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1  Episode Discussion / Season 6 / Re: 6.01 - New and Improved Lorelai on: October 09, 2007, 02:43:35 pm
One of my favorite episodes because of all the LL stuff. Luke being all happy in the morning. His hair is amazing this episode for some reason. The way he parted his hair this episode is so pretty!
2  Episode Discussion / Season 4 / Re: 4.14 - The Incredible Shrinking Lorelais on: August 23, 2007, 06:23:15 pm
This is another great episode for the series. It shows that life is unfair and that Sookie and Lorelai need money for their inn. I like how Sookie thinks of Luke and then asks Lorelai to do it since Luke would probably say yes. I am not a fan of Dean/Rory so I didn't like how she leaned on him even when it was a sweet moment. I loved the Luke/Lorelai things in this episode. Luke was so cute when Lorelai asked him to go to dinner, he was like, 'Oh. I wonder what thats about.' I loved Lorelai's panic attack. Lauren is great at the crying thing and Scott/Luke was a good comforter.
3  Episode Discussion / Season 4 / Re: 4.11 - In the Clamor and the Clangor on: August 23, 2007, 06:18:40 pm
This is one of my favorite episodes Smiley I love all the Luke and Lorelai things. If the Reverend didn't come in then it would be so different. I would have loved to hear Lorelai's response. I don't know what it would have been tho. 'I don't want you to move Luke because you are apart of Rory's and I's life and I love you...' I don't know that's just my imagination. I was so surprised Luke was the one who broke them before. A little teenage rebel.
4  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: How did you start watching GG? on: August 19, 2007, 06:44:13 pm
Like many others I saw the re-runs on ABC Family. I really liked it. My first episode was Ballrooms and Biscotti and I just fell in love with it. I could so tell that Luke and Lorelai were made for each other. I was curious when something would happen so I kept watching and going forward with my DirectTV I saw that Luke and Lorelai were getting together. I watched the 5th and 6th season too and was so confused on what happened next. I was really addicted. I made sure I was always home at 5:00 so I could watch it. I then on day decided to google it and I found this site and everything. I didn't even know about the 7th season untill the episode, 'It's Almost Like Riding a Bike.' I realized how late into the season I was in. I then kept watching. Youtube fell into it of course. I love watching the LLChapters! On ABC Family they are in the middle of the 4th season so I am anticipating the LL moments.
5  Episode Discussion / Season 4 / Re: 4.01 - Ballrooms and Biscotti on: August 06, 2007, 09:01:29 pm
My dad and I watched this episode together [his first time seeing GG]. As we watched it, he noticed that Lorelai is over-obsessive in the whole what happened to Luke on his cruise thing. He asked, 'Is she into him? They have history? Ex-boyfriend type thing?' I burst out laughing and said, 'Wow. You watch it once and realize it. It took me a couple episodes.'
6  Episode Discussion / Season 7 / Re: 7.15 - I'm a Kayak, Hear Me Roar on: July 24, 2007, 08:43:00 pm
I just saw this episode today. It made me feel really sad tho. The whole Luke situation, him being so depressed is just sad. At least the hat is coming back!

I really did love Miss Patty's and Babbete's conversation in this episode. The whole rooster, beagle, and hen thing just made me laugh and I loved how Kirk thinks they are talking literally.
7  Gilmore Girls / Show and Cast Member News / Re: Season 7 and Complete Series DVDs on: July 19, 2007, 08:23:01 pm
When I first saw the GG pack I thought, "Ooo. I want that. Now I don't" It looks so un-Gilmore like. I am just going to buy all the seasons on DVD.
8  Gilmore Girls / General Discussion / Re: Photography thread on: July 17, 2007, 03:27:06 pm
I have all these pictures from when I was to San Francisco of places like Monterey Bay and Half Moon Bay. I just need to get them off my camera Tongue
9  Gilmore Girls / Appreciation Threads / Re: Luke Danes / Scott Patterson Appreciation on: July 13, 2007, 12:34:17 pm
I was watching Will & Grace last night and guess what episode it was? It was the one were Scott Patterson guest starred on! I was like OMG! It's SCOTT!! I forgot how old that episode was too. He is so hot.
10  Episode Discussion / Season 1 / Re: 1.06 - Rory's Birthday Parties on: June 29, 2007, 04:37:24 pm
This is on of the cutest episodes. L/L moment  in there plus Emily. She's known it all along.

EMILY: And this man with the ice.
EMILY: How long have you been seeing him?
LORELAI: Luke? I'm not seeing Luke. He's just a friend.
EMILY: Mm-hmm.
LORELAI: Mom, I swear. Luke keeps me in coffee, nothing else.
EMILY: He seems to like you.
LORELAI: And you're judging this by what?
EMILY: By they way he looked at you.
LORELAI: Which is how?
EMILY: Like you were about to give him a lap dance.
LORELAI: Mom, he did not look at me like that.
EMILY: You're pleased.
EMILY: You smiled. You're pleased that the ice man looked at you like a Porterhouse steak.
LORELAI: I'm smiling because you're crazy and that's what you do to crazy people to keep them calm.
11  Episode Discussion / Season 1 / Re: 1.10 - Forgiveness and Stuff on: June 27, 2007, 08:13:52 pm
I love this episode. It is my second favorite after 'Raincoats and Recipies.' It shows so much Luke and Lorelai stuff that it gives you such happiness. I love reading the transcript of this episode since there are so many great moments.

[Slides a Santa face hamburger in front of Lorelai]
LORELAI: What did you do?
LUKE: You wanted something festive.
LORELAI: You made me a Santa burger.
LUKE: Itís not big deal.
LORELAI: He has a hat and everything.
LUKE: Yeah, I just cut a piece of wonder bread, you know, poured a little ketchup, piped on a little cream cheese.
LORELAI: No one has ever made me something quite this disgusting before. I thank you.
LUKE: Youíre welcome.
So cute  Kiss
EMILY: I donít know what happened. He was hot and he went to turn down the thermostat and then - [see Luke] were you on a date?
EMILY: You have an escort?
LORELAI: No, itís Luke, Mom.
LUKE: Which is her way of saying we werenít on a date.
LORELAI: Iím sorry, I didnít mean it like that.
EMILY: Well how am I supposed to know you werenít on a date. Itís Friday night and you show up here with a man.
LORELAI: With Luke, Mom.
EMILY: Itís not insane to assume a date was involved.
LORELAI: Youíre right, ok, itís entirely possible that I was out on a date.
LUKE: Just not with me
LUKE: You want me to go?
LORELAI: You donít look so good.
LUKE: Thanks.
LORELAI: Thatís not what I meant. You know you always look good.
LUKE: Yeah?
LORELAI: I mean you always look healthy.
LORELAI: But you donít look so healthy now. Now you look...
LUKE: Unhealthy.
LORELAI: Oh what? So I said you look good. Weíre not in 5th grade. ĎYou look goodí, big deal. Stop staring at me.
LORELAI: No you know what hurts? Having a screwdriver jammed in the side of your head [pointing behind Luke]
LUKE: What? [turns around] Oh my God!
EMILY: So what exactly is going on between the two of you?
LUKE: Nothing. Really. Weíre friends, thatís it.
EMILY: Youíre idiots, the both of you.
She knows  Shocked
LUKE: I heard, everythingís ok.
LORELAI: Yeah, yeah. Theyíre going to keep him over night but - but heís going to be fine. [cries]
LUKE: Hey. [Luke hugs her] Ok, see hereís where the guy is supposed to give the girl his handkerchief but I donít have one...and plus I find the practice a little revolting so...
LORELAI: No, Iím ok.
LUKE: You sure?
LUKE: Alright. Oh hey, I got this for you.
LORELAI: Ah, whereíd you get that?
LUKE: Nurseís lounge.
LORELAI: Uh-huh.
LUKE: What? Youíre not the only one who can flirt [Lorelai laughs] The door was open.
LORELAI: Thank you.
LORELAI: Do we really have to do this again? [he opens the present. Itís a baseball hat] I just thought, you know, God forbid something happens to that one, you might need a spare. Here [put it on forwards] Does that look wrong. [puts in on backwards] There! Oh hey turn out the lights [going to the window]
LUKE: For what? Itís not the real procession, itís just the rehearsal.
LORELAI: So, itís pretty.
LUKE: And why do they need to rehearse it? Itís the same thing every year.
LORELAI: Come on Luke, please. [he turns out the lights and joins her by the window] Itís hard to imagine living somewhere else isnít it?
LUKE: Thanks for the hat.
LORELAI: Youíre welcome. Looks good on you.
LUKE: Good how?
LORELAI: Just watch the procession.
The blue hat Smiley
I love his hair in this episode too. It's so cute   Kiss
Emily knows that they belong together which is funny.
12  Episode Discussion / Season 5 / Re: 5.01 - Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller on: June 26, 2007, 06:33:00 pm
This is a cute episdoe. L/L phone calls make me laugh. Luke leaving 5 messages is really cute. He really loves her. Smiley
Sookie's reaction was so cute tho. She has always realized that they belong together.
One of my favorite lines of this show is:
LUKE: That was a hell of a test run.
LORELAI: You mean for the inn, of course.
LUKE: Of course.
It's so cute. Smiley
Yuck for Dean and Rory tho. Hate that relationship.
13  Episode Discussion / Season 4 / Re: 4.22 - Raincoats and Recipes on: June 26, 2007, 06:19:20 pm
My favorite episode ever of Gilmore Girls... also it was the first episode I ever saw of the show.
I love how Lorelai keeps bumping into everything possible.
I am R/J person so the whole Dean thing isn't my favorite. Dean can come and go but Jess will be there forever.
This is the episode that got me hooked because of the L/L stuff. All the awkwardness and their unforgettable kiss. Why do they keep stopping and return to kissing, it just so stupid. The GG fans have been waiting for years and so have Lauren and Scott [Jking]. I did watch an interview w/ Lauren and she said 'lots of tounge' and that she has been waiting.  Wink
Great episode tho.
14  Episode Discussion / Season 2 / Re: 2.17 - Dead Uncles and Vegetables on: June 26, 2007, 05:49:30 pm
This is one of my favorite episodes. It has some funny moments but then some serious moments.
Emily can so see Luke/Lorelai while both of them are as blind as a bat.
Jess seemed so useless in this episode. He was kinda there to annoy the hell of Rory.
We got some lovely diner talk by Lorelai and her comedy during the town meetings.
Sookie is very cute in this episode w/ Emily and her wedding planning.
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