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Gilmore Girls Quiz: There's the Rub ...

1. The spa Emily and Lorelai go to is named what?

The Luxurious Lilypad
John's Spa
Birch Grove
Pheasant Place

2. What was in the water at the spa?

Scented oils
A dead bee

3. What don't they serve at the spa?

Hard liquor
Greasy food
Red meat

4. What character is on Rory's pajamas?

Mr. Peanut
Winnie the Pooh
Kermit the Frog
Mighty Mouse

5. Lorelai's lipstick is called what?

Mocha Delight
Satiny Seductress
Classic Red
Vicious Trollop

6. What food does Paris love?

Mac and Cheese
Salt and Vinegar chips
Top Ramen noodles

7. What does Jess use on his fries?

Fry sauce
Salt and pepper dip
Soy sauce

8. What does Rory ask Paris to do?

Go home
Lie for her
Stay overnight
Pipe down

9. What does Lorelai want Emily to steal?

Scented soap
A bathrobe

10. Who does Lorelai want Rory to invite to the house?

Mrs. Kim
Chilton's entire student body
Bikers and lowlifes