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1  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Rory's Boyfriends Discussion on: March 25, 2010, 07:36:56 am
Yeah, I would have liked it if they would have explored that Rory more as I could have seen her have a bit more of a backbone than the one we got later on.

She would have found a good match in Laundary guy or Marty if they had gone that route, hell even 'I'm sitting here at this tree' guy.  Logan to me in many ways smacked of laziness on behalf of the writers, even though he did mature as it could have been the high school plot with Tristian if that had continued.

Plus it would have been good to see her with a guy who didn't get to college through the trust fund route. 

Marty smacked more of hard work and scholarships and had the potential to have an interesting storyline with her grandparents with the fact he with the exception of the non moneyed background he ticked all the other boxes they wanted for Rory, were as Logan seemed to be 'Rory needs to loosen up and only the really rich can have any real out there fun'
2  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Rory's Boyfriends Discussion on: March 17, 2010, 01:46:57 pm
Haven#t had a chance to sit down and read your story properly yet, but promise I will do.

As for Rory - wasn't Laundry guy the one she went completely went off the deep end at when she thought he had talked about her asking him out or was that someone else.
3  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Rory's Boyfriends Discussion on: March 10, 2010, 05:46:46 pm
As a general rule I was dissatisfied with how all the men in Rory's life were handled.

As you said she was no siren and yet no man who came in contact with her seemed able to not fall madly deeply in love with her to the point where she could do no wrong and that they could never ever possibly be with anyone else as they would always be measuring that person against Rory.

Personally, I think there was drugs involved and the only reason for PodMarty was that he only received half a dose so instead of turning into love sick puppy like Dean and Jess, he turned into resentful hurt guy instead.
4  Gilmore Girls / Unappreciation Threads / Re: Lorelai Gilmore Unappreciation on: July 19, 2009, 10:30:06 am
I agree about a lot of things with the above post, though I think the it started earlier than when you said.

Yes Lorelai has always had her immature moments and her moments of desperation when it came to men, though I think when Rory went to college they seemed to come more noticable as Lorelai's love life became more important to her story line as there were less mother/daughter moments.

Lorelai always smacked to me as someone who was very impatient and wanted things her own way and didn't really communicate too well when she was in a relationship. 

Yes Luke and Christopher had their faults, Luke keeping April a secret and Christopher being immature but to my mind Lorelai was never really willing to commit to letting go of her life to build one with either one of them, considering she kept the fact that she was communicating with one of them when with the other unless she was caught or had too, didn't want to get married to Luke until she sorted things out with her daughter but got a bit pissy when Luke said he wanted to postpone the wedding for if you think about it was the same reason.  Then came that stupid ultimatum and I'm not going to go there because I am being good. 

Another reason I believe she was selfish she refused to move from her home, in both relationships, which implied the men in her life had to fit into her life not the other way around or a feeling of starting out fresh in a new place.

Luke, yes he was a Star's Hollow alumni (and I know they remodelled but it was still her house) and yes I think jumping into marriage with Christopher was stupid but when it came to living arrangements it was on her terms and not a joint decision, which considering Christopher had Gigi to think of was a very selfish thing to do, it wasn't like Lorelai had the excuse of having to think of Rory's living arrangements at either point as she had moved to college.

But to go back to what I was originally was trying to say that aspect of her personality was always there - the sneaking around with Jason (who to my mind in many ways is the male version of what Lorelai would have become if she had lived the life her parents expected of her) , the dumping of Max (who didn't deserve it like that.)  We just got to see more of it after season 5 as we didn't have the same focus on Lorelai and Rory's relationship because Rory was in college. 

The thing is I think when it came to relationships Lorelai and Rory are very much alike (I'm not saying I don't like them I just think when it comes to men they should come with a health warning).  But, unfortunately, unlike Rory, especially Lorelai didn't have the excuse of just starting out.
5  Gilmore Girls / Appreciation Threads / Re: Lorelai Gilmore / Lauren Graham Appreciation on: July 18, 2009, 07:40:35 am
I HATE Michael Bay. he's a complete T00L.

I don't know he has his place. Wink

If he wasn't making c&#p like 'Transformers' he'd be out in the world and we wouldn't know what he was up to and would you really want to risk that?
6  Gilmore Girls / Fun and Games / Re: What If? Thread on: June 24, 2009, 03:22:55 pm
Then Lorelai would eventually have lost respect for him as he didn't stand up for himself and would have no job and no money.
7  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Lorelai's Boyfriends Discussion on: June 22, 2009, 08:14:35 am
I've a soft spot for Jason, he seemed more of Lorelai's equal than some of the others.  Plus their breakup was because he was prepared to stand up to the older Gilmore crap by suing Richard for effectively ruining his business reputation.  It wasn't a long drawn out breakup even with him turning up at the inn the night that Luke made his move and then when Lorelai told him to go, he did.

It was the only relationship that she had that didn't seem to end because she sabotaged it in some way, like calling Christopher when she was on her bachlorette party or sleeping with him when Luke didn't give her the answer she wanted straight away.  Okay I know those relationships had problems anyway, it was just nice to see Lorelai have a relationship that ended with there being no whiff of another man being involved.  I'm not sure what happened to Alex, he seemed a nice bloke and then poof he was gone and i didn't get what happened.

As for Christopher and Luke, I get the feeling that in the end Lorelai would only be truely happy if she could have both of them.
8  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.17 - I'm OK, You're OK on: June 22, 2009, 07:44:37 am
Just watched this and there are a number things that niggle me about this episode.

1) I can accept that Logan thinks it is totally acceptable to sleep with other women when him and Rory were 'broken up' for thirty seconds but to me the fact that he didn't tell her what had happened when they were apart then to let Rory walk into a room with them and not expect them to tell her is not only stupid but arrogant in the extreme and then blame the women he had slept with for telling her - he called them 'vipers' and that I find totally unacceptable and I'm guessing he didn't use the word bitches instead because the writers got told no to that word to describe them.

These are women are not only women he chose to sleep with, but are also are his sister's friends calling them vipers is out of order and making out that them and by definition Rory's reaction were wrong isn't right.  What does that say what he really thinks of the women he is with?   

I know they were meant to be a stereotype stupid airhead moneyed bimbos but even they deserve a little respect as actually they didn't do anything wrong as they slept with a guy who told them had split with his girlfriend and there was no malice in the way they told Rory, they were just having a good time and talking, for all they knew Logan had already told Rory everything that he had done when they were apart.  Why does Logan think he has the right to call them vipers and make out they were in the wrong.

For Rory to simply go back with him after that and his little speech, even if she is actually put out by his behaviour I just don't get. 

Actually listening to his little speech, in which he tries to get out of the situation actually made me cringe a little and smacks of a possible dangerous precedent in their relationship if they had stayed together as he is effectively saying that he is only learning to grown up because of Rory, he can be her boyfriend, he can be faithful to her when she tells him that they are together.  It puts way too much onus on her in the relationship and gives him the latitude to do what he wants and say to her that she is in a way to blame as she didn't tell him he couldn't before he went and did it and she doesn't call him on it.  instead she follows on dutifully holding her tongue at that point.

For her to go with him after he said what he did including the part when he called the bridesmaids vipers makes Rory come off as more than a little pathetic as it gives Logan too much licence to do what he wants.  I would have had a little more respect for her if she told him to go away and come back the next day to let her sleep on what he had said, not to say that she was going to tell Paris she was leaving and effectively trot off after Logan straight after his speech, even if she did eventually spend some time not talking to him when she went to Stars Hollow to see her mother.

But hey, I suppose this is Rory who lets herself be pushed around by the 'real' loves of her life (i.e. Jess and Logan) and treats the guys who are or would be willing to mess up their lives for her, like dirt (Marty and Dean)

2) I know it was meant to be a funny moment - Luke ringing the doorbell, Lorelai going and getting it and say her parents were there causing him to turn and leave with out saying a word but they are engaged, wouldn't he have a key to the house?  Why did he have to ring the bell?  Before they were engaged he had no problems getting in to fix things so why does he need to ring the bell now?  Did he lose his key and I missed it or was it due to the remodelling? 

Can someone please enlighten me?
9  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: Movie Thread on: June 22, 2009, 06:53:19 am
Anyone seen 'Let the right one in'

Yes I know it is in Swedish, is odd and the scene with the cats looks awful (the effect is just bad) but it is you should give a go and it does differ from the book (which is also good)
10  Gilmore Girls / Cast and Characters / Re: Did April ruin the last two seasons of Gilmore Girls? on: May 16, 2009, 09:21:09 am
Blaming April for the last two seasons is too easy.  It is the writers to blame.  Yes she dis have a bit of a cousin Oliver feel but the show had the signs of going down hill before she appeared.

I think it started in season 5 when Lorelai started telling Luke that she seen Christopher in a way that it appeared she had something to be guilty about.  Like at the wedding when she told Luke about the Christopher's dad dying and her going round with a bottle of Tequila but it was all completely innocent. It didn't allow the  man to have any time to digest it before having to face Christopher.  And that was pre April.

It was like the writers decided to make Lorelai act like a guilty little school girl on those occasions, so no wonder the man got a complex about her wanting something else.  Dean's rant about Lorelai wanting more just backed up what he was seeing from her parents and from the presence of Christopher in Lorelai's life.  It didn't make it true but it sure didn't help.  I think that is the problem in the relationship Luke never wanted to escape, he wanted to buy the house so they could build a life and he liked living in Stars Hollow, he was just convinced that Lorelai wanted to be able to have the means to escape a hum drum life if she felt like it which her parents and Christopher's money could offer her. 

That is what Dean was meaning, could Luke really see Lorelai happy tied down with kids in a house with a diner owner, when she could have the opportunity to do all the other things that were opening up to her since she had started her own business and Rory had left to go to college, just like would Rory really have been happy settling down in a small town with Dean when she could be exploring the world, it was a bitter rant but it just voiced the idea that Luke was already beginning to think about.

As for Anna - I can actually understand why she got pissed off at Lorelai, she has never met the woman and she was getting advice about how to handle her daughter's relationship with her father.  She left April and the girls in Luke's care, not Lorelai's and in the end even though Luke was there for most of it Lorelai was running the show and that was not what she and the other parents had been lead to believe. I'd be pissed off if someone did that with my kid.

I'm not condoning Luke for keeping April a secret, but in the end she was just a relatively quick and easy way to show them growing apart prior to Lorelai jumping into bed with Christopher because Luke didn't do what she wanted,which in the end IMHO made Lorelai come off a cheap and spoiled.

The major mistake I think they made with April was trying to make her so bright so she came off as a cut price Rory, especially as she had a gutsy single mom who had her own way of doing things.  They could have come up with a slightly different template for Anna and April than Lorelai and Lorelai, sorry Rory.

11  Gilmore Girls / Unappreciation Threads / Re: Rory Gilmore Unappreciation on: January 25, 2009, 02:18:47 am
we never got the payoff from someone in Rory's family letting her

I quite agree - that was my problem with Rory - she never seemed to have any real serious long term consequences thrown at her for what she did, but there was for everybody else in her age group.  Jess drops out of school - he gets kicked out of Luke's, Lane has a fight with her mother and her mother tells her to leave so she moves in with the band, Paris becomes a dictator and is sacked as Yale News editor or her meltdown because she didn't get into Harvard, Dean cheating on his wife his life goes down the toilet, Logan jumping of a cliff at least landed him in hospital.

Rory on the other hand - nothing.  She misses her mother's graduation to go see Jess and her and her mother are alright five minutes later. She sleeps with a married man and everybody in Stars Hollow seems to pat her on the head and let her get on with things, in fact it seems she gets to get a free trip to Europe for it and then they breakup and then she is over it just like that, even if she had five minutes to say I wish I hadn't done that and I realise now I never really loved him and I promise not to do it again would have been nice. She steals a boat and then becomes the darling of the chain gang, and they ask her advice on things?!?   She drops out of Yale, seems to only live to run around after Logan and only Jess really calls her on it?

Then there is the thing with the dinner with the Huntzburgers, where she states 'But I'm a Gilmore' it isn't like she has sat there and watched her Grandparents trash every boyfriend she has had as not good enough, but she seems genuinaly shocked that someone might want to do it to her and even then there seems to be no realisation that Jess and Dean must have gone through the exact same thing.
12  Gilmore Girls / Unappreciation Threads / Re: Who's character you don't like and why? on: December 02, 2008, 11:33:31 am
Oh who don't I like and why???

Rory when she is in a relationship (not Rory dealing with Paris or her grandparents or talking to Lane or Rory making pro con lists) - but Rory when she is with her boyfirend because when said bloke is around she one of the following:

a) passive, self centred, treating who she is with as a convient thing to play with when she wants to - with Dean playing him along when she was into Jess and then when she started liking Dean again even though he was married and she knew that Lindsay didn't like him hanging around him (and before people start I'm not condoning the whole him cheating on his wife, I'm not.  He was wrong and out of order and personally I think it was a wasted storyline that somebody anybody (ie Luke) didn't make more of an effort to stop the boy getting married and ruining his life in the first place.)

What I am trying to say is that Rory wasn't exactly not giving off signals that she was interested in him before she jumped into bed with him.  And too me it was that everybody was saying that she had spent her first year at Yale without a boyfriend and hey Dean had been nice to her and obviously still had feelings for her, she had feelings for him - isn't he convient, stuff the wife part, it's not like it is a secret that they are having problems that aren't being help by her continued presence in his life - he's Rory's Dean. 

As for Dean not being sure if he would have left Lindsey if Rory hadn't sent the letter - it didn't stop her asking him to visit to her place for a booty call did it, which in the end that is what their relationship turned into.  She also made him break up with her twice and you are suppose to feel sorry for her and that he was evil for doing it to her, even though both times their relationship was dead in the water and he was doing it a favour for both of them by killing it.  Also the first time even though it was public and humiliating you can't exactly say that she was completely innocent of what he was going on about and both times she wasn't exactly cut up for too long after he walked out on her.

Then when she needed someone to use to get back at Logan - she runs to Jess, with a half a mind to sleep with him even though she still 'loved' Logan.  Though he had some self repsect not to let that happen.


b) a complete doormat who has something shiny dangled infront of her and she will take almost anything dished out to her - Jess was nice to only her and made her feel special, then when they were going out he'd let her hang by the phone - but then he bought tickets and she didn't pick him up on how he was treating her.  He is in a permenant funk with her and everybody else but hey it is Jess and that is the way he is so she doesn't pick him up on it.  He runs out on her and yes she ends it on the phone but if he had turned up at that point and been willing to stay she would have probably found some reason to excuse his behaviour.  Fine, they don't get back together and he reappears time to time - but to me the only reason she actually turned him down about going to New York with him was because five minutes before she had been standing outside her dorm door with Dean who at that point she is more interested in. 

Logan slept with with anything in a skirt while they were apart for five minutes - and then when they got back together didn't warn her that she would be walking into a room with the women he had slept with.  Which to me is the more unforgivable part of what he did - he should have told her that he had been with other people when they were apart (even for 5 minutes)  not let her walk into a room and be hit with it in the face.  She goes off in a huff (understandably - she should.  Personally I think she she have physically hurt the boy) and then five minutes later he convinces her to come home with him.  Then he goes on about all the stuff that Jazzed potato said and she goes along with it - why?  She is bright, capable and he isn't that great a catch anyway so why did she let him do that to her?

c) or she turns a seemingly nice bloke... well into Marty.

You can agree or disagree it is up to you.
13  Gilmore Girls / Fun and Games / Re: What If? Thread on: November 21, 2008, 02:57:54 pm
She'd be a regular at the fresh produce section at Doose's market and flirt ridiculously with Taylor.

What if Richard had run off with Pennilynn Lott?
14  Gilmore Girls / Fun and Games / Re: What If? Thread on: November 10, 2008, 01:35:41 pm
It would explain a lot!

What if it turned out that Mrs Kim had a very wild past.
15  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: Unpopular Opinions Thread on: October 26, 2008, 12:38:15 am
Well i don't know about anyone else but it is because I have no life and I had a sadistic information studies teacher at school who made us learn to type like we were something like a typing pool from the 1950's.   Wink
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