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Gilmore Girls Quiz : Hard ...

1. What is the name of Rory's History teacher?

Mrs. Lesley Atkins
Mrs. Carol Ness
Mrs. Catherine Mason
Mrs. Brittany Crouse

2. What does the sign above Luke's Diner say?

Luke's Diner
William's Hardware
Morris Electric
H & H Supply

3. What band does Lorelai say she wants to be in?

The Bangles
The Go-Go's
The Spice Girls
The B-52's

4. Which male actor does Sookie love?

Jerry Seinfeld
Robin Williams
Drew Carey
Jim Carrey

5. What shipment does Dean need to stock on the shelves?

Baked beans
Soy beans
String beans
Green beans

6. What is the name of the local grocery store?

Star's Hollow Grocery
Goose's Grocery
Doose's Market
Mick's Market

7. What did Rory buy Sookie for Christmas?

Monkey lamp
The book, Metamorphisis
Mooing cow shaped timer
Measuring cup

8. What does Emily say is the most important thing in the world?

Hired help

9. What sickness did Lorelai have in the 5th grade?

Chicken pox
German measles
Streap throat

10. Lorelai ordered pizza from Joe. How did he deliver it?