lindsey Lohan right now, he’ll be all set by the time the wedding comes,”
   Luke sarcastically: “Sure, I’ll just keep an eye out for flying pigs, too,”
   Lorelai: “I’ll take him with me to the Dragonfly maybe if he sees the place being set up then he’ll be eager enough for me to practice it with him,”
   Luke: “I think you should consider an alternative to your alternative,”
8  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Java Junkies (Lorelai and Luke) - We all love the chick beer! on: March 06, 2008, 07:57:23 pm
Wow, this thread has sort of died as of late.  Embarrassed I have a question of opinions... do you think L&L would live in the Crap Shack or end up moving to a new house when kids come around? I agree with the person who says the CS is sort of Lorelai's house and they should live in a house that belongs to the both of them. I think it would be wonderful if they could get the Twickham House back... it might be too big for the moment but once they have kids, with the possibility of Rory eventually having a family of her own, and Emily/Richard visiting they might want the big space.
9  Gilmore Girls / Cast and Characters / Re: who has the best personality in UR opinon on: March 06, 2008, 07:44:58 pm
Thank-you so much iowagilmore I have a habit of thinking a little too much about psychology and trying to understand why and how people do what they do.  Wink
10  Gilmore Girls / Cast and Characters / Re: who has the best personality in UR opinon on: February 21, 2008, 06:48:18 pm
I wish I could have Lorelai's personality and drive. The things Lorelai has been able to accomplish setting her mind on a goal and following it through all the hard times to end is something I wish I was able to do. I'm a dreamer and the hardest thing for dreamers to do is to make dreams into reality. Lorelai is fun, spontaneous, open and yet complicated at the same time. I love how much she truly cares about people and even if she has a problem with someone she will put her own feelings aside for the sake of someone else's happiness. If someone is in trouble, she'd jump in to help right away. She's cool and accepts all kinds of people. Sometimes she does have a selfish attitude and can't communicate when things are complicated but that's not so bad considering her good qualities. She loves her daughter and would do anything for her. She can deal with Luke and all his personality problems in a way no one else has been able to and he's become a better person. Lorelai is great with encouraging people to just be themselves and not back down just because they're scared. She is smart despite the way she might act because she doesn't flaunt her intelligence in front of people but keeps in tucked away behind funny references and her own words of wisdom.
11  Gilmore Girls / Cast and Characters / Re: Hair Style on: February 21, 2008, 06:31:13 pm
I love Lorelai's hair longer and sleek like in season 4.13 "nag hammadi.." the most but of course her standard curls is her real look. When I watched "Because I Said So," Lauren's character didn't strike me as being "Lorelai" until she was talking to a client as a psychatrist and had the Lorelai Hair. I didn't really care for Lorelai's Farrah Faucette-like style at all it made her look a little weird to me...

My favorite Luke hair style is in 6.01... OMG did he look hot with his hair all suave like that! Shocked Then again I had to wonder if it was a hair peice (sorry Scott Lips Sealed )

Rory's hairstyle is too close to mine until she cuts it short so I don't really take notice of it. So I like the shorter look.
12  Gilmore Girls / Cast and Characters / Re: Which Guy on Gilmore Girls is your favorite on: February 21, 2008, 06:23:25 pm
Luke... cause grumpy guys rock TV... same thing with House and Scrubs. Seriously, I think his kind of grumpiness is endearing to his character but he has this whole other side to him that cares alot about people who are important to him. I like it when he surprises people by his actions that reflect how much he cares about people. Helping Lorelai, giving Lorelai things, protecting Rory, straightening Jess, supporting Liz all though he might not agree on her way of life, taking care of his father's possessions that meant a lot to him... all these things and  more add up so much to his character. When he shows his affections towards Lorelai is when he seems the most handsome, sincere and open. It's amazing to see how much his characters has progressed throughout the series. I love people who change like that but yet stay the same. Gilmore Girls wouldn't be the same wonderful show without Luke.
13  Gilmore Girls / Cast and Characters / Re: Who would you like to just throw out of the show? on: February 21, 2008, 06:13:49 pm
For me;
April's Mom
Michel... I know a lot of people like him but I can't stand him. He has had two rememberable lines to me and they're both in the first season. He whines about everything and everyone I know that's supposed to be like his comedy shnick but it just doesn't fly right with me.
14  Episode Discussion / Season 4 / Re: 4.07 - Love Me or Louvre Me (a.k.a. The Festival of Living Art) on: February 21, 2008, 06:07:20 pm
Well, not one of my favorite episodes but I do love the scene when Sookie is freaking out to Lorelai about the baby not coming and Kirk definately made the entire episode. I think season 4 has the best Kirk moments. Maybe a show of appreciation by the creators of the show for their Ace card.
15  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Java Junkies (Lorelai and Luke) - We all love the chick beer! on: February 09, 2008, 06:29:16 pm
OK, I've hit a slight snag with writting my L/L wedding fanfic. It's with the proceedure of the ceremonies. Walk me through a ring ceremony. Who hands who the rings and what do they usually say?
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