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1  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Java Junkies (Lorelai and Luke) - We all love the chick beer! on: June 07, 2007, 05:21:00 pm
Well, if there is a GG movie Lorelai just has to pregnant  Grin  I just think of that moment in the 5th season when Luke accidentally bursts out "What about the kids!?"  HAHA! 

And then later, Lorelai says softly before she goes to bed "Kids would be good."  And that scene with Luke, Lorelai and Dulah.  Oooh, there has to be a new baby!  Has to!

I'm torn between boy and twins.  I mean, I like to think that ASP threw in oodles of foreshadows, wink-winkers and nudge-nudgies during her reign.  And so the dream sequence in the 2nd season can NOT be overlooked.  And twins would be cute, especially if there was a boy AND a girl.  It would put an end to all these debates!

But then, I really like the idea of a boy.  For many reasons. 
1)  Both Luke and Lorelai have daughters already.  And even though Luke didn't raise April from childhood, he did help raise Rory. 
2)  Having a boy would break up the cycle of Gilmore GIRLS, therefore leaving the show at a nice resting point.  I mean, it can't go on if there are no more girls! 
3)  It would be a new challenge for Lorelai -- like she said, she has no idea how to raise a little boy.  Well, she had no idea how to raise a little girl when she had Rory.  That experiment turned out ok, and I don't like the idea of repeat Rory #2. 
4)  I think Luke needs a son.  Badly.  He has been a father figure to so many in town (Jess, godfathering Lane and Zach's twins...Kirk) that I think he deserves a son of his own.  I don't think he had the greatest relationship with his father, and would like the opportunity of raising his own.  Plus, Rory is like Lorelai.  April is pretty much like her mom.  Luke needs someone to be...well, like him.  Plus, we could get all cheesy and do the whole 'passing down of the business to his son' sorta deal.  Luke's could last forever!
5)  The Gilmore family needs a son in there somehow.  Richard has always been a little lonely during Friday night dinners.  I think Richard would definately take to a grandson.

I like William Lucas.   Smiley  Although, I personally dislike Bill or Billy.  However, ever since seeing Pirates of the Carribbean, I'm reconciled to the name William because of 'Will.' Will I like.  Even though it would doubly adorable to have Rory (aka, Lorelai III)...named after Lorelai II As WELL AS Lucas...named after Luke.  Either way, I like William Lucas. 

And I like Lorelai Danes as well.  I know that Lorelai didn't change her name when she married Christopher (because that marriage was EVIL), I think it would be cute if she become Lorelai Danes.  It would show that she's finally done searching for her soul mate...and that she's found her "one" in Luke.  Lorelai Gilmore was the woman who needed a forklift to carry her emotional baggage.  She could never settle with men.  But a marriage to Luke (as we all know) would be permanent.  Therefore, I say take the traditional route for once in your life and take Luke's name.  Again, no more Lorelai Gilmore = no more Gilmore Girls = good ending point for the show.  PLUS, Rory could be the reigning Lorelai!  How perfect!

Also, I'd definately want to SEE a Luke and Lorelai marriage.  Even if it was one of the last scenes -- whatever.  Luke and Lorelai would definately need to take time and figure out their problems, but I would like a movie to come in a few months down the road from the series finale.  Let some of that talking business be left unsaid, assumed and out of the way.  I just want to see Luke and Lorelai HAPPY!
2  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.22 - Bon Voyage on: June 07, 2007, 04:31:53 pm
Mine are back there somewhere too. 

It’s not necessarily Rory's drive that is in question (on my end anyway).  The writers did choose to show her intense love for books.  Even though it wasn’t quite as often in the later seasons it was still woven into the story enough that you knew it still existed.  Even when she was unpacking in SH for the last time she commented on all of her books.  Since they did this with books and literature it would have made sense to do it with the activities of journalism as well or instead of.  They did so in the ways of being editor of the YDN, but I said it a few pages back, and Dani eluded to it, they didn’t show her out getting the hard hitting stories.  Which is the part of journalism that’s hard to fathom (for me) for Rory.  They showed her writing a tough story (which she didn’t view as tough but Logan took that way) about the trust fund kids, but that still wasn’t out ‘on the beat’ (if I’m using the term correctly).

It’s not a foreign correspondent training program I personally think she needed.  It’s seeing her going out and getting stories, plain and simple.  Interviewing, following leads, asking tough questions, etc.  These are the things that might make Rory as a FC (foreign correspondent, I’m abbreviating it now Wink) more believable.  I would think it’s more than possible to do around an Ivy League campus.  You have a lot of politics going on in schools, especially Ivy League.  You have teacher/professor affairs, you have people getting A’s that shouldn’t be, etc.  There’s plenty of digging to be done on college campuses.  We heard that she had a job and assume she must have been submitting pieces to keep the job (even though we never saw her at work, what happened with that job).  And I’ll repeat something else I said all those pages back, other than the trust fund piece, we don’t even know what kind of stories she was writing.  She could have been doing more play/musical reviews for all we know.  Honestly, writing an opinion piece or a review isn’t something that indicates FC to me.  It indicated a fondness for writing because she did it even though the subject matter for the piece wasn’t in her taste.  However a musical/play (I can’t remember what exactly it was, something along these lines) still isn’t a hard hitting story requiring questions to be asked.  And didn’t she have a horrible time dealing with the dancer (maybe it was ballet?) that took offense to her review?  Just as you can assume she was out on interviews and following leads I would assume she wasn’t because they didn’t show or speak of it either way. 

Why not send her resume to CNN?  She hit just about every other large nationally respected news outlet?  Why is that one that wasn’t mentioned as her sending her resume to?  She didn’t say she didn’t send one to them.  Another thing one could assume she did, one could assume she didn’t, because it wasn’t mentioned one way or the other. 

I also don’t think that what Rory did to get the YDN out speaks to FC either.  That required some networking and people skills (which by then we were pretty sure she had developed, and she needed Logan/the Huntzberger name to pull of the big one anyway), piecing articles together, making corrections, throwing stuff in to take up space, etc.  It’s editing.  It’s still not out getting the stories that are being printed, it’s playing (and I don’t mean to make light of it by using the word playing, a lot of hard work goes into editing) with stories other people went out and got. 

Rory HAD to write that ballet piece -- as she also had to cover a lacrosse match -- because that was during her "test run" period at the YDN.  I doubt she wrote any more scathing ballet reviews on her own time (that experience must have been scarring enough -- referring to "Die Jerk").  But, if you remember in the 5th season, Rory recieves the Features beat.  This is the beat that Rory specifically asks for.  When you write features, you're not doing the story-of-the-minute.  You're doing more in-depth reporting, as well as writing longer pieces.  You're, well, "featuring" certain topics.  THAT is why we aren't seeing Rory running around with a press pass slung around her neck, chasing down sources, etc. 

Now, that is not to say that Rory never covered the "big stories" at Yale.  In the 6th season, I specifically remember her talking about her interview with Mr. Barack Obama.  Now, that may be during her reign as editor (therefore, it is her right to be the one to interview presidential hopefuls), but if that's not an indicator of her journalistic credo -- I don't know what is.  Of course we, as viewers, were never allowed to read this amazing story but if you're the editor-in-chief of a Ivy League college're not writing fluff.  Doyle said it himself.  The New York Times looks for pieces in the YDN to pull. 

I guess the gist of it is -- ASP and David Rosanthal, for some reason or another, did not show us much of Rory's time at the YDN -- period.  That's not Rory's fault, it is the writers'.  They showed her at the office -- flirting with Logan, arguing with Paris, proving herself to Doyle, assuming a leadership role -- because it is THESE social encounters that the writers thought were most important.  As much as I admire Rory for her academic and professional resume, seeing that part of her life is NOT the intention of the show.  GG is about RELATIONSHIPS. 

I know it's hard to trust these things, but in my opinion, I think that viewers are meant to trust what we are told.  Rory works for the Yale Daily News.  She was the editor-in-chief of said publication.  That's a huge honking achievement, if you ask me.  Yes, we don't SEE her chasing down stories, but we are meant to TRUST (by the almighty TV gods) that she doing her journalistic duties.  In my personal experience, once you overcome that figurative "first year," your schedule becomes second nature.  Perhaps we don't see Rory being a journalist 24/7 because she isn't obsessing over it 24/7.  It's not new, it's part of her daily routine.  It's the NEW things in these characters' lives that we're meant to follow -- not the mundane, everyday activities.   Put it this way -- we rarely see Rory in class.  Quite a few times during her freshman year, but again, it was new.  However, not necessarily during the 5,6 and 7th seasons.  Are we to assume that Rory is perennially playing hooky?  Of course not. 

Another thing -- being an editor does NOT mean that you aren't a good reporter.  ALL editors are former reporters.  And they are the BEST.  You are promoted to editor after doing your duty as a reporter.  Plus, you dont stop writing once you become editor.  In fact, as editor-in-chief of a college newspaper, you write the MOST IMPORTANT stories.  Yes, the two positions are very different in terms of duties.  You can say that a reporter writes and an editor plays (I cringe as I write that).  But without editors, there can be no reporters.  You have to be the BEST reporter because as an editor, you're in charge the editorial content of an article.  It's your call what is covered in the newspaper.  You judge what is most newsworthy.  You have to make sure that your reporters are covering the right angles and talking to the right people.   It's not just....proofreading for missplaced periods.   It's not just...running a newsroom.  That is definately part of it -- and a newroom is hard to run, by the way -- but the paper is in your hands.  Sorry if I'm going off about this.  I work for a college newspaper and I KNOW this is how it works.  Believe me.  Rory being promoted to editor-in-chief says that she is the BEST reporter the YDN has to offer. 

Considering other posts (bah, I don't have the willpower to pull quotes from everything), I REALLY don't see Jess as FC.  lol.  Jess is an aggressive person, to be sure.  But so is his uncle Luke.  Luke's certainly not afraid of anybody, neither is Jess.  But with Luke and Jess, it's a question of whether they LIKE talking to people.  They don't.  They get annoyed.  Therefore, as I do not see Luke reporting from a foxhole anytime soon, I do not see Jess in the same position.  Plus, not to discredit Jess (I like him!), but I don't think he cares.  If anyone is strictly a book person, it's Jess.  Let's face it, he has problems with his social skills.  I think he's more suited to being a tortured author and working in a bookstore.  Putting himself out there, talking to strangers, having to pull a straight face through ridicule, bad manners and gros verbal attacks -- I think he'd lose his temper with the first person who balked at a tough question.  Same with Paris.  If anyone could have 10 careers -- and do them well -- it'd be Paris Geller.  But she lacks composure, tact and that emotional chord every good reporter needs to really connect with their subject. 

Which is why I still think Rory can do it.  It's obvious that she's not ready NOW.  But, like I said, Rory is preparing to start from the bottom and work her way up.  The REAL skills she needs to be a FC are the ones she will gain in the field. 
3  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Java Junkies (Lorelai and Luke) - 'Cause we all love the chick beer! on: June 03, 2007, 08:21:38 pm
Hello Java Junkies!  Along the line of a Luke/Lorelai theme song, I don't know how many of you have the Gilmore Girls soundtrack but there's a song on there that's perfect as well.  It's by Sam Phillips (the lady who sings the la-la's) so I'm sure it was written FOR Gilmore Girls (aka, FOR Luke and Lorelai).  But as I am not a country fan and choose to stay far away from Rascal Flats, this is my L/L theme song:  (although I will admit, I have read the lyrics to "What Hurts the Most" and it is so like their made me sad just to read the words!)

When She's not with you
Not you think too much about her
Picking up new questions
You don't know what you don't know
Words you've never said
And the quiet doubts about you
Will gather in her head

So tell her what she wants to know
She'll find out anyway
Oh tell her what she wants to know
She'll find out anyway...

You can't find her
That's when she's gone looking for you
She gives you too much room
And this makes you feel ignored
Don't let go
But you won't say you love her
She'll see it in your eyes, she'll know

AHH  This reminds me of Luke being all...Luke-ish for much of seasons 1-4, always afraid of revealing his TRUE feelings to Lorelai.  It reminds me of pining Luke.  AWWW!  The Rascal Flats song definately evokes all those times when they were broken up (ahem, season 7!!).
4  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.22 - Bon Voyage on: June 03, 2007, 07:51:00 pm
Wow, all my responses were from 5 pages ago.  Oh well.

However, on the subect that Dani and Lessa were discussing -- concerning what was shown on screen regarding Rory's aspirations to be a foreign correspondent -- this was, actually, never a problem for me.  Like someone mentioned, there are certain things that are never fully explained but are assumed by the audience.  Ultimate example: we never see Lorelai paying for food at Luke's.

But I never assumed that Rory's abilities/dreams made any casting changes during the 7 years we followed her just because they didn't mention it 24/7.  The academic part of Rory's life is important to the show, but the focus is Rory and Lorelai's relationships with others.  Crap went wrong at the Inn all the time, but there were never any doubts about whether Lorelai's job was secure (well, except after the Indepence Inn burned down).  When Rory started Yale, her social/romantic life became the focal point of her storyline.  When she was in high school, Rory was socially awkward.  So her studies and books consumed her.  She had Dean, but that relationship was "let's go steady!" - esque.  Like most of our first relationships are.  However, she had matured by the time she started Yale so her escapades became more prevalent and, well, interesting than her academic life.  But that's no reason to assume that her drive was any less ambitious.

Now, about this foreign correspondent training that people assume journalism majors undergo in, it doesn't exist.  What else did you expect Rory to DO??  There are classes that one can take, but besides working on your college newspaper and trying to land local internships, there's little else you can do.  What, do you expect the Yale Daily News to have a World & Nation section, with their student writers flying off to cover an event halfway around the world?  No, when you work on a college newspaper, you cover your college.  At the local joint, you're covering that specific area.  That's just the way it is. 

And like I've said before, NO journalism major right out of college is heading to Iran.  No.  You have to get your feet wet at the big daily papers, and THEN work your way up the food chain.  I assume that Rory -- being the smart cookie she is -- knows this.  And that's exactly what's she doing.  Just because she wasn't sending her resume to CNN doesn't mean that her dreams has changed.  It means that she's being...realistic.  And what the writers had Rory doing while in school was realistic as well.  In general, journalism schools are broad places.  They give you some newswriting classes, maybe some speciality courses, but it's really up to the student to specialize.  Rory has taken complex economic courses, political science courses, etc.  And that's just in her freshman year (I just re-watched the 4th season, so I'm particularly up to snuff on her first year at the moment).  Making those ASSUMPTIONS that are so important in TVland, we can assume that Rory is beefing up on appropriate subjects.  And concerning the grits to go out and do it -- well, that's only something that can be acquired in the field.  I think it's ridiculous for us to assume that Rory doesn't have "the stuff" to be a foreign correspondent, when we haven't seen her in the working world, full-time.  Unfortunately, we just have to trust (dirty word, I know) the show's intended arcs on this one.  Well, that's what I'm doing. 

Maybe if there was a GG MOVIE (!!) in the next year or so, we would see Rory coming back from a year or two of work -- and how it's changed her.  Hmmm.

But yeah.  I guess my main question is what else do the doubters want to SEE to prove that Rory has the gusto to be a foreign correspondent besides talk about it.  It's not like she can participate in foreign correspondent camp over the summer.  From my experience, being a foreign correspondent is something you work up to, WHILE you're working.  Maybe she will, maybe she won't.  But it's hard to assume anything about Rory's abilities when we haven't seen her in the field, full-time.  We have to trust those sneaky things called ambition, determination, drive, focus, goals, intellect.  Those we know Rory spades.
5  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.22 - Bon Voyage on: May 29, 2007, 04:19:19 pm
Well I still think Rory has the gusto to be a reporter...go Rory!  lol.  And I only say that because I'm a journalism major, but I'm more on the quiet side and read pretty much obsessively.  Have I thought about being an English professor?  Of course, what self-respecting English major doesn't?  But does that satisfy me?  Is that making a difference?  Is that seeing the world, getting yourself out there, and changing it?

Of course not.  Which is why I think that Rory DOES want to be a journalist...because journalism is an avenue by which aspiring writers take to other careers.  To be a writer, you must LOVE reading -- hence Rory's love of literature.  I mean, you can't write if you haven't read what's come before you.  

But Rory isn't a settler.  She's always aspiring for something better.  She applied for a fellowship at the New Yorks Times, for goodness sakes!  That takes guts.  She also sat in the lobby of that one newspaper for a week, pestering the editor-in-chief for a job in season 6.  She snuck her clips in his office.  And she got the job.

We DO know that Rory is an excellent writer:  she co-won that speech writing contest at Chilton, worked on her HS and Yale newspaper, her editors/grandparents have commented on her sharp writing style more than once and those famous clips got her that job at the paper.  It's not easy to illustrate, on a television screen, that someone is a good writer.  You just have to trust what other people say.  We can't necessarily "prove" it.  But we do have some heresay.

Plus, have we considered that maaaybe Rory will someday end up in acadamia...but wants real-life experience first?  If she taught anywhere, it'd be back at Yale or another Ivy League.  But I'm sure they look for more than a Masters when they're hiring.  They'd want a PhD (duh), a list of her published works, places she's worked before, things she's experienced.  You can not tell me that nearly all college professors of Journalism did not work extensively in the field before re-entering acadamia.  Every single one I've encountered has.

So speaking from my measely store of experience, I think Rory can do it.  Because if she can...well, maybe I can too.   Smiley

But can I say how amazing it is that I....the lovely nerd that I am...actually have a pseudo fiction role model on television?  I mean, the show's over so not anymore.  And I'm not taking any tips from Rory's love life.  But in some respects, I did.  And that's why Gilmore Girls rocked.  Because for a few years, the quiet, shy, smart girls who like to read and write.....actually had someone to look up to.  That's breaking stereotypes.  That's awesome. 
6  Gilmore Girls / Spoilers / Re: Discussion of Spoilers on: May 29, 2007, 03:49:15 pm
One thing differently?  I'm glad you asked...

Lorelai and Chris can NOT get married.  No no no.  That ruined everything.  That put off ALL chances of reconciliation with Luke for weeks and weeks, ultimately leaving the finale feeling rushed.  My reasons...

Realistically I think that Lorelai's initial relationship with Christopher was ok.  And I ONLY say that (I am a Java Junkie, calm down) because Lorelai and Chris needed closure.  Chris still posed as this annoying wall between Luke and Lorelai (Luke was always pissed when he called, he was the reason they broke up...twice).  And of course there were those "what if's."  Well, what if Lorelai and Chris WERE meant to be, but they were never given the right conditions.  The timing was always off.  So ok.  Have them attempt a relationship, somewhat similar to what happened earlier in the season.  

BUT, stop it there.  Have Lorelai realize that it never could have worked...even if they both thought they were "ready"...and that she still loves Luke.  Have MORE interaction / tension between Luke and Lorelai throughout the entire season.  Obliterate that crushing scene in the grocery store, because that just makes me cry.  Plus, it was very un-Gilmoresque.  Plus, both of them acted like "everything was ok" with their break-up for most of the season.  Which was SO unrealistic, it makes my stomach cringe.  They were engaged for a YEAR.  They had been together for TWO YEARS.  But they acted like breaking up was all hunky dory.  We needed to see more pain on both their ends.  Especially in Lorelai's relationship with Chris.  I seriously don't understand how she moved on so fast.  I mean, later we are led to understand that she still loved Luke, but we barely get to see that!

So ok, my reasoning includes lots of other things I would liked changed.  But they all sorta go with Lorelai and Chris not marrying.  I think that sans marriage:  their relationship would have been different, Lorelai and Luke wouldn't have acted so out-of-character, and it would have allowed for more Lorelai/Luke interaction.  

I DO want to see Lorelai and Luke's marriage...or at least sometime after the fact...and Lorelai pregnant.  I think that Lorelai getting married and having more kids was an integral part of the show that the writers just sorta "forgot" this season.  Oh wait, they did give her a marriage.  But it doesn't count.  Elopement that nobody saw = lame, not real, still denying its existence.

Also, I would like the whole Rory/Logan fiasco to be hammered out.  I mean, that finale was HORRIBLE to them.  It left us with NOTHING.  If I was going to end everything in season 7 -- and I'm assuming no movie -- I would have thrown some sort of wrench into their relationship that would have SOMEHOW explained why Logan had such a sudden change of worldviews.  I would have made something horrible happen between them -- something that proves they could never be together -- had Logan come back with the ring, and then have Rory nicely turn him down.  I know that's harsh to headliners, but if they HAD to break up...well, at least have it make sense.  Personally, I would have had Logan give Rory a PROMISE ring in PRIVATE, and then go their separate ways.  But I guess if there IS a movie (I don't know what to trust anymore), then the ending we were given has some potential.

Why am I still talking on the spoiler board about this?  lol.  I'm just lonely and desperately in need of new Gilmore episodes.  I'm so unsatisfied with the way it ended, that I'm still plotting and conjecturing even now.
7  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.22 - Bon Voyage on: May 27, 2007, 09:40:11 pm

Nowhere in Logan’s proposal did he mention starting a family.  That was not part of it.  Marrying the woman he loved was the only request (OOC or not).  Getting a start in Palo Alto at the Chronicle does not in any way mean they would have to stay there.  Logan was able to work for HPG (the same line of work as the job he acquired) in London and New York.  There’s nothing saying he couldn’t do the same from anywhere once his new company got off the ground. 

I don’t know much about Amanpour myself, or being a foreign correspondent for that matter, according to her bio she’s covered the Persian Gulf & Bosnia wars.  Also according to her bio these are the stories she is most accredited for, not her time in European countries other than covering the “democratic revolutions in Eastern Europe”.  Even that is a far cry from the suggestions of London or Paris.  Does anyone actually see Rory going off to third world countries for long periods of time like that?  She can’t even stand a bug or two let alone some of the social and economical problems in such countries, Iran (Tehran) included of course.  It’s a wonderful dream and commendable to have a desire to cover human interest issues, but I just don’t see the places she would have to travel to get the stories as in her nature, despite all of Rory’s book smarts.  That’s not saying she won’t do well in journalism, just that Amanpour’s example is not quite what I see Rory succeeding at.

Mmm, Rory has ALWAYS wanted to be a foreign correspondent.  She has ALWAYS wanted to be Christiana Amanpour.  The idea that Rory is simply too girly to understand the socio-economic issues of third world countries, and then spend time in those countries....come on.  She's not a wussy.  Plus, we've seen this girl for 7 years now.  We know how dog-driven determined this girl is when faced with a challenge.  Yes, she dropped out of Yale.  La-la-la.  But then, every normal person has their breaking point.  The point is -- you don't have to be GI Jane to be a foreign correspondent.  All those guys on the nightly news...the ones that look great in suits...yeah, Dan Rather spent some time crawling through Iran.  Rory went to Yale so she's aptly prepared.  And she's known what she's wanted to do since she was born.  There's no question of Rory's capabilities once she's been in the field for a few years.  Yes, she's all shiny and green now.  But aren't all college graduates?

And yesss, I know Logan didn't mention starting a family.  But I meant that Rory might want to marry, settle down and start a family AFTER she's been around the world a few times.  Maybe they were in the same sentence, but I didn't mean for Logan and babies to be equated with one another.

And since I've already discussed my reasons for why Rory WILL be some of foreign reporter...and be forced to travel extensively at some point in her career...even if Logan's company has offices in 10 different companies, what are the odds that he will ask for a transfer, recieve it and move ALL of their stuff halfway around the world everytime Rory has to travel.  Rory may be in this country a week, another 2 months, another 6 weeks...she's gonna be hippin and a hoppin all over the place.  Logan may have some flexibility with his job, but it sounds like it's pretty permanent.  And by permanent, I mean he'll be in one place for at least 6 months at a time.  With Rory not there most of the time...well, Mr. Huntzberger will be looking mighty lonely.  And so marriage at 22 is a good idea....why?  It just doesn't seem practical.
8  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.22 - Bon Voyage on: May 25, 2007, 06:41:06 pm

AS-P could not have done this final episode any better than the new team did. Just remember that AS-P completely botched season 6.

I don't know.  When ASP left Gilmore Girls at the end of season 6, it was because she wanted TWO more seasons and the network would only give her one.  I think what she did in "Partings" was disgusting -- sorta like flipping the bird to whatever sucker had to pick up the pieces from THAT fallout.  But I think she had something else planned out for a 7th and 8th season -- had she been given the chance.  So she wrote season 6 along those lines...but was denied her 2 seasons.  There had been NO mention of Chris (or any foreshadowing of Lorelai running to him in a crazed moment of desperation) beforehand, so I don't think ASP planned on that happening.  But she did it...and I don't know why.  This is the WRONG place to be discussing this, I know, but it was another opportunity to sound off on my kooky Gilmore Girls theories. 

And I do think it was Rory's dream to travel -- not just work at a daily.  Like someone pointed out from "Lorelai's first day at Chilton," Rory says that first and foremost.  In another one of the earlier seasons (I believe 2), Richard gives her some money toward her dreams of traveling to some obscure European city, the name of which escapes me now.  And frankly, besides the Franklin, Rory never mentions hardcore journalistic ambitions during high school.  Once she gets to college, she understands that to become a foreign correspondent she must FIRST work at a big daily.  So that's where she's heading post-graduation.  But I firmly believe that traveling is still her number ONE dream.

This leads me to another reason why the Rory may have given up Logan's little avocado tree......well, the ONLY reason in my book.  We've already expounded endlessly upon Rory's dream to be a foreign correspondent.  That's where she wants to end up.  And like I said, working at a daily first is just one step.  If she would have married Logan, she would have been settling.  She would have been settling because marrying and moving in with Logan means STAYING in California.  For a long period of time.  She would have had to SETTLE with whatever San Francisco daily she landed.  And no matter how prestigious the San Fran Chronicle is, Rory does not want to stay in one place FOREVER.  Yes, she would like to work at the San Fran Chronicle...but only for a few years.  Then, she's going to want to move on...and up.  She might want to move back to New York, to London, to Paris.  Then it's move over Amanpour....  Only then -- after she's seen the world -- she may be ready to settle down.  Marry.  Start a family.  Christiana Amanpour is married now, yes.  But I guarantee you that she's not working as hard now as she was 10 years ago.  Now I don't deign to know the intimate details of Christiana Amanpour's life.  But they don't send mothers of two off to Tehran. 

Rory has lofty ambitions.  Logan, personally, has never tried to stifle her dreams, no.  But to reach the goals that she has aspired to, it's next to impossible to be married to someone comfortably settled in Pan Alto, California.  Logan wants to settle down, have a 9-5 job, start a family.  He's ready to be serious.  Rory loves Logan, yes.   But the work she is aspiring to requires her NOT to be settled.  At least for a few years. 

It wouldn't be fair to Logan.  Straight and simple.  Yes, the poor boy was heartbroken.  But what else do we want?  For Rory to say yes, then be unsatisfied with her job?  For her to be restless?  For her to constantly mull over her past regrets "Oh, I wonder what would have happened if I had followed my career ambitions..."  Rory does not deserve this.  That girl deserves to follow every opportunity laid in front of her.  To see the world.  To accomplish what her mother -- firmly tied down by pregnancy -- could never do. 

If Rory would have said yes, they would have broken up.  I guarantee it.  Or Rory would not have been happy.  She has always strove for the top.  And she's reached that point.  She can take over the world, if she wanted to.  Logan's proposal offered a wonderful life, there is no doubt of that.  But I'm personally glad that Rory Gilmore did NOT give up her dreams for any guy.  If he truly loves her, he would understand.  And he would wait.  Plain and simple.
9  Gilmore Girls / Cast and Characters / Re: Which Guy on Gilmore Girls is your favorite on: May 24, 2007, 11:13:22 am
It's gotta be Luke





 Grin  He's so sweet, handsome, utterly hilarious...he's EVERYTHING!  Plus I think they were alluding to something manly about his hidden physique throughout the show.  There have been "toolbox" jokes since season 3 (at least).  Heehee, dirty!   Wink
10  Gilmore Girls / Spoilers / Re: Discussion of Spoilers on: May 23, 2007, 07:32:37 pm
Grr if they could have a reunion movie Alexis BETTER do it...or I'll be angry.   Angry  I mean, it's ASP's idea! 

With all the hubbub surrounding this week's podcast -- Ausiello was SUPPOSED to get the final 4 words -- thank goodness something good did come up instead.  We may not have the final four words, but maybe that's a good thing.  If ASP's not releasing them, this is a sign that maybe we have reason to hope.  Hope that it's not COMPLETELY over yet.  Hope that ASP still has a few tricks up her sleeve.   Grin

Yay!  The spoiler board lives on!
11  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.22 - Bon Voyage on: May 16, 2007, 02:36:27 pm
Just a few things:

The whole spinoff from Emily comments about the Inn -- yeah, I read that somewhere as well.  That's why I put it in there because I was trying to include all the possible angles for continuing storylines.  Even ones that weren't mine, persay.  But even though the show is done (*cringe*) I'm still really wary about posting "spoiler-esque" things on this board since before (when there were, you know, more episodes) they were banned to the spoiler boards.  *Sigh*  I guess that distinction is nil now.  The spoiler board is pretty much dead...which sucks because I was a spoiler junkie.  Almost as bad as I am a Java Junkie. 

And yeah!  I forgot to mention in my continuing storylines post how Luke's canceled boat trip PERFECTLY aligns with Lorelai's canceled rollarcoaster adventure (they were going to come to home!)  Yeah.  Yet another indication of a nicely crafted SEASON finale.  Not for the entire series.

For those of who don't see the connection between Rory and Barack Obama....I believe it was season 6 when Rory mentioned that she had interviewed Obama when he had come to speak at Yale.  So there's a connection.  Plus, to write an article about the man she must know plenty about him.  She's Rory Gilmore.  She probably read his book and did an exhaustive study of his policies before the interview.  The Obama job makes sense to me.

Whoever thinks Taylor's birthing speech was a little weird....well, I'm with you.  Eww.  I mean, I know Taylor's weird but not THAT graphic.  It was funny, but a little off.  Something I'd expect from Kirk.

And Superstar, kudos on your entry!  I have gone off on similar rants since finding out *the news* weeks ago.  I mean, it seems petty to blame the actors but the truth is, this show was successful beacuse of US.  Because of its intensely loyal fan base.  It never had the ratings of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, but that didn't matter.  It was loved.  I thought that Amy Sherman-Pallidino had some sort of clue to that fact.  I mean, why else would she create such a beautifully witty show that was fiercely original at the same time.  This isn't Friends.  This isn't One Tree Hill.  This isn't even 7th Heaven.  There is NOTHING else like Gilmore Girls on television right now...PERIOD.  ASP must have had supreme respect for her viewers because she DIDN'T dumb down the dialogue...she made it faster and more culture-packed!  She didn't take the plot down any overtly melodramatic tangent...most of the time.  In effect, she didn't cater to the popular opinion of the American public, popularized by most television executives....that we're dumb.  She defied that.  The actors, therefore, seemed special.  It actually seemed like Lauren Graham CARED about this show.  ASP once said that Lorelai wouldn't be Lorelai without Lauren.  Those actors must have known how passionately they were cared for by the fans.  But this finale was a complete sign of disrespect to the loyal fans who had been patiently waiting 7 years for a good ending.  I WISH that the actors and CW execs, the ones who were somehow responsible for canceling the show, reads this board.  If they did, they would see people of all ages, men and women, discussing something that has had REAL impact on our lives.  And they would see how cheated we feel.  They would see how much they have cheated the story.  Because the lifeblood of this show for 7 years has been the absence of the actors' egos and a devotion to a witty, dramatic, moving, entertaining story of two women.  That "thing" on Tuesday?  That was not "an appropriate send-off." 

I read interviews from Kelly Bishop, Edward Herrmann, Liza Weil, Scott Patterson....they're all upset.  But if Lauren and Alexis could just READ these boards!  Then they woud see how much their decision is affecting others.  They should know.  We're GILMORE GIRLS fans.  We do NOT take these things sitting down!
12  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.22 - Bon Voyage on: May 16, 2007, 08:22:41 am
Ways that last night's episode would have been a GREAT season finale, with all the foreshadowing for an 8th season::

Rory = "I could be gone TWO MONTHS or two years."  
--->This job with Barack Obama is great, but temporary.  It's not like she has a permanent spot as a cubby reporter for the Pro-Jo.  It is PERFECTLY PLAUSIBLE that Rory could leave the job without following Obama for the next year and a half.  There are so many roads down which the writers could take this. Logan could come back (I really believe he would with an 8th season).  Rory could get a more permanent job closer to HOME.  Something else unexpected might pop up.  I mean hell, I know they gave Rory a pretty steady presidential contender, but Obama could drop out tomorrow!  Then where would our fair Gilmore be?  

Caesar was trying to prove, as Luke said, that he could run the diner if Luke was "gone."  Luke = "...even though the boat trip is canceled."
---> Or is it??  Ok, this doesn't take a brain surgeon.  Lorelai suggested places for Luke and April to go on their boat trip.  It's obvious that she would like to go there.  Luke cancels the trip because April is doing...whatever.  That doesn't matter.  Later, after Lorelai's serenade and Luke discards the *black hat*, Zach is consolling Luke with the fact that his boat trip is canceled.  Luke smiles and says something to the effect, "This summer might not be so bad after all."  Um, Luke + Lorelai = BOAT TRIP.  Wouldn't Lorelai be HILARIOUS after returning from that trip?  Oh, the stories.  Oh, the opportunity for a magical proposal as the sun sets over the Atantic Ocean.  It would be a GREAT opportunity for Luke to actually propose, since everyone was giving him a hard time about the last proposal.

Sookie is still pregnant!
--->Enough said.

Emily is suddenly VERY interested in the Inn and the prospect of spas.  Lorelai artfully dogdes her mother's hints, yet can't ignore Emily = "Your father and I will give you the money."
--->So maybe Emily is feeling a little bored at home, but wouldn't this be a grand opportunity for mother and daughter to colloborate together as co-owners of the Inn?  Oh, that would be hilarious.  And so something Emily would do.  Plus, it would give us tons of Lorelai and Emily time.  

Plus other things:
--I think it would be great to give April some sort of send-off as well.  The last time we saw her, she was bailing out on her dad.  [No nautical pun intended]  
--I wanted to see Mrs. Kim one more time as well
--Zach being on tour with Lane at home with the kids would produce some great storylines.  
--With a wedding, we get the satisfaction of the CHUPPA and the mysterious wedding gift finally being revealed.
--I think that a WEDDING would be a great way to create this new family nucleus:  Luke, Lorelai, Rory an April.  And then maybe the hint of a Danes-Gilmore baby on the way.  Luke and Lorelai would have to re-instate FND forever because of the new bouncing baby ( would break the "Gilmore GIRLS" cycle). Therefore, there would be a new family established (not just Lorelai and Rory) with new goals.  

In my opinion, THAT would be the best ending point because it can go on no longer.  As much as I would love to see the Luke and Lorelai show, it's not Gilmore Girls.  However, last night was ending at a place where they've been before.  There was (clearly) the opportunity for so much more.
13  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.22 - Bon Voyage on: May 15, 2007, 06:39:55 pm
And oh -- the reason I even started watching this show....sooo many years ago...was because my friend told me that I reminded her of a character on this show she watched.  Rory Gilmore, on Gilmore Girls.  I even remember where we were.  We were standing in line for lunch, and it was my sophomore year of high school.  It was during season 3.  I watched it that Tuesday and never looked back.  Maybe it explains my lack of empathy toward Rory's love life (it was the dance-off episode with the whole Dean-Jess fiasco), and my total OBSESSION with Luke and Lorelei ("I need you to fix my shoe. / Do I look like a cobbler? / If I say yes, will you fix my shoe?")  Later I would get every single season on DVD and watch them repeatedly, as well as faithfully coming to the TV every Tuesday evening.  I never knew exactly why my friend thought I was like Rory (Alexis Bledel is GORGEOUS and I only wish I could have her hair -- although I am pale as a ghost!).  But now as a sophomore in college, a journalism major, I know that Gilmore Girls WILL live on forever because goddamit....

I am now determined to BECOME Rory Gilmore.   Smiley  

Except, I'll pass Logan over some of his more adoring fans and take Scott Patterson in a flannel shirt and backwards baseball cap any day of the week.   Wink
14  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.22 - Bon Voyage on: May 15, 2007, 06:28:18 pm
Wow.  There are so many people here tonight.  It's such a testament to what an amazing show this is.  I won't say "this was" because I refuse to think of it in past tense.  

Everything was left so open.  I mean, I know that can be a good thing.  But we'll never know those four last words.  

This kiss was ok -- it wasn't long, but it was obvious that they were passionate.  "I just wanted to see you happy."   Smiley  That's a happy Luke moment.  And it's obvious by their last conversation that Luke is ready to "take Lorelai's order" (*wink wink*) whenever she is ready.  Translated into = I'm finally ready to get married and start my life with you.  So ok.  We're given that.  And he gave her the necklace, which had a ROCK dangling from it.  I guess that could be taken as a metaphorical "engagement ring."  Ok, so maybe all this is a stretch.  But if all they're going to leave me with is straws to grasp, then I'll take it.

 I liked all of Rory's scenes -- she was refreshingly realistic.  I loved the freak-out scenes.  

Richard's compliment to Lorelai was sweet, and it's nice to know that Friday night dinners will probably last into eternity (they have to since, in my mind, Luke and Lorelai get married and have their own little rugrat that will need to be "Gilmored").  I certainly don't like Emily and Lorelai's parting (and neither did Kelly Bishop), but it was *something*

I did love the town party, and all the silly planning gags throughout the episode.  It was silly and funny, and it was nice that the episode wasn't unnecessarily weighty.  However, I found the shot panning over all the clapping guests to be a "Ok, all major cast members under the tent for this shot!"  lol  Could they include anyone else?  Well, I do wish they had included Paris...she would have been another welcome comic respite from the sadness of the scene (I was really trying not to cry in front of my brothers).  But then I remembered that she was backpacking through India with Doyle.  Stupid writers.  Don't they know that Paris was Rory's third best friend?!  And Paris Geller does NOT backpack, my friends.  She hires sherpas.  Geez.

I guess it was as good as a finale as I could have expected after a season of so-so.  I still firmly believe that everything would be fixed in an shortened 8th season, so I'm going to remain in denial until that happens or I die (whichever comes first).  Gilmore Girls will never end for me.  NEEVVERRR.
15  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: The Great8Mandate on: May 15, 2007, 08:49:52 am
Oh my God.  This isn't fair!

Edward Herrmann
Kelly Bishop
Liza Weil
and in an interview with Scott Patterson

ALL of them dislike the way the show is ending.  This atrocity. 
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