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1  Gilmore Girls / Show and Cast Member News / Wayne Wilcox (Marty) on Broadway on: June 20, 2011, 03:02:32 pm
Guess what!

I met Marty!!!

Wayne Wilcox is in The Normal Heart on Broadway, which I just saw this past weekend and runs until July 10th. Afterward, I got a picture with him and I told him I rooted for Marty the whole time (I was too shy to fess up about the fanfic). I brought Season 4 with me for him to sign. In his autograph he wrote, "Thanks for rooting for me." I even got to talk to him about the play a little. He was so nice and sweet. It was such a great experience!
2  Gilmore Girls / Appreciation Threads / Re: Marty / Wayne Wilcox Appreciation on: June 20, 2011, 02:59:02 pm
Guess what!

I met Marty!!!

Wayne Wilcox is in The Normal Heart on Broadway, which I just saw this past weekend. Afterward, I got a picture with him and I told him I rooted for Marty the whole time (I was too shy to fess up about the fanfic). I brought Season 4 with me for him to sign. In his autograph he wrote, "Thanks for rooting for me." I even got to talk to him about the play a little. He was so nice and sweet. It was such a great experience!
3  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Rory's Boyfriends Discussion on: June 20, 2011, 02:42:15 pm
Guess what!

I met Marty!!!

Wayne Wilcox is in The Normal Heart on Broadway, which I just saw this past weekend. Afterward, I got a picture with him and I told him I rooted for Marty the whole time (I was too shy to fess up about the fanfic). I brought Season 4 with me for him to sign. In his autograph he wrote, "Thanks for rooting for me." I even got to talk to him about the play a little. He was so nice and sweet. It was such a great experience!
4  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Rory's Boyfriends Discussion on: April 04, 2010, 08:58:21 pm
Yeah, show-Rory definitely needed more backbone. They tried having moments, like bitching out Mitchum when Logan was in the hospital, or wrangling the newspaper a few times, but really in between those moments she was still meek, whiny, "oh poor me" Rory.

LOL, not sure if I agree about tree guy. He seemed like a doof Smiley I liked Laundry room guy when he first appeared (and actually respected the fact that he said no thanks to her invite) but when they brought him back he was a bit toolish. Even though it turned out he wasn't talking about Rory, there was still some girl out there that he was mocking while also basically bragging that she was obsessed with him.

However, I do agree that Marty smacked of hard work, and not just financially. He seemed to really work for his education. Compare this with Logan who was so blase about all his educational opportunities, joking about which ones he was kicked out of. I'm not saying Logan isn't smart, but I can't picture him studying day in and day out the way Rory did and the way I imagine Marty did. I would imagine a girl who grew up in a potting shed would relate better to Marty.

Oh yes, I've also thought about the potential for a Marty/grandparents storyline and have a bit of a subplot written for that. I've also wondered what Trix would think of Marty but haven't officially worked her in.

Yeah, the "loosen up and have fun with the rich" message grated for me. I found it ridiculous that Logan called Rory sheltered. What were all those rich kids if not sheltered? Have they ever had any true hardship? Did they ever get into any trouble that their parents (or friends) didn't bail them out of? Just silly, I tell you Smiley
5  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Rory's Boyfriends Discussion on: March 19, 2010, 06:22:34 pm
Yes, that was him.

Despite how annoying she was in that episode, I appreciated the tiny brief moment of self-awareness when Rory was talking to Lorelai and said, "How self-centered am I that I just assumed that he was talking about me?" It was like a tiny flash of the old Rory. Too bad the writers had to go another way with her.
6  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Rory's Boyfriends Discussion on: March 13, 2010, 09:56:57 am
I completely agree. Oh, the show tried to have Laundry Room guy represent "See, not everyone falls at Rory's feet" but in reality that's how they handled all the men in Rory's life and it was ridiculous.

Not only did they all suffer the afflictions you mentioned, but they also were incapable of actually getting over her. Even Jess, who matured and moved on in his life, falls victim to her feminine wiles the second she leans in for a kiss.

Not sure if you already have or ever would, but if you check out my story you might appreciate how the boys are handled with a bit more dignity and respect.
7  Gilmore Girls / Appreciation Threads / Re: Marty / Wayne Wilcox Appreciation on: March 07, 2010, 06:40:06 pm
OMG please tell me we didn't forget to re-erect the marty thread.
Giggles. That certainly deserves a Dirty!

I thought Rory and Marty had chemistry, but well after what Rory pulled him...I wouldn't want him to be the next guy that never got over Rory. What is she supergirl? So maybe she should do some pining after her friend...take up Luke's old hobby.  Wink Grin Maybe he can give her some pointers.
I completely agree! Rory is no siren, so what's with all these boys falling at her feet? And what's with them not being able to get over her? Sheesh! I too love the idea of Rory pining after someone for once.

This week, I watch an epi from season 5, aww, and Marty was in it. And I fell in love with him again... It was the episode when Rory fell asleep on his bed.
That was the episode that really won me over for Marty. The fact that she could sit that intimately with him and fall asleep on his bed meant she was so comfortable with him. I know that's also a sign that she wasn't attracted to him (because she wouldn't have done that if she had been) but to me it was indicative of something more meaningful - how much she trusted him. The best foundation for a friendship, which is the best foundation of a relationship, IMO. That scene was what made me go back and look at their easy friendship we saw in a couple episodes of Season 4 and wished they had started something then. Oh, look at that! Apparently I'm repeating myself.

I actually wish the show hadn't made Marty fall for Rory in Season 5, and DEFINITELY wish they hadn't turned him into Pod!Marty in season 7. Since I was so dissatisfied with how the show handled Marty, I decided to rewrite history and wrote my own fanfic of how Rory and Marty's story could have gone. I posted about it here in the FanFiction thread.
8  Gilmore Girls / Relationship Threads / Re: Rory's Boyfriends Discussion on: March 07, 2010, 04:40:58 pm
LOL, who is Steve? Am I missing something, or was that a joke?

I really liked Marty and saw a lot of potential for him to be a good match for Rory. I was thinking about starting a Nudist thread here (especially since Liz and TJ have one) but I guess those should only be reserved for pairs that were actually couples on the show.

I liked how the few times we saw him in season 4, he wasn't smitten with Rory and wished the show had let them develop a friendship like Luke and Lorelai that eventually blossomed into romance.

Since I was so dissatisfied with how the show handled Marty, I decided to rewrite history and wrote my own fanfic of how Rory and Marty's story could have gone. I posted about it here in the FanFiction thread.

As a general statement about the boys in Rory's life, I think it would have been nice if just once on the show Rory would like a guy before he liked her. She liked Dean right away, but he already was interested in her by then. Tristin, Jess, Marty all liked her first. Even Logan, though the show tried to make it look like Rory "pursued" him. She's great, but she's not a siren for crying out loud.
9  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: Unpopular Opinions Thread on: March 07, 2010, 04:22:53 pm
This is only a semi unpopular opinion since I've seen a couple posts here that seem to agree with me. I really liked Marty and saw a lot of potential for him to be a good match for Rory. I liked how the few times we saw him in season 4, he wasn't smitten with Rory and wished the show had let them develop a friendship like Luke and Lorelai that eventually blossomed into romance.

Instead, the show made him have some puppy love crush on her. What was the point of that when it didn't go anywhere? It didn't even create any conflict - it's not like Rory had feelings for both the nice guy and the dangerous guy and was struggling to pick one. All it did was make Marty look like a dope and Rory look like a jerk. I don't know the timeline for when Wayne Wilcox knew he was going to be moving on to another gig and leaving the show (for the most part), but if they couldn't have him around for Marty to become Rory's love interest, then they shouldn't have brought up the crush at all. And don't even get me started on Pod!Marty of season 7.

Since I was so dissatisfied with how the show handled Marty, I decided to rewrite history and wrote my own fanfic of how Rory and Marty's story could have gone. I posted about it here in the FanFiction thread.
10  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: GG Fanfiction - Where dreams come true! on: March 07, 2010, 03:43:24 pm
I know this thread hasn't been active in a while, but it's the only thread for fanfiction I could find.

I'm in the process of writing a Rory/Marty fic. I know most GG fans go for Lorelai fics over Rory, and I know that Marty is not a popular guy for Rory. However, I've been very conscious of not letting Rory be annoying like she was on the show, and I've always seen Rory and Marty having a bit of the Lorelai/Luke dynamic. Not their personalities (Rory is not as manic as Lorelai, and Marty is not as grumpy as Luke) but just the supportive friendship dynamic to their relationship.

Anyways, here are the links (same story, but in case you prefer one of the websites to the other):
Same But Different on BWR
Same But Different on

I hope you check it out and enjoy it! I also wrote a L/L one shot on those sites.
11  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: Shirt Discussion: Share Ideas and Opinions on: January 06, 2008, 03:01:24 pm
Are the plans for a third shirt dead?  Or did this thread get replaced by another?

I'd by anything makes as long as I am aware of it Smiley

12  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.17 - Gilmore Girls Only on: March 08, 2007, 03:50:58 pm
I'm wondering if the writing regarding Rory interviewing at far away papers (Detroit, Seattle) and aluding to the possibility of moving away during this episode means that they would continue on with season 8 without her.

I was thinking this same thought.  It does seem like the writers are preparing us for this possibility.  I really can't picture this show without Rory though..or even a part time Rory.  This show is about the Gilmore Girls...both Lorelai and Rory and it seems wrong to finish the series without them together the way we've known it for so many seasons.  I do understand that lives change and take people different places but it seems wrong in this situation. 

On the other hand, the writers could just be trying to keep the audience guessing and maybe Rory will end up at a paper in NY or CT.  This whole season has me confused.  It's definitely not the same and I really don't see how it can be ended without a season 8.  There is too much that is not cleared up, but then again, I'm not sure that what is left can be stretched out over another whole season.  Either way, I'm a fan and will watch it all the way!

Someone (I think it was Heidi, but I don't remember anymore) posted a link to an article out there about how the word is that all of the cast except for Alexis is on board for a Season 8.  However, when the network discussed having a Season 8 without Rory, Lauren said No Dice, she wouldn't be in if Rory wasn't there.  So it would appear that no Rory = no Season 8.

So I don't think the writers are alluding to a season without Rory, I think they are leaving their options open for "Ok, we're on for Season 8 so we'll give her a job in NYC" or "Ok, Season 7 is it so we can give her a job far away as a 'and then they all went off and did their own things' send off."


Sorry, I forgot to keep this on topic. I enjoyed the episode.  I don't share the same nitpicky complaints I've been reading.  I personally like the "filler" episodes because I'm getting tired of the dramatic crap.  These recent episodes have felt more like "home" to me as far as having some of the older flavor of GG. 

I wish Lorelai had chastized her fellow maid because her comment, true or not, was a down right rude thing to say in front of Emily (and she had been introduced, right?).  I realize they most likely did it to get Lorelai to notice that her going on and on about Mia was saying the same thing without using the explicite wording, but it would have been nice to see Lorelai stand up and defend her relationship with her mother, politely.

I'm not in any camp about Rory and Logan, but I will say this...  I don't think comparing them to Emily and Richard draws a strong parallel.  I don't think that having the opinion that Rory should break up with Logan over his recent slacker attitude and jerk behavior means those same people should also have the opinion that Emily should divorce Richard over his same attitude and behavior.  They're the same problem but different situations.  Emily and Richard have been together for a long time and are married.  Rory and Logan haven't been together as long and are young.  While I don't think people should just bail on a loved one if things get tough, Rory IS in a more socially acceptable situation to decide "these problems outweigh my love for you, so I'm out."  So I can understand how some viewers may be thinking "Get out while you still can" towards Rory but not feel Emily should get a divorce.

I agree that regardless of the actress change, Mia was a different character.  This Mia seemed very bohemian and "hippie" to me.  The original Mia (if memory serves) reminded me of a much more tolerant/open Emily - same properness of upbringing, but understanding that that doesn't fit everyone.  I guess it seemed like instead of writing who Mia was, this time around they decided "Well, since Lorelai looked up to Mia so much, Mia must be like an older Lorelai."  I agree with whomever said they missed an opportunity for Mia to bring some awareness to Emily (and us) about how Lorelai was feeling at the time... "She talked fondly about you a lot and while she would never admit, she missed you so much... She was so scared of making it on her own but just felt that was something she had to do... She left because she knew you were so disappointed in her, but it took her longer to realize how heartbroken you must have been when she left and by then she was worried it was too late."
13  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.08 - Introducing Lorelai Planetarium on: November 21, 2006, 10:47:45 am
Hi everyone!

For those of you who haven't spent much time on a fresh new episode thread, I just wanted to share a couple reminders of a couple good practices.

Please DO NOT discuss the previews for the next episode here since they are sort of like spoilers to some people.  To discuss preview information from a promo, please go the Assorted Previews thread, found here.  This method has been going on for about a year now, so please join us Smiley

Remember, no spoilers, either here or in the Preview thread (even with a "spoiler alert").  For spoilers, please go to the Spoiler board, found here.

If you missed the episode and want to find someone who can help you get a copy of it, please go to the Tape Trading thread, found here.  Or if you would like a summary, TwoP writes a detailed summary/commentary about a week after the episode airs in the US.  Downloading the show when it is not provided by the network is illegal and not condoned by and therefore that information should not be discussed here.


Now I'm off to put on my shirt to get ready for the show! Cheesy  What about you?
14  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.07 - French Twist on: November 15, 2006, 10:17:11 am
I enjoyed this episode.  I’m pretty much in the same boat as Dani about the whole L-L-C triangle.  It’s not that I’m a major LL fan and that I think they are meant to be, it’s just that since the show has been writing them to be together for a long time, it’s just inevitable that the show will have them end together because they don’t want a riot on their set at the series finale.  So the fact that she’s now Lorelai Hayden doesn’t phase me at all.  In fact, since she sort of recoiled from Chris’ proposal (I’m sorry, but if you have to persuade someone to marry you, something is up) and had an ick face when he called her Mrs. Hayden, that only makes me more sure they they are setting LC up for a break up and that she’ll end up back in Luke’s arms again.

And this is the 6th GG proposal without a ring, only 1 of which has made it so far, so it’s just lending more support to this moderate traditionalist that a proposal without a ring lacks meaning and forethought which usually (5 times out of 6 I guess) means that the couple is doomed.  (If you’re wondering about the other 5, I believe they were, in approximate order, Chris to Lorelai, Max to Lorelai, Jackson to Sookie, Luke to Nicole – he said it was spontaneous and just happened so I doubt he went to the gift shop first, and Lorelai to Luke.)  So here’s hoping that when LL get back together that Luke proposes with a ring.

I just had a thought the other day.  What if Jess comes back and gives Luke a push into reconciling with Lorelai?  Part of me thinks it would be way too cheesy to have Jess be the “I’m going to call you out on the life mistake you are making and motivate you to get back on track” guy again.  But at the same time, who else could get to Luke better than Jess right now?

Way way back, I used to read spoilers until I learned that all of them were either really dumb unimportant stuff, or they, surprise surprise, spoiled the new episode for me.  So I became a Spree.  But then even just watching the Promos for the next episode spoiled the show for me mainly because EPG blatently lied and twisted around cuts of the show to fabricate something crazy, and then it ended up not being that at all, so the whole promo thing was just dumb.  So I became a Pree.

And then I watched Vineyard Valentine.  In the Previouslies they had about 5 shots with Mitchum, and I remember saying “Gee, I wonder if Mitchum will be in this episode.”  So I felt it completely ruined the “shock” of when Mitchum disrupted the vacation, plus it distracted me from the show because I kept thinking “Ok, he’s going to show up now.”  So I decided to stop watching the Previouslies too (Does that make me a PPree now? Promos and Previouslies fREE?).

And thank god I did!  I was completely surprised and excited to see Marty!  I love Marty.  After the episode I thought “I wonder if they gave any signs Marty was coming back” so I went back and watched the previouslies.  I am certain that if I had watched the previouslies I would have predicted that Tall Art Girl’s boy was Marty since they made references to him without his name, and  when we saw his back I would have just thought “Oh, ok, here he is.  Instead I was thinking “Ok, they are having this guy with his back to us long enough that they are going for a dramatic reveal, but I don’t recognize him yet, who could he be?” and then I clapped and said “Yay! Marty’s back!”

Now my next question is WHY is Marty back?  While I don’t hate Logan anymore, I’m not a fan of them together either, but I’m realistic enough to realize that this is most likely the last season, and they’ve invested a lot of time in the RL relationship, so with only 2/3 of the season left I highly doubt they are going to change gears and break up RL since they won’t have enough time to really build up another relationship (not that she has to be in ANY relationship, but that’s how TV land goes unfortunately).  So as happy as I would be if Rory dumped Logan and they developed things with Marty (who I thought was great for her once he got dressed again), I know it’s not going to happen.

So I can only assume he is there to create conflict in the RL relationship by either making Logan jealous or giving Rory her long distance crisis that makes her doubt her relationship with Logan but ultimately makes it stronger.  Which sucks, because, in case I haven’t said it yet, I love Marty.

Now onto RORY’s reaction to Marty.  Yes, it was weird of him to pretend like they were just meeting but it could be slightly understandable.  It could either that he still carries a torch for Rory (due to Dani’s phermone theory) and in the surprise moment when he was faced with her he didn’t want to admit to a history with Rory in case his girlfriend read anything into it, or in some sensitive moment in the past he had admitted to his girlfriend that he had this big crush on someone and got his heart broken so he didn’t want her to figure out it was Rory now that she showed up.  Either way it was still a dumb move by Marty because if Rory continues to hang out with these girls she’ll be hanging around with Marty too and some inside joke will slip out or something.

But I’m more curious about Rory’s reaction to this.  To me it almost seemed like Rory was frustrated that she wasn’t allowed to claim “I knew him first!” or something.  I don’t know, it just made me flash back to my freshman year in college where this one girl on my floor was really territorial about all the guy friends she was “collecting.”  She was constantly prattling on about all these so-and-sos she knew.  One day I got on the elevator and she was there with a guy I knew so I said “Oh, hey Drew, how’s it going?”  That’s.  It.  She burned evil bitch eyes into me the whole rest of the ride because she was all pissed that I might have known him first. God, who cares?!  And that’s how I feel about Rory’s “pinched mouth because I’m indignant that I have to keep quiet about the fact that he was my friend first” face.  Who. Cares.  And if you toy with him and if you hurt him again, I will lose any remaining respect I had for you, Rory.

I really don’t get why Lane was scared to tell her mom.  The only explanation is that the writers didn’t go back and watch the episode where Lane gets married and her mother idealizes getting pregnant on the first try.  This is exactly what her mother hoped for so… oh whatever.  Zack was funny, though, first with thinking they were conjoined, and then with his “Hit me, hit me!”  The good thing about this is that hopefully it will keep all the “oh my god, where’s Lane? We need more Lane!  Where’s the baby?  Have they told Mrs. Kim yet?” people quiet for a while.

Oh, and I was I the only one a little confused about the timeline of searching for food?  I was thrown off by the lighting.  They woke up at 4 and it was really dark.  They were wide awake and it was lighter out.  They went searching for food and it was about the same lighter out.  Then when they went to the bribed dinner it was darker so I thought it was the next evening (like between jet lagging and sleeping together they slept through to the next day too).  But it was the same evening, right?
15  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.06 - Go, Bulldogs! on: November 15, 2006, 10:10:01 am
About this whole blue ribbon, pink ribbon, whatever ribbon stuff…

I don’t have any problem with people making analytical, thoughtful complaints.  For a long time the writers have (a) not watched their own show and thus written huge contradictions to plot and character and (b) created completely contrived events to force plot/drama.  So there’s been plenty to complain about for a while, not just this season.

What I do have a problem with (and I THINK this is what the people who go “gah! Quit complaining!” are responding to) are the complaints that lack any substance.  Ex:  “Where are Babette, Jackson, Mrs. Kim, Paul Anka, Andrew, Gypsy…?  DR is ruining the show by not having them around!”  “There were NO pop culture references, this show us completely going downhill!”  “Where’s Lane’s baby?  These writers suck!”

It sounds like these people are trying to find something wrong with the show.  When I read those comments I feel the urge to go back to some random past “good” season and count how many times certain characters showed up to say “Look, first of all, those characters are the supporting cast, not the main cast.  That means they only show up once in a while.  Second, Mrs. Kim was only in X episodes in season Y, so we’re pretty much at the same Mrs. Kim concentration this season too, quit whining.”  Or I get the urge to say “Yes there WERE pop culture references.  They either went over your head or you didn’t notice because the writing was so good it just blended into the conversation, unlike when DP would slap us in the face with his ‘look how many musician names I know’ game.”  Everytime I hear “Where’s Logan?” I shout “In LONDON” in my head.

I totally understand feeling nostalgic for old seasons and being bitter that the “flavor” of GG just isn’t the same anymore.  I definitely agree that the show is going downhill, but it has been going downhill for a while, and not for the reasons in the empty complaints.  It’s been going downhill because (a) somewhere along the way GG became popular with the teeny bopper crowd and the network/producers started catering to that new fan base and started dumbing down GG because they believed classic GG would be too boring and not exciting enough for this crowd and (b) because ASP somehow convinced herself and apparently everyone else involved with the show that if Lorelai got married to Luke too soon that it would be too tralala perfect and would quickly get boring so instead of realizing that watching Luke and Lorelai figure out being married and having a kid would be plenty exciting/funny/dramatic she decided to drag things out – basically she thought having L&L married would be jumping the shark so instead they threw in all these stupid contrivances (like Rory shutting out Lorelai, or April) that ironically left many viewers feeling like the show jumped the shark.

Also, in my opinion, this season is no worse (possibly better) than Season 6 which was under ASP’s control.  So I don’t get how people are so quick to say DR sucks and “bring back Amy!” when ASP wrote an even suckier season.

By the way, what I heard about Amy leaving wasn’t that the network callously fired them or that Amy was greedy and demanded more money or that Amy was sick of the show and wanted out.  What I heard was that Amy wanted a 2 year contract (seasons 7 and 8 ) in order to keep the show going at least that long, but since the actors were only contracted through season 7 the network didn’t want to have to be stuck with either negotiating with all the actors for an 8th season (in case some didn’t want to stay), being forced into an 8th season with just the producers and some of the cast (like That 70’s Show), or having to break a contract.  So they offered her a one year contract, and then I guess they were going to come back to the 8th season discussion with her along with all the cast.  But she stuck to her guns about 2 seasons and they stuck to theirs about 1, so instead we got none.
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