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Gilmore Girls Quiz: Written in the Stars ...

1. What is the name of Rory’s new residence at Yale?

Harkness Tower
Davenport College
Woolsey Hall
Branford College

2. What time is Luke picking up Lorelai for their first date?


3. Who did Marty meet during summer?

Summer Sanders
Nichole Richie
Sasha Cohen
Gwen Stefani

4. What caused Paris to be upset and sad?

Her family moved to Toronto
Asher Fleming unexpectedly died
Her new puppy ran away
She received an A- on a paper

5. Where does Logan know Marty from?

Asher Fleming’s class
The Yale Daily News
Marty was the bartender at one of Logan’s party
Logan dated Marty’s sister

6. How does Luke know Maisy?

She went to school with his mother
She used to date his father
She helps Luke with his taxes
Luke met her through Liz

7. What was Budd and Maisy’s dog’s name?

Potato Head

8. What is the name of Emily's maid?

Maria Louise
Sarah Alice
Jadzia Dax
Madonna Louise

9. Who is arguing at the beginning of the town meeting?

Gypsy and Andrew
Babette and Miss Patty
Taylor and Kirk
Lorelai and Luke

10. What does Rory answer when Marty asks her if she has a boyfriend?

"No, but I wish I did"
"No, but I’m working on it"
"I don't know"