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Gilmore Girls Quiz: A Messenger, Nothing More ...

1. What are Miss Patty’s dance students dressed like?

Wizards and witches
Lions, tigers, and bears
Soda cans

2. What does Brian order at Luke’s Diner?

Chicken salad sandwich
Burger and fries
Coffee and French toast
Ceaser’s Salad

3. What does Emily need at the hotel in Italy?

A fully stocked mini-bar
Clean sheets
Two more pillows
Chocolate cake with strawberry filling

4. What game does the Krumholtz son want to play with Michel?

Hide and seek
Chinese Checkers

5. Over the phone, Lorelai asks Rory about what?

Emily's behavior
Her last conversation with Dean
The weather
What she had for breakfast

6. What room are Emily and Rory staying in?


7. In Rome, while Emily is taking her nap at the hotel, where does Rory want to go?

The catacombs
The Colosseum
The Trevi Fountain
The Piazza del Popolo

8. What’s the difference between the famous Caesar salad and the one Ceaser made up?

The Caesar salad has ranch dressing
The salad Ceaser created includes eggs and bacon bits
The famous version is called “Caesar Salad” and the new version is called “Ceaser’s Salad”

9. Who is Annie from the grog booth engaged to?

Kirk's third cousin
Liz's high school sweetheart
T.J.'s brother
The fruit-ice guy

10. What does Lorelai suggest to Rory to put on their pizza?

Ranch dressing
Garlic and sardines
Steak sauce
Nothing; it's the most perfect pizza ever