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1786  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.22 - Partings/Season Finale on: May 19, 2006, 07:00:13 am
But they have portrayed his doubts. That little chat with Christopher and that frantic "But what about the children?" That he never really explained. Luke decided that Lorelai wasn't marriage material months ago without ever asking how she felt about children or staying in Stars Hollow.
There was no dust up between them about Lorelai's pregnancy scare because she never even mentioned it to him. Maybe she's scared that he doesn't want to be trapped or tied down by yet more family members, but her relief suggests it's really her who doesn't want that.
No one questions that April and Lorelai would get along fine, but everyone wants to protect her from befriending and losing 'breakup queen' Lorelai. Not nice, and I think Luke should be able to see past her reputation by now, but he has a lot on his mind. In fact, it seems that nobody but Emily is still 'all in' for Luke and Lorelai. Wouldn't it be twisted if it were she who swooped in and cut the cobwebs from all this not talking? I can't see how yet, though...
1787  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.22 - Partings/Season Finale on: May 18, 2006, 11:27:03 am
You remember Rory was crushed when Lorelai broke up with Max. He'd proposed and she'd said yes and Rory proceeded to bond thinking that Max was going to be a permanent part of their lives. April already likes Lorelai a lot, and if Luke just isn't sure (which is fair--he's covered a lot of bad territory in the relationship area, too) he has every right to slow down.
1788  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.22 - Partings/Season Finale on: May 17, 2006, 09:14:21 pm
Hasn't Rory been recieving therapy since she came back to Yale? I wonder why that never came up again.
1789  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.22 - Partings/Season Finale on: May 17, 2006, 11:58:18 am
 I don't see how Lorelai's done anything on purpose except try to give Luke space. It's been true for a long time that if it didn't work out with Luke she'd be off to Christopher like a shot, but she had no way of knowing this because she was in denial about the problems they were having.
If she could have told Luke that she was afraid that he would leave her behind bonding with his family, he could have told her it wasn't so (or told her he couldn't take the pressure and left then.)
For that matter, if he could have just told her he was afraid she was going to pull a 'Rachel' on him, she could have disabused him of the notion and made her case as a permanent fixture in his (and April's) life then.
But that isn't Luke and Lorelai. She's so sick of being manipulated that she would never try to arrange his life around her own feelings (valid or not) and he's so used to being left by people he cares about that he would never beg her to stay and wait (even if he really needed more time.)
Luke made a big mistake not telling Lorelai about April right away, but he found out in the wake of Rory coming home and Lorelai was already at full speed on wedding plans. (pod) Luke may have thought it wouldn't make any difference, or that he wasn't ready to let her into this part of his life. He may have just been avenging that hornswaggle that broke them up the first time. (real) Luke may have just not wanted her involved with this part of his life until he'd gotten ahold of it himself. 'Tying his own shoes,' and everything.
What I'm wondering about is pod-Lorelai. Her feelings are hurt, sure, but he had no way of knowing it. She's had a child, so she understands how fixated he is and why she can't get close until she's passed Anna's 'permanent fixture' test. She also knows that there isn't (yet) anyone else for Luke and that he isn't going to wander off to another country if she waits.
But in her life, everything is ready. Rory is back, her mother is backing off, she (thought she) was on stable terms with Christopher, and she was in a mad hurry to seal the deal while the path was still clear.
Pod-Lorelai can't stand waiting and feels crappy all the time. Pod-Lorelai thinks Luke loves his daughter more than he loves her. Pod Lorelai has been holding things back, just waiting for him to trip up and lose her because he doesn't know how she feels, and pod-Lorelai is in a panic that he'll find out how desperate she is and break up with her when word about her wedding toast inevitably gets back to him.
In fact, Pod-Lorelai is acting so panicked and deranged that I'm starting to give credence to the Norman Mailer theory.
1790  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.22 - Partings/Season Finale on: May 16, 2006, 08:48:36 pm
Lorelai isn't an evil slut, she's just more desperate to be married than she is to be with the man she loves. She's forgiven all the people who held up stumbling blocks, yet she still feels she's letting everyone down by not achieving the picket fence and the wedding ring.
Pod-Luke may have forgotten how important it is to her, but he has problems, too. Anna is really keen on the people in April's life being permanent fixtures. Luke wants to be a part of April's life, but as far as we know, he still thinks Lorelai doesn't want to have children and will eventually leave Stars Hollow to follow her career franchising the Dragonfly Inn as Christopher suggested. This forces them into a sort of Gift of the Magi situation where Lorelai won't pressure Luke about his family and Luke won't pressure Lorelai about her career and they sort of drift apart under the strain of not talking about it.
1791  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.03 - The UnGraduate on: May 16, 2006, 07:26:56 pm
It's Yail. I yust got out.
1792  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.22 - Partings/Season Finale on: May 16, 2006, 11:36:23 am
Lorelai's been waiting and watching Luke cool off towards her for a while. She panicked, thinking he didn't want to marry her anymore, and his stubborn response to her ultimatum drove her to destroy the relationship. Besides, the way she pushed Rory back towards Christopher when she found out Luke had a daughter makes it seem like she had Christopher on the back burner the whole time, just waiting to see how Luke would turn out. Trust me, it happens in real life all the time. And, as Logan put it, she's not technically cheating if she thought they were broken up. Wink
1793  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.22 - Partings/Season Finale on: May 13, 2006, 11:56:30 am
Not exactly a mess. There are still plenty of possibilities open. I mean, the show is "Gilmore Girls," not "Everybody whose name starts with L." I like it all relationshippy, but with Luke and Logan out of the picture, maybe they can do more family stuff next season. With Luke out of the way, Emily is once again free to interfere mercilessly, but she's hilariously off her game. Rory can focus on Paris, Jess, or maybe even April (who may yet prove to be the only voice of reason remaining.
1794  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.22 - Partings/Season Finale on: May 13, 2006, 12:04:03 am
I won't insist on my predictions. Mitchum was right when he said Rory was too passive to succeed in cutthroat journalism, and he was right when he said Logan would never grow up around Colin and Finn and the LDB. But Rory developed an aggressive edge working with Emily and the DAR, and came back to prove him wrong. What he left out of his assesment of Logan is that the only scale of manhood he cares about is whether or not he is prepared to take on the Hutzberger media empire.
Logan wastes his life because he despises his privelege and money and feels burdened by the responsibilities and potential that come with it. He still has far too much unresolved to be happy living out his father's treadmill destiny in the hopes of finally gaining a mote of his approval.
1795  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.22 - Partings/Season Finale on: May 12, 2006, 10:11:41 pm
No interests? Maybe, but he's not interested in what he's doing, and it does neatly insert a wedge between him and the only one who can save him. I'm drawing a parallel between Logan and Lorelai here, and Lorelai didn't have a dream before she got away from her controlling parents. Besides, cutting his father off wouldn't stop him being a journalist, it would just remove nepotism from the equation. I wouldn't rule  out a breakup. Logan has to stand up to Mitchum before they can even live on the same continent, and if he doesn't move fast, something may come along to blow up the situation. Or some hack will have Rory wandering off to London to be with him (giving me dibs on the howls of rage.)

Oh, and Melora Hardin was Abigail Fuller in the Quantum Leap Trilogy that evolved Sam's daughter.
1796  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.22 - Partings/Season Finale on: May 12, 2006, 08:07:03 pm
Well, no real surprises here. I mean, I know, hindsight is 20/20, but this has been cooking for a long time. Remember, Luke has been hedging on actually marrying Lorelai since he nearly bought the Twickham house. And when Lorelai found out about April, she almost immediately suggested that Rory mend fences with Christopher.
Anna seems unreasonable, but her dialogue is very similar to Lorelai's in 'Love, War and Snow' (1.08)  when Rory finds Max sleeping on their couch because of a snowstorm. Kind of implying that Lorelai is Luke's 'Max.'
Luke may have agreed to marry Lorelai because he wanted a family and is in no rush now that he has one. Lorelai ran to the arms of her pre-made family, and if(when) it comes out, LL wil be well and truly (but maybe not permanently) broken up. This frees Luke up to do a little B-plot bonding with the other parent of his child, who bears a suspicious if superficial resemblance to Lorelai already.
There's room for Jess here, too. Logan is going to England to become a man and Rory couldn't ask him to stay because Mitchum convinced her that he wasn't one already. Here's a man whose manipulations rival that of Emily Gilmore. The only thing that will make Logan a man is to walk away from his father's money (which would incidentally free him of the LDB and his goober posse.) The longer the writers put it off, the longer Rory has to doubt him and cheat on him with the true love of her life. (If L&L get married, that will make Jess Rory's cousin. Lorelai's redneck incest humor would write itself!)
At the very least this guarantees at least one more season. There's no way they could end it here.

P.S. Nice to see Melora Hardin again. I loved her in Quantum Leap.
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