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Gilmore Girls Quiz : Richard in Stars Hollow ...

1. The Gilmore's move who to the family annex?

Aunt Amy
Aunt Cecile
Uncle Bob
Cousin Jimmy

2. Emily always gets her hair done when?

Monday's at 2:00
Wednesday's at 3:00
Thursday's at 6:00
Sunday's at 1:00

3. What is Lorelai's video card number?


4. What journalism award does Paris want to win?

The Oppenheimer
The Peabody
The Barberie
The Harvey

5. Rory calls Paris what name?

Jessica Fletcher
Angela Lansbury
Ada Harris
Sibyl Vane

6. According to Lorelai, who will help Rory get into Harvard?

Baby Houseman
Gracie Lou Freebush
Elle Woods
Reese Witherspoon

7. Chinese food is ordered from where?

The New Peking Wok
Joe's Sushi
Al's Pancake World
The Hamburger Grill

8. What does Dean's father do?

Installs stereo systems
Works on cars
Manages a bank
Runs a computer store

9. Richard wants Lorelai to eat what for breakfast?

Cole slaw
Fruit salad
Eggs and bacon

10. Richard drives what kind of car?

Aston Martin